The Darkness

What's the use in resisting. It is so much easier this way. Close your eyes and let it invade. Join me, and together we can be one with the darkness.


1. Stage 1

The Darkness


It’s easy to let darkness in

As darkness is all around

Your thoughts, your memories stand no chance

Silence is your only sound


It’s easy to focus on darkness

As darkness never leaves

Constant torments its emptiness brings

Your struggle no – one believes


It’s easy to close your eyes to darkness

But then what do you see?

Just more darkness, it’s in your mind

All the loneliness and the grief


It’s easy for you to scream

And yet no sound escapes

For darkness has invaded once more

Your screaming is too late


It’s easy to let darkness in

For darkness inflicts no pain

The panic, the fear will soon be gone

You will know peace again


It’s easy to let darkness in

When you have nothing to look for

When no – one wants to look for you

When life can give nothing more


It’s easy to relax again

And lay down on the ground

A bright light leads to an open door

You know you let darkness in.

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