The Watson Letters

A series of letters between a brother and his sister about their new lives in England.


1. Chapter One

Chapter One - Letter One



Dear Velma,

Today is Mother's birthday. I hope you remembered the date (Thursday, November fourteenth). I have sent you a memento to help you remember; her wedding ring, to be exact. She had meant to give it to you, but you had left before she passed. Mother wanted you to look beautiful, as did Father. Please take care of this precious jewelry. 

Also, I have been accepted into a family by the name of Morin. They will be taking care of me until my eighteenth birthday, September twentieth. Doctor Albert Morin noticed me in the bookstore and told me that I would be living with him and his family to help educate his children. Dearest sister, you will not believe this: he has twelve children! And I am to teach them to read and write! So many opportunities await me and these children, and I wish to teach them the most I know. However, I am of merely twelve years. How am I to teach if I am not eligible? But, Dr. Morin has selected me, so I will do my best to educate his children. 

My room is made of ivory curtains and dark purple walls. The purple paper would occasionally curl off of the walls, revealing a small light-blue spot of drywall. It is so black and dark in the mansion, that sometimes, I would purposefully peel the wallpaper off, to at least expose the bright colour. I also had to share a room with Lewis, Dr. Morin's second youngest son. He was one of the children I was required to teach, and living in the same room as one of my "students" would help me bond with him. 

Eventually, Lewis and I became close friends. We both shared the same interests; drawing, reading, women. And since Dr. Morin insisted on me being a part of the family, I couldn't refuse the friendship. Lewis even suggested that he would teach me the ways of "seduction", in turn for my teachings. I agreed to his offer, not wanting to spoil this new relationship. Here is how Lewis described it:

Step One: walk up to the lady.

Step Two: offer her a free meal.

Step Three: take her home with you.

I hope these suggestions give you an idea of how I have been intercepting a conversation with women. However, his teachings are not effective. Only when I would reach step three, that I would be either slapped, or even kicked in the family jewels. Women are just so hard to figure out sometimes.

I had noticed that the Morin family did not attend Church, so I suggested it to Dr. Morin's wife, Janet. She gratefully accepted my offer, and that very Sunday I took them to our church. Do you remember the church we used to go to? Pastor David still preaches there, and he's as crazy as ever. He asked me where you were, and I told him that you went to the Americas. We're praying for you to come home safely, Velma.

God be with you,


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