Hey originally this is a video game.But i love the story plot of the video game.And I am a really big fan.So wanted everyone to enjoy primal is about a girl named Jen and her rescue adventure to save Lewis her boyfriend from demons.


1. The Legendary Oblivion

OBLIVION. A dimesion where energies from four demon realms flow into the nexus, a vast machine that maintains stability in the eternal conflict between the primal forces of order and chaos: order seeks balance, chaos strives only for anarchy. Chonos is the gurdian, the channeller of powers - but he is weakening, poisoned by the scheming of Abbadon, lord of chaos. By right, no faction should be able to influence events beyond the nexus, but Abbadon has been planning his trachery for many centuries. Years ago, Abbadon's servants abducted two babies from the mortal realm-Mortalis-our world. He altered them both so that they would grow into something quite unique: human/demon hybrids, beings caught between worlds, able to break the rules that form the very fabric of oblivion. But the two babies were saved from Abbadon's clutches by Abdizur the champion of order. He returned them to Mortalis and hid them from Abbadon's sight. Returning to Oblivion, Abdizur was captured. Imprisoned and tortured, his wisdom and strengt have long since been lost. Nevertheless, the babies have remained beyond Abbadon's grasp.....
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