Baby Blue

Rosie Baggings never knew why her parents split up, but she had learned to except it and move on with it. However when a new boy comes to her school, she notices her mother tightens the rules and hardly let's her go anywhere anymore. When Rosie throws a Halloween party, and the new boy comes, Rosie's life takes an unexpected turn.


28. I Would

Luke's POV:

"Who would care?", she said. The good caught in my throat. I felt like I couldn't breath so instead of trying I began choking.

"I would" I told her. "Rosie I care about you a lot. If I didn't I wouldn't have came and got you, I wouldn't want you to eat, if I didn't care I wouldn't think about you all the time.", I paused as she sat there in silence, "Say something"

"Stop caring so much", her voice hissed. I looked at her in disbelief. How could she tell me to stop caring so much when I know that I'm falling in love with her. At this moment I couldn't stop myself, I didn't want to stop me self honestly. I set my sandwich down and took a drink of the high-c and leaned over the table kissing Rosie. Her lips where soft, and warm against mine. I felt her standing up and immediately got scared that she'd push me away, but she put her hand on my cheek, and pulled away looking at me.

"Rosie", I looked down keeping my eyes closed.

"Yes Luke?", she asked shyly and let her hand drop from my cheek.

"Will you be my girlfriend?", I looked up at her asking, and her head popped up. Ever since I met her I've wanted to ask that, but I never could ask. Every time if try, my voice would go completely numb.

"Yes", she smiled wide but as her eyes stiffed to the side the smiled faded fast and she panicked. "Like not to break the moment up and I adore this moment, but that's my mothers car", she shifted anxiously. I looked down slightly to grab my keys and saw her hand in a fist.

"Let's get out of here", I said grabbing her hand and jogging over to my car. Opening her door for her I looked behind me seeing her mothers car pulling into the small parking lot. I walked to my side of the car and got in starting it and pulling out. "Whatever happens know that I'll be there to make it better okay?" I glanced over at her as I exited to parking lot.

"Okay", she said sheepishly.

"And Rosie", I paused as she looked over at me. "I don't want you to ever think that you can talk bad about yourself, or harm yourself, without me getting upset or not caring", she was quite but at least I said it, and I think she knew now. At least I hope she did.

Rosie's POV:

Luke had been talking to me about my hating myself for over an hour now, but I did hate myself. And that wouldn't change. Soon we pulled up to this huge house, and a beautiful yard with a nothing classic car. It was a 1997 chevy pick up, white. It was beautiful.

"Luke!" I heard three other Australian accents say. Turning around I was dumbfound.

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