Deorived home

Was thinking about an writing about a subject that would fit on what's going on in the world right now. So i chose to write a shortstory about refugees. Hope you will enjoy reading this. Feel free to comment.


1. Deprived Home


When they arrived that day the sun was almost dawn. The birds had started hoarding together on the sky, shadowing the beautiful sunset. But they didn't have time to dwell on the beauty of the deep pink sky. They knew that it would probably be the last time they looked at it from their home, where they had watched the sunset their whole life. And now they would never look at it the same way…


My thoughts were interrupted as an elderly woman came up to me, “can you tell me in which direction the post-office is?” she asked, it took me bit to wake up from my trance “eh sure” I stumbled “it is that way” I said and pointed in the direction where the old post-office was.

I went back to my own thoughts, thinking back on that day so many years ago when I had to flee with my family. I still miss home and all the friends I had, even though I don’t even remember their names anymore. I miss the place that I grew up in, my home.

I still remember the long way we had to travel…


“Come on kids! Hurry up!” we were creeping through the night with our parents, my brother and I. We felt so scared, “where are we going?” I kept asking my dad, but all he did was shushing at me and I looked over at my brother whose eyes were filled with tears and fright. I took his hand and said, “it’s all right, and we’re all going to be all right”. He wiped the tears from his eyes and gave me a nod, as to tell me that he was going to be brave and that he trusted me. I nodded back at him and we headed further out in the black night…


Short after we escaped we lost each other, my parents got split up and me and my brother with each of them. My dad died last year; we had come to America and started our new lives. He had gotten a good job as a banker and I was in college and soon to be a surgeon. It was hard losing him. It had always just been us after we came here. Off course, we had searched for my brother and my mom, but eventually we figured they didn’t make the journey and we lived our life with that grief.

I kept on living with the grief of losing them all, until yesterday.

I got a call from the last person I had ever expected to hear from again. My little brother…

I was know heading in to see him, he flew here yesterday, he and my mom had ended up in the other end of the country but she died shortly after, he told me she had been sick. He had lived with foster parents most of his life and now when he was old enough, he had gone on a search to find my dad and me.

He found me and for the first time in what felt as forever, I felt relieved and free…

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