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Two troubled boys meeting together through an asylum, falling in love, and dying in love? It's not a normal romance story that you hear every day. Hange Zoe and Armin Arlert are two scientists who get to hear the romance between Eren Jaeger and Levi Ackerman, two people who were in the asylum back in the year 845.


13. Epilogue


Mikasa nodded. "Yeah. It was a painful sight... they all say. Nanaba, Rico and Marlo saw the entire thing from the window," she said.

"So, wait. What happened to everybody after their deaths?" Armin asked, drying his tears.

"Nanaba ended up going back to the Scout Regiment to fight outside the walls, and ended up being killed in the interior of Wall Rose. Rico ended up guarding Wall Rose once she was notified titans were inside the wall. Marlo, who was once in the MP's, and then in the Garrison, then joined the Scout Regiment and ended up dying on his first expedition," Mikasa said.

"What about Eren's friends?" Hange asked.

Mikasa sighed. "Mikasa ended up killing herself. She felt bad because she was so rude to Eren and didn't even get to apologize. Everybody was pretty upset, even about Levi's death. They knew how important Levi was to Eren, and they were both dead," she said.

Hange looked down at her watch, then stood up to hug Mikasa. "Thank you so much for telling us that story. Now we know why we don't have places like this anymore, and maybe that's a good thing," she said.

"No problem."


Hange and Armin were walking around Shiganshina District. "So, this was Eren's home when the Colossal Titan destroyed it in 840," Armin said, looking around. He then pulled a bronze key out of his pocket. The key had a diamond with rounded points at the end; it wasn't a normal key you would see today. "His basement is still here."

"Let's go see it!" Hange exclaimed.

Once they found the empty area Eren's home once was, Hange knelt down to the basement door that was built into the ground. She opened the door, then went inside and Armin squealed when he entered.

Hange turned on her phone flashlight to see around the dark place. "Wow, there isn't much here. Looks like this place was cleaned out recently," she said.

"Very recently," Armin replied. "Well, that's a bummer. Get a key to see history right before our eyes, somebody took it all away..."

"Well, there's this," Hange said, picking up a book. "Let's go read this at the town park where we don't look suspicious!"

The two got to the park and sat on the bench. Hange opened the book and saw pictures of Eren and Levi. "Wow, he was a titan! He doesn't look anything like one," she said.

"He looks completely innocent... wow that makes me kind of worried," Armin replied, crossing his arms to keep warm as a gust of wind came by. The wind flipped the book pages and it landed on a picture of Mikasa.


"Yes, Hange?"

"Weren't we just talking to her?"

"Yes, Hange."

Hange looked at the birth and death date on Mikasa. Born February 10, 829. Died March 22, 845. Age 16. Suicide.

"The girl we were talking to... she committed suicide over a thousand years ago?! What the hell!? Then how the hell did we see her? How the hell was she talking to us?!" she exclaimed, standing up and pulling at her already wild hair.

Armin just shrugged, continuing to flip the pages. "Everything she said is true though, or so it says in this book. Maybe we can research a bit more through the internet or try to find different books," he said.

Hange nodded, sitting back down. "I do believe the story was real, though," she said.

"Oh yeah, it's real. I've heard parts of the story of Eren and Levi. That's why when she said her name was Mikasa, I was freaking out. I mean, she's in an abandoned asylum, knows the story of Eren and Levi, and the two were related to someone named Mikasa," Armin said, shutting the small book. As the pages flipped shut, a loose piece fell out.

Hange picked the paper off the ground, gasping at what it said. Words were appearing on the paper right in front of her.

Finally, somebody knows about us. We're not just a part of forgotten history. Thank you. Good night! ~Eren and Levi.

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