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Two troubled boys meeting together through an asylum, falling in love, and dying in love? It's not a normal romance story that you hear every day. Hange Zoe and Armin Arlert are two scientists who get to hear the romance between Eren Jaeger and Levi Ackerman, two people who were in the asylum back in the year 845.


12. Chapter Twelve

Levi set his backpack down in front of his door. He patiently waited for Eren as Marlo approached him. "Hey," he said. "You excited to leave?"

"Not really. Yeah, most people want to leave an asylum, but this place is my home. I was hardly ever handcuffed, hardly ever forced to do things, and I found someone I love," Levi admitted. He put his hands in his jean pockets and looked down at the ground.

Marlo sighed, leaving against the wall next to the seventeen year old. "There's a lot more out there you deserve to see; you can't be in here forever. But, you will still be with Eren, and you will still be able to visit Rico and I if you really wanted to. But, we're glad that we helped you," he said. He gasped when Levi hugged him as if his life depended on it.

"I will have to visit you. I'll visit you every day if I could," he said, crying into Marlo's chest. Marlo chuckled, patting Levi's back before pushing him away.

"Levi! Marlo!" somebody yelled. Nanaba and Rico ran up to the two boys, crying.

"What's going on?" Marlo asked.

"It's Eren," Rico said, gulping and dried her tears.

Levi's eyes widened. "Where is he?" he asked.

"He's outside the asylum. People in Ehrmich, Stohess and Yarckel district found out that Eren broke Wall Sina between Ehrmich and Yarckel. They're pretty mad. People even from Wall Rose are ganging up on him, and especially the refugees from Wall Maria since he was there in the Shiganshina attack," Nanaba rushed out, following Levi down the stairs, panting and then falling to her knees once she got to the bottom.

She held her head in pain as Levi headed towards the door. "Wait, Levi," Rico called out. Levi looked at her trying to comfort Nanaba. "You can't go out there. Just trust me and stay in here," she said.

Levi looked at the entrance door once again, then back to Nanaba, who was coughing and spitting on the floor. "Levi. Please, just stay in here," she said, her voice scratchy. 

Levi shook his head, rushing outside to see Eren pinning himself against the asylum wall. "Eren!" he shouted and hugged him.

"Levi, you need to leave," Eren said. Levi shook his head. If Eren is going to get hurt, then so will he. If they blame Eren for breaking the wall, then Levi will take the blame as well. He never wants to leave Eren's side after everything that happened.

"I'm not leaving you. I never will leave you and you know it," Levi said, cuddling up to Eren's side and facing the crowd.

He gasped in shock when something his his forehead. He looked down and saw a descent size rock tumble away from him. "Levi, please. I don't want you being hurt. Your forehead is bleeding! Please, just go see Nanaba, Rico and Marlo. Please," Eren begged, holding onto Levi's shoulders tightly, for sure leaving a bruise.

"No, I'm not leaving you. You've done too much for me and now if you'll be hurt, then I'll be hurt. I love you," Levi said, tears filling his eyes as he felt blood dripping down his nose.

"I love you, and that's why I don't want you hurt," Eren retorted.

"Accept the fact that even though I'm better now, I'm still going to be hurt, and I'm used to it. I'm used to being hurt, alright? That rock hitting my head was nothing," Levi said, looking down at his arm, furrowing his eyebrows.

He was shot, but he didn't feel it. He just felt the blood trickling down his arm. Eren had a hand over his own mouth as he sobbed. He then faced the crowd, his thumb gently in his mouth. "Hurt Levi again and I will not hesitate to turn into a titan!" he snapped. 

Levi wrapped his arms around Eren. "Calm down. They're mad because you keep turning into a titan. Turning into your titan form now will just make them even more angry," he said, then stood in front of Eren. "What you all are doing is wrong. It wasn't Eren's fault, it was my fault. I may not be a titan, but I made him angry enough to break the wall. If you're going to hurt of kill anybody, kill me."

"No, Levi-"

"I love you, Eren. Never forget that," Levi said, then went to Eren to kiss him.

"I love you, Levi. I'll never forget you, and I hope you'll always remember us," Eren said, then his eyes widened as he felt a sharp pain in the nape of his neck. Levi felt that pain at the same time, then smiled.

"Good night, Eren."

"Good night, Levi."

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