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Two troubled boys meeting together through an asylum, falling in love, and dying in love? It's not a normal romance story that you hear every day. Hange Zoe and Armin Arlert are two scientists who get to hear the romance between Eren Jaeger and Levi Ackerman, two people who were in the asylum back in the year 845.


10. Chapter Ten

Seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks and months.

They've all gone by so quickly.

Tomorrow, Levi is leaving the room he shares with Eren. They still haven't talked to each other, and they don't plan to. Every minute, every hour, every day, it was pure silence between the two. Levi hasn't heard Eren's voice in three months, and Eren hasn't heard Levi's voice in three months.

Levi is still afraid of Eren. Whenever he walks down to Rico's or Marlo's office, he overhears stories about the bad things Eren has done within the past three months. He overhears that something hurt him so much, he can't control his titan form anymore.

Levi does know it's because of him, but it's just too late to turn back around to kiss and make up. It's too late to start up a relationship again when he's gone through so much pain trying to leave Eren.

He's still going through the pain since he sees him every day, but it's getting better.

Right now, he is leaving his room to go to Marlo's office. He walked down the flight of stairs, gasping when he saw a familiar person with beautiful blonde hair going down her shoulders.

"Krista?" he asked.

Krista looked over at Levi, smiling and running up to hug him. "Levi! You're okay I'm so glad!" she exclaimed, crying.

She pulled back, drying her tears. "We all thought you were dead, Levi. We've never seen Eren act so badly, not even when his own parents died. So, we assumed something pretty bad happened to you. What happened?" she rambled.

"We broke up. Three months ago, when he broke Wall Sina," he replied, his voice dead. He refused to say Eren's name now.

"It wasn't a huge shocker. We asked why his face was all bloody and he just shrugged it off and said he was in a pissy mood. We all act up when we are upset. Unless... you two were fighting before then," she said.

"I punched him telling him not to touch me. He was mad because I lashed out. Something happened to me that was triggering, and I lashed out and called him the name of the person who hurt me most. I didn't know what I was saying, I was having a damn panic attack. It's my fault he broke the damn wall, I freaked out and punched him, I called him the name of somebody who hurt me... it's my fault but I just can't apologize," Levi rambled, trying to look everywhere else to avoid the shorter girls eyes.

"Well you kind of need to not avoid him. He hasn't been himself, and we are worried. He's doing terrible things... I mean, very terrible things. Not just in his titan form, but to himself. He's been sneaking out of the asylum to meet Jean to do drugs. You're the one to stop him," she strictly said. She's never been so strict and demanding, but her friend is hurting so of course she will act this way.

Levi just turned around and looked down, tears forming in his eyes. "I can't just talk to him," he said, his voice cracking as he started sobbing. "I can't! It's too painful. If he's doing that shit because of me, then he is stupid because he's supposed to be here to get better. I'm getting better, he can too."

Krista just sighed. "Well just know that Eren misses you and he is going to kill himself if you don't do something," she said, then walked away.

Levi rushed to Marlo's office, leaning against the shut door. "What happened?" he asked.

"Just saw one of his friends," Levi said, drying his tears and sitting down.

"You really need to talk to him. You were both in the wrong and you both just need to restart. Eren hasn't been doing good and because of his pain, he is killing people. Whenever we bring you up, he is calm again. He need you in his life. Why won't you just talk to him?" Marlo asked.

"Fine! I will talk to him! Are you fucking happy now?!"


Levi walked into his room, freezing when he saw Eren lighting a cigarette. Eren looked at Levi, then puffed out some smoke. "Eren, you should do that," Levi said.

It's been so long. His voice changed, Eren thought. Levi's voice did grow a bit deeper over the past three months.

"Why do you suddenly care what I do?" he snapped back, taking a drag of the smoke. Levi took it out of his hands and slapped him.

"Eren you idiot. I've always cared about what you do, I just didn't know you would go this fa-"

Levi slapped a hand over his mouth when he saw Eren's wrists. They were red. Blood was dripping onto the bed and dissolving since he was a titan. Levi watched as the cuts slowly faded away as if he never cut himself. "E-Eren..."

Eren took the lit cigarette away from Levi and put it in his mouth. "So? I cut, it's not a big deal. Cutting doesn't affect me since all my injuries fade away. I'll only turn into a titan if my hand is cut, so it's no big deal," he said as the smoke left his mouth.

"What did I do," Levi asked himself out loud, going to his bed and pulling at his hair. "Your bad habits are my fault. I was a coward. I was the weak person here, and now your hurting yourself because of me!" he cried, putting his face in his hands as he sobbed. 

"Yes, you were a coward. But, now I can't blame you for freaking out. I just blame you for avoiding me for three months," Eren said, flicking ashes onto a small bowl that was placed on the night stand. 

"I need you, Eren," Levi said before he could think. But that didn't stop him from continuing. "I need you in my life. I need to talk to you every day, to kiss you every day. I need to say good night to you every night. I need to say I love you every moment of every day. I need to prove to you how much I love you. I need you!"

Eren just chuckled, pushing his grown out hair out of his eyes. "It's too late for that now. You should've spoken sooner. You're leaving tomorrow and you can't do anything about it," he said.

"I'll say I don't want to change rooms! It's that simple! I'll do anything to stay with you. I still want to be in this room with you; I don't know what I will do alone and I'l so stupid for realizing it right now. Please, Eren. Just... forgive me. The past is the past, and I know being a mute for three months wasn't the correct answer, but I'm no longer mute, so can we no longer be broken up?" Levi asked, hiccuping while talking.

Eren didn't say anything, he just stared at the burning cigarette and pressed it against his own wrist, chuckling at the burn. "Eren!" Levi shouted.

"What?" he laughed. "It'll just fade away like the rest, no big deal. It fades away from my life just like you faded away from mine."

Levi looked down, his hands forming into fists. "I don't want to be something that just fades away. I don't want to be someone or something that will hurt you ever again. Don't compare me to a drug. The drug will leave you, but I won't. I refuse to leave you," he said.

Anger was building inside Levi, so he just kept his gaze down at his lap. Eren laughed, making Levi even angrier. "Look at you, getting angry over something your fault. I'm not comparing you to the drug, I'm just comparing you to the marks it makes on my body," he said.

"You changed, Eren. Why? I'm asking for forgiveness and you're acting like this. Just... I don't get it... I didn't talk to you before, so why is now any different? Why can't you just accept my apology?! I made a mistake, but we all make mistakes!" Levi exclaimed.

He met eye contact with Eren. Eren's pupils were dilated; you could hardly see green. The white around his iris was bloody red. He just looked away, getting up to grab his things and put it in a bag. "You know, I'm just going to leave now. I'll stay in Marlo's office or something for the night," he said.

Once he zipped up his bag, he left without another word.


It was freezing in Marlo's office. He didn't have an actual bed, but it was better than staying with Eren. He decided to keep Eren's smoking and drug use a secret because Levi wants to wait. Maybe Eren will crawl back to him. Levi will be there when that happens.

He couldn't sleep. He kept tossing and turning on the wooden floor until he just stayed still, no matter how uncomfortable he was. He would eventually just fall asleep in that position, no matter how uncomfortable it is.

And eventually, he did just fall asleep...

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