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Two troubled boys meeting together through an asylum, falling in love, and dying in love? It's not a normal romance story that you hear every day. Hange Zoe and Armin Arlert are two scientists who get to hear the romance between Eren Jaeger and Levi Ackerman, two people who were in the asylum back in the year 845.


4. Chapter Four

Five years.

It's been five years already.

Levi is still in jail, and he isn't doing to good.

He's sixteen now, and he's able to get out when he's eighteen. He would've been able to leave a long time ago, but he's been snapping and hurting people, leaving them half to death. He's also been hurting himself more than ever. He couldn't help it though, it felt so good to him. A small blade cutting open his arms, legs, stomach... he loves it.

He still had one blade left. The Recon Corps thought it was all over, but it wasn't. Levi managed to hide one. He was no longer afraid to be caught doing this since it happened so many times before.

Now, he can end everything. Nobody's around, it's perfect.

He noticed the blue line going up his forearm, and traced it with the small blade. Blood was pouring out of the small wrist instantly. "Levi it's time for- LEVI!" Nanaba shouted, running up to Levi.

"Don't bother saving me," Levi said as Nanaba tried to help the weak boy up.

Levi ended up passing out in Nanaba's arms. Not because of blood loss, he hasn't lost that much yet, but he never thought it would hurt so bad to the point of passing out.

But it's okay. It won't hurt him anymore. He's fine.


"Damnit," Erwin hissed, walking up to Levi's sleeping body. "This really needs to stop. He needs to be in a safer place, but I can't think of any safer places."

"I heard they're opening up an asylum next to the Kings castle," a soldier said, standing up.

Erwin looked over at her. "When is it opening up?" he asked.

"I believe tomorrow sir. The Garrison will be guarding the place," she said.

"Thank you, Petra. I'll make sure Levi get's in there tomorrow," Erwin said, then left the room.


When Levi woke up, he was in a different room. He's never seen a room like this before.

It wasn't much, just a couple beds, couple windows, lanterns hanging from the ceiling. Something so little was beautiful though. The walls were painted a beautiful pearl white and there were swirls on the base boards.

"Oh, Levi, I see you are finally awake," somebody said, walking up to Levi. "How are you feeling?"

Levi didn't answer. It was awkward, staring at her breast, trying to figure out which military branch that was. The symbol had two roses diagonal from each other. He's never seen that symbol before.

The soldier backed off, turning around. "Well, since you're staring at my boobs, you must be okay. I'll be back in a while to check up on you," she said, grabbing her paperwork and leaving the room.

Levi thought for a moment, then realized he was starting at her boobs.

I don't even like boobs, he thought. 

Hours went by and he was still alone. He was used to being alone though. He was by himself all the time back at the Scout Regiment. The door opened and a soldier walked in with a kid. "Levi, we already don't have enough rooms, so he's going to stay with you," she said, then walked out.

"Hi. So, you're Levi? I'm Eren," the younger boy introduced himself.

Levi didn't reply. He doesn't want to talk to this kid. He doesn't want to talk to anyone.

"Are you okay? You look sad," Eren said, frowning.

The older boy looked up at Eren, gasping.

I'm stuck in this room with a monster...

"What's wrong? You shouldn't be sad, you should be happy! Well, I guess you're in this asylum because you're upset. We need to get you happy again!" Eren exclaimed.

Tears started streaming down Levi's face, thinking this was just an act Eren was putting up. Eren walked over to the sobbing boy. "Hey, it's alright. Yo-"

Eren was cut off by Levi screaming and pushing him away. "DON'T TOUCH ME YOU MONSTER!" Levi cried, punching Eren continuously. 

Two soldiers walked in and took Levi off of Eren. "Come on, let's go," one said, taking Levi away. The other soldier stayed and helped Eren.

"I was just trying to comfort him," Eren said, starting to cry himself.

"Look, I'm not all happy that you're a titan and still not in control of yourself, but I'm still here to help you. I guess I should've told you more about Levi. He was forced to work for people in the underground district and he got caught with a military weapon. Bringing up the people who kidnapped him makes him snap. He was with the Scout Regiment all this time, and every time he would get out of jail, he would try to kill somebody and went right back in. He's now in the asylum because he tried to kill himself. He hasn't talked much since he was about five years old; he had nobody to talk to. So, try to go easy on him, alright?" the Garrison soldier told Eren.

Eren nodded, wiping away his tears. "Wow, that's terrible. I'll try to avoid him, but what if he tries to hurt me again? Or hurt himself?" he asked.

"That's why he's in this asylum, we're trying to get him help," the soldier said, then sighed. "I don't think we can help him though. But, I know we can help you. You're basically in control. We just need to figure out how you can transform and train you when to use it, which will basically be never unless the Recon Corps tells you otherwise."

"I didn't mean to turn into a titan though. I know how to control my anger now. Turning into a titan made me realize I need to keep my anger under control. Trust me, if I didn't learn that lesson, I probably would've killed Levi when he attacked me," Eren admitted.

"And that's good. Well, good that you kept your anger under control. But, that's not going to always happen. You have a bad history, and turning into a titan made it worse. We just don't need any mistakes by you transforming. I need to go, Levi can't be punished without me," the soldier said, then left.

Soon, Levi returned to the room. He was in handcuffs and dry tears stained his cheeks. He laid down in his bed, facing away from Eren. "Levi, I'm sorry. I didn't know about your past... and I didn't know you knew I was a titan," the younger boy apologized. 

Levi didn't say anything in return; he didn't even move. Nothing bad happened to him, they just drugged him so he would calm down, but they don't know how bad that really hurt him. The people who kidnapped him drugged him all the time.

"Well, it's late. So, good night?" Eren asked, again getting no reaction from Levi. "See you in the morning."

He got up to turn the lanterns off, then laid down in his bed. Levi sat up and looked over to Eren. He sighed, laying back down. 

Good night...

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