My Pokemon Life

My name is Lozzie and I am the newest Pokemon trainer in the Sinnoh region!

Lozzie never knew much about Pokemon when she finally decided to start her adventure in the beautiful Sinnoh region, but she's determined to get as strong as possible so she finally become noticed as someone important. Stepping away from her quiet life in the small town of Solaceon, she will encounter many friends, foes and secrets beyond her wildest dreams!


9. Chapter 9 - Do or Die

"Abra, use psychic!" I declared, rather confidently. Abra's silhouette glowed a bright blue as it held out its arms, and Geodude's outline too turned blue. Rising off of the ground, Geodude looked nervous and was hurled across the arena. 

"Geodude ,use rock throw!" called Roark after Geodude regained it's baring, causing it to immediatly punch the ground and send several large boulders Abras way.

"Um....psychic!" was all I could get out and effortlessly, Abra caught the boulders telepathically as they hovered before him. "Whoa..." I muttered astonished.

"Your Abra is very powerful indeed." Roark started, seemingly impressed with it's skill. "Had I known you'd have pokémon like this I might have called out a one of my stronger pokémon. But just know from this point on, the gloves are off!" Roark he announced confidently. But I don't want the gloves to come off! Leave them on! I thought to myself, getting more and more anxious.

"Abra, use all the rock's around you to on Geodude!" I called out. Abra thrusted his arm harshly to the side, and the rocks launched outwards.

"Counter with another rock throw!" Geodude once again punched down at the ground and the two huge swarms of collided in a flurry of debris. The hovering, dusty fog hazed over the arena. I could see his Geodude looking confused, and so was Roark. This is my chance! I planned, with a sly grin on my face.

"Now use shadow ball!" I roared. Abra created a ball of dark energy in it's paws and threw it at Geodude, creating an explosion on impact that cleared away the fog. When the the smoke cleared the Geodude was down for the count. 

"Geodude is unable to battle! Abra is the winner!" the referee stated. 

"Hey, we did it!" I cheered. "Nice going Abra!" Abra nodded at me once with a smile upon his face.

"Wow, did you guys see that?" Urk cheered, amazed at the battle. Levi jumped up and down and Marill ran around in a circles, chanting with glee.

"That's my girl!" yelled Aldrin. "She really utilized Abra's superior attack strength! I'm impressed for her first proper battle."

"Hmph, the battle has't ended yet..." Opal muttered as the rest of the group gazed at her. "I can see that Roark was merely using Geodude to find out Lozzie's battle strategy. Yet from what I can tell... she doesn't appear to have one." 

"Alright get ready! Onix, let's go!" Roark yelled, throwing his pokéball and realeasing a gigantic Onix as it looked down at Abra with a deep and gravelly grunt. Abra was totally calm, yet I, on the other hand, began to shake and my heart was pounding even harder than before. 

"Let's see how Lozzie's Abra goes up against Onix..." Aldrin whispered, an inquisitive frown on his face.

"Abra use psychic!" I commanded, going off of what worked last time. Abra's outline once more turned blue, and held out his arms.

"Onix, use screech." Roark said with a wily smirk. All of a sudden, Onix roared with a thundering torrent of sound. Abra flinched backwards, pressing his hands against the sides of his head and his psychic silhouette fading softly.

"Abra! What's going on!" I shouted, worried as Abra struggled.

"Psychic takes a lot of focus for a pokémon to perform. Concentration is difficult when they succumb to Screech." Roark explained, still the smirk upon his face. His Onix soon stopped its attack, and Abra shook it all off.

"Abra, you okay?!" I asked him with a horror, and he soon got himself together with a look of determination painted across his face. "Alright then, let's use Secret Power!" I ordered as Abra then glowed pink as it preformed rock throw. Onix was hailed with a torrential storm of blistering rocks. "Follow it up with Shadow Ball!" and Abra quickly launched a dark orb of power.

"Onix, use slam to counter Shadow Ball!" Roark called as his Onix's tail collided with Shadow ball. 

"What is Roark up to!" Urk questioned, a hint of doubt in his voice. 

"He's doing what every good Gym Leader does; use attacks as a means of defense..." Aldrin muttered. 

"Exactly. If Roark keeps this up, Abra won't be able to land a single hit..." Opal replied. 

"Then Lozzie's gotta think really quickly if she wants to outsmart Roark!" Urk cried, but then he looked around with a queering gaze. "Hey Aldrin... Where's Uta? He's missing Lozzie's battle." he asked. 

"Probably sulking some where. He'll turn up. It's his loss, anyway." Aldrin shrugged.

"Now use Stealth Rock!" he yelled as Onix began to glow a faint white, as sharp, shining streaks peppered the ground below Abra. 

"Yes! Onix missed! Alright, Abra use Shadow Ball again!" 

"Now Onix, use Double Edge!" Onix's body shone a bright, shimmering blue and it hurled itself towards Abra, punching through the Shadow Ball with ease. The huge bulk hit Abra with full force, sending it flying across the arena, crashing through the rocky pillars one by one. I watched with deepening fear, seeing Abra finally stop when its back smacked into the arena's wall at the far end. Abra was down... No doubt about it. 

"Abra is unable to battle! Onix is the winner!"

My face was stone stiff despair as I held out Abra's pokéball for him to return. 

"Oh man... just when she was doing so well..." 

"That's the true skills of a Gym Leader. Able to turn the battle around completely in one fell swoop..." answered Aldrin. "She needs to step up her game now or lose this battle completely." 
And Opal smiled subtly.

"Great going Abra..." I murmured with a quiver in my voice. That Onix is no joke. I need a super effective Pokémon for this fight... I turned to look down at Naruto, who looked back up at me, ready as ever. I smiled back at him, my moral peaking back up. "Alright then, you ready Naruto?" He replied with a cheerful back and trotted his way in front of me, looking at the Onix with assuring zeal. 

Yet as soon as he walked out onto the field, he winced in pain and dropped to one knee. 

"Wait! What's going on?!" 

"That's Stealth Rock's ability. The next Pokémon you send out onto the field will take damage." Roark sniggered. "So Onix's Stealth Rock didn't miss after all, like you thought it did." 

I looked terrified at Naruto, calling out to him in stress. 

"Naruto! Are you okay?!" He rose from his one knee with one eye tightly closed and a determined snarl upon his face. "Alright Naruto, use Quick Attack!" Naruto moved with such speed at Onix as the white streak behind him shone with bright light. 

"You should know better than that! Normal type attacks won't work in this Gym!" Roark roared, a smirk upon his face. Naruto charged head on with Onix, colliding with its solid body in a heavy slam. But Onix took the hit without any damage. "Onix, now use Slam!" and Onix wasted no time in whacking Naruto with its gargantuan tail. Naruto was sent flying back to being front of me. 

"Naruto!" I yelled, but yet he got back up as determined as ever. 

"Onix, again! Use Slam!" Onix hurtled once again at Naruto, with its mighty tail coming straight down. 

"Naruto, get out of the way!" I yelled, and Naruto did exactly as I asked him, He leaped to the side and avoiding the Onix's tail. 

"Wow! Look at that speed!" Urk yelled with a smile on his face. 

"Mm. Naruto is certainly a quick pokémon... Quicker than that Onix. Lozzie just needs to realize it." Opal agreed, nodding her head once. 

"Naruto! Now! Use Force Palm!" Naruto hastily put his palm onto Onix's body, and a glowing explosion blasted from Naruto's paw. The Onix was thrown to the floor. 

"Onix, get up!" Onix struggled as it trembled trying to come to its senses. 

"Let's hit is again! Force Palm!" Naruto again descended upon Onix, smashed its palm onto Onix and another eruption of burst from its paw. Sent flying back, Onix crashed into the arena wall, and was out for the count. 

"Onix is unable to battle! Naruto is the winner!" the referee called, lifting up his flag to my side of the arena. 

"YES! We did Naruto!" I yelled. He looked back at me and barked happily, feeling very pleased with himself. 

"I knew she could do it. She's now two pokémon ahead." Aldrin said, with joy in his words.

"She sure is! Come on, Lozzie! You can do it!" Urk cheered, as Levi and Urk's Marill, Mac, bounced with joy. 

"Well it's all down to this, Lozzie." Roark sniggered. "I must say though, I am thoroughly enjoying our battle." he said as his glasses shone in the light. "Now! Cranidos, let's go!" He tossed his pokéball out into the arena, and in the white light, the silhouette of a small but proud looking Pokémon appeared is it roared lightly. 

"Okay Naruto, let's may this a good last fight!" I jeered as Naruto barked in reply. 

"Give it all you've got, Cranidos." Roark muttered. I could see Cranidos and Naruto glared at one another with such zeal. It was going to be a good fight, I could tell from the two of them. "Cranidos, Head Smash!" Cranidos thundered its way at Naruto, its head down to do exactly what the move's title says. 

"Naruto, dodge it!" I cried, and Naruto moved out of the way quickly. "Quick Attack!" Naruto bounced off the wall with his legs, and dashed towards Cranidos with the white streak behind him. Slamming with full force, Cranidos was knocked off his feet. 

"That's the way to do it! She's finally used Quick Attack effectively, even against a rock type!" Aldrin applauded, Opal nodding along with him. 

"I have to admit, that was a nice use of Quick Attack." 

"Now follow it up with Force Palm!" I cried, attempting to wrap it up in one hit. 

"Flamethrower!" Roark yelled.

"Flamethrower?!" I questioned to myself with such surprise. A hot stream of fire erupted from Cranidos' mouth, and Naruto took the hit head on and was blown back to where I stood. "Come on Naruto, get up and use Force Palm again!" Doing as I commanded, he got back up and charged for Cranidos once again. 

"Zen Headbutt!" Roark demanded, and the Cranidos' head started to glow a shimmering blue. Like a rampaging bull, he charged at Naruto. The two collided in an explosion in the middle of the arena. I couldn't see what was going on in the smoke, but Naruto soon came flying out gently and landing on his back. 

"Naruto, no!" I shouted as Naruto lay almost lifeless, bruised and battered. 

"Let's wrap this up, Cranidos! Head Smash!" and out of the smoke, Cranidos was making a full throttle charge for Naruto, who was only just starting to get up. 

"If Lozzie do something soon, Naruto's out! And Chimchar isn't trained enough to take down that Cranidos!" Aldrin said, looking worried as he leant forward at his seat.

"Come on, Lozzie! You gotta do something!" Urk yelled.

"Naruto! You gotta endure it!" I desperately asked of him, yelling as loud as I could. And with my yell, Naruto was back on his feet and started to glimmer orange. He crossed his arms in doing so, and I looked in confusion. "What's happening?" 

"Whoa! Naruto knows Endure!" Aldrin queried. Naruto took the full force of the hit, and didn't stagger at all. His orange aura then burst outwards, and Cranidos was knocked back. What on earth was that?... Never mind. It's kept Naruto fighting, I thought to myself. 

"Now! Force Palm!" And Naruto jumped up and slammed his paw into Cranidos, with an explosion shortly coming afterwards. "Again Naruto!" 

"Impact it with Zen Heatbutt!" Roark yelled back, and Naruto and Cranidos were on a collision course. They again slammed into each other with a large explosion. The smoke fogged what was going on, and no one in the building could see what had happened. Until it faded. 

Naruto and Cranidos still stood there, gazing at one another. Both equally battered and out of breath, they both fell forwards in sync. 

"Cranidos and Naruto are both unable to battle. Since Lozzie has one Pokémon remaining in her team and Roark has no Pokémon left on his team, the victory goes to Lozzie from Solaceon Town!" the referee determined. My heart dropped, and all I could do was smile in the moment. 

"YEEES!!" I chanted, jumping for joy. I ran out onto the field and pick up Naruto in my hands, who was limp with weakness. "Naruto, we did it... You did it..." He opened his eyes to me and smiled lightly, softly speaking with weariness. I cuddled him delicately, and he nuzzled me with his little nose ever so gently. 

"That was AWESOME!!" Urk shouted, as he and Mac got up and ran down to me.

"Knew she could do it. Even if it was by a shred of luck." Aldrin chuckled to himself, raising an eyebrow and folding his arms. 

"Hm. It was indeed luck..." Opal frowned, getting out of her seat and walking down to the arena. I could see Aldrin giving her a fowl glare, as he too got up and came to greet me down in the arena. 

As we got outside into the fresh air and sunlight, Roark and I stood face to face and shook each other's hands firmly. 

"Lozzie, that was one of the best battles I've had. Usually trainers come to my gym and don't really put up enough of a challenge." he laughed. I sweat dropped and scratched the back of my neck. 

"Was I really that good?" 

"Well, you were little out of practice here and there, but you were better than Aldrin when he first came here." Roark said as me and him looked both at Aldrin. 

"Hey! A trainer's gotta start somewhere." he said with a shy grin. "But I didn't have as good a teacher as I was for Lozzie." he jested as he winked at me. 

"Well I suppose indeed." Roark laughed. "But here you go Lozzie, I present to you the Coal Badge." he handed me a small, shining badge that was a dark, dark brown. I gladly took it from him, with a giddy feeling in my chest. 

"Eeeee!! My first Gym Badge!" I squealed with glee. 

"Have you got a badge case, Lozzie?" Urk asked, and my face went blank. 

"NO!! Where am I gunna put my badge?!!" I cried out. 

"Here, I'll keep it safe." Aldrin smiled as he held out his hand to me. I reluctantly put my badge in his hand. 

"If you lose it, I will KILL you in your sleep!" I growled at him. 

"I won't lose it! You can trust ol' pal." he sniggered as he put the badge in his pouch. "We'll buy you a Gym Badge case soon enough." 

"Well I wish you all the best of luck in your travels." Roark said. "Nice to meet you all." 

"And you too Roark! Thanks for the battle!" I shouted back as the four of us walked away and waved goodbye. 

"I shall go as well, you three. It was entertaining to watch you battle, Lozzie." Opal said calmly, heading off in our opposite direction. 

"Hey, thanks Opal! Thank you for coming!" I thanked, but I could still see that scowl on Aldrin's face as she walked onward. 

"Right then! Next stop, Eterna City!" Urk declared as we marched on.

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