My Pokemon Life

My name is Lozzie and I am the newest Pokemon trainer in the Sinnoh region!

Lozzie never knew much about Pokemon when she finally decided to start her adventure in the beautiful Sinnoh region, but she's determined to get as strong as possible so she finally become noticed as someone important. Stepping away from her quiet life in the small town of Solaceon, she will encounter many friends, foes and secrets beyond her wildest dreams!


6. Chapter 6 - Route 203

We ended up at the cafe until gone midnight and were eventually kicked out by the chef who chased us outside wielding a spatula and shouting, "IF YOU'RE NOT BUYING YOU'RE NOT STAYING!!!" Exhausted after that sudden exercise after eating vast quantities of food, we decided to call it a day and stay the night at the Pokemon Centre.

"Goodnight~" I chimed to all the boys sleeping in the room opposite mine.

The door slowly opened a crack, "Good niiiigggghhhhttt Lozzie....don't let the Spinarks bite...because if they will be poisoned and slowly die...a cold, unpleasant...~"

"U.T. CLOSE THE DOOR AND SHUT UP!" I heard Aldrin's muffled shouts. He was already in bed.

Uta turned to me again, his white teeth shining in the dim light, "Hehehe~" he chuckled quietly, before closing the door slowly again.

Sweatdropping, I returned to my own quarters, where Naruto was comfortably curled up at the foot of my bed. Carefully, as to not disturb Naruto, I slipped under the covers, but the sudden shift in weight caused the mattress to dip. Naruto woke up immediately and gazed at me with sleepy eyes.

"Sorry, Naruto..." I whispered, stroking his head, before lying back against the pillow. I sighed, a small smile etching on my face, "A whole day...a lot has happened hasn't it?" I spoke to Naruto.

His grin appeared again and he barked, but only quietly, seeing as he was still a little groggy. Chuckling, I let out a deep breath, Being a trainer is simply the best. No wonder so many kids are so keen to leave the house.

Immediately, I fell asleep.


The next morning, I was greeted with a whisper of, "The ghost of the girl in Room 144 is going to get you~"

I screamed loudly, my head banging against the metal of the bed. Naruto let out a strangled yelp as he and the duvet her lifted up into the air and back down again, after my sudden spasm was over.

I heard a loud laugh come from outside my door, and then footsteps scurry away and a door closing not too far away. My instant thought...Uta.


After that horrible moment and mere moments getting dressed, I opened my door with a bang and marched to where the boys' room. I pounded the door with my fists. Aldrin opened the door quickly, to stop my racket.

"Morning Lozzie! Nice to see you up and early." he was already dressed and Levi was sitting at his feet, greeting Naruto with a small wave.

I just gave Aldrin a half closed eyed glare, then looked over his shoulder to see Urk putting on his shoes, and Uta reading a book, sitting cross legged on his bed. He was smirking.

"Hi..." I greeted everyone.


We were greeted by Nurse Joy down at the lobby and she offered us breakfast. A stunning breakfast of pancakes and maple syrup were placed before us moments later.

"So Lozzie...see any ghosts last night?" Uta asked, with a mouth full of pancake.

"Surprisingly, no." I replied, refusing to look at him and instead at my plate.

"This place is haunted?" Urk asked, looking a little uneasy.

"Highly doubt it." Aldrin replied, handing one of his pancakes to Levi, who was sitting patiently next to him.

Uta chuckled, "But you never know. What's that on your shoulder, Urk?" he ran his finger up and down Urk's back, making him shudder slightly.

"STOP THAT TICKLES!!!" Urk shouted out, swatting Uta's hand away.


"So where are we headed, Urk?" I asked, as we left the Pokemon Centre and stood in the middle of the road.

"Well, the nearest city to here is Oreburgh City, which is east of here. Route 203 is just down there, and then it should only be a fairly short walk to get there." Urk explained, reading directly from his map.

"Sweet! So Oreburgh here we come!" I declared, marching forward as determined as possible.

Aldrin quickly caught up with me, "Route 203 is chock full of wild Pokemon. Maybe you should snag the opportunity to capture one?" he suggested, giving me a supportive bump on the shoulder.

I tapped my chin, "Hmm, I suppose you are right. If I am to battle the Gym Leader of Oreburgh effectively, I should have a bigger party of Pokemon. By the way. What Pokemon type does the Gym Leader use?"

"Ah, you're talking about Roark. If my memory serves me correctly, he uses Rock Type Pokemon." Aldrin replied, "So you have the upper hand with Riolu, seeing as he is a fighting type, but not so much with Chimchar I'm afraid."

I nodded slowly, "Yeah, I think capturing a new Pokemon would be a good idea."


Route 203 was filled with long grass. I could hear all the rustling of wild Pokemon scattering as we waded through, trying to find an interesting Pokemon to capture. I released Chimchar from his Pokeball and set him loose, along with Naruto to try and corner a potential Pokemon to capture.

"Ugh, Lozzie, we've been looking for ages! Why are you so heavy footed?" Aldrin complained, he and Levi sunbathing in some of the shorter grass.

"Hey!" I snapped, towering above him, shadowing him from the sun, "I can't help how I walk. Anyway, you've gotta shift some of the blame onto Uta, who's been scaring all the Pokemon off!" I pointed to nothing thinking it was Uta.

When Aldrin looked at me confused, I turned around to see Uta wasn't there.

"Uta?" I called, trying to find him.

I felt something crawl up my arm, making me flinch and flick my head around.

"Boo!" Uta stood directly in front of me, grinning ear to ear as usual.

I shrieked, for the second the that day, falling backwards into the grass. Uta chuckled darkly, his hands on him hips, pleased with his latest jumpscare.


A flock of wild Starly flew out of the tall grass, up into the sky.

"Argh see what you've done now?!" I snapped at Uta, "How am I supposed to catch a Pokemon now?! You're scaring them off."

"As I recall, I am not the one shouting." Uta retorted, and he left me silent. I knew he was right.

I was about to make some sort of comeback, but suddenly I heard the bark of Naruto and Chimchar calling out.

"They've found something!" I scrambled to my feet and followed the calls of my Pokemon.

Shuffling through yet even more tall grass, I finally found where my Pokemon were calling from. They were in a patch of shorter grass and cornering a small yellow Pokemon which was hovering slightly off the ground. It seemed disinterested in our presence.

"Lozzie! What did they find?" Aldrin asked, standing to my side.

"I think it's an Abra." I replied, pulling out my Pokedex, "Yup, it's an Abra. So this is the Pokemon I'm gonna capture!"

"Abra, huh?" Urk looked at his own Pokedex, "That'll be interesting. Abra only knows Teleport and doesn't learn a single new move until it evolves." about Magikarp lame...I thought to myself, "Ok, let's get this over with. Naruto, you ready?" Naruto nodded once. I thanked Chimchar quickly and returned him to his Pokeball.

"And make it quick." Aldrin added, "Once Abra uses Teleport, you probably won't find it again."

"Ok. Naruto, let's make this a fast fight. Use Quick Attack!"

Naruto ran forward to tackle the meditating Pokemon, but as soon as he was mere inches from hitting, the Abra disappeared, before reappearing just behind Naruto. 

"Woah! It didn't escape! Maybe we have another opportunity. Ok Naruto, turn around and use Force Palm!"

Naruto twisted his body around and thrusted his paw forward so it came into contact with the Abra. It hit and Abra was knocked backwards, losing it's train of thought and fell to the ground. It was weakened, but not enough so it would make it easier to capture. Instead, it sat back up. A purple blob formed in it's palms, before it was launched at Naruto. Naruto immediately jumped out of the way in time.

"Jesus!" I cried out in shock, "Urk, I thought you said it doesn't know any attack besides Teleport?! That was Shadow Ball!"

"They don't learn an attack naturally until it evolves, but it is a fact that they can learn one artificially through TMs that it's trainer gives them." Urk seemed a little flustered himself, but he knew what he was talking about.

"S-so that means..." I began.

"This Abra was not always wild." Aldrin finished my sentence, "He must have escaped from his trainer, or was released back into the wild."

Makes sense...I thought, But seeing that this Abra does have a move pool, then this has just made this battle even more difficult.

"Right then. Naruto, use Quick Attack again, before Abra recovers himself!"

Naruto readied his attack again, but then a blue aura surrounded his body and lifted him up into the air.

"That's Psychic!" Urk said, watching as Naruto was dealt severe damage from the super effective move.

Aldrin turned to me, "Careful, Lozzie, that was a super effective hit. I don't think Naruto can take much more. This Abra is clearly very tough and was from a strong trainer. Maybe you should call it quits and try elsewhere?" he suggested.

Immediately I pouted, "No way!" I turned to Naruto who was sprawled on the floor, attempting to get back to his feet, "Maaaybe~" I began, turning back to Aldrin and batting my eyelashes.

Aldrin sighed, "What do you want, Lozzie?"

"Could you...maybe..." I twisted my fingers through my hair, "Use Levi to capture the Abra for me? Seeing as your Pokemon are stronger than mine."

Aldrin let out a sigh, " I have to be relied on for everything?" I gave him a nod to which he rolled his eyes, "Levi, use Electro Ball." Levi leapt in front of Naruto to defend him and created a massive ball of electricity, launching it at the Abra, who immediately recoiled and collapsed to the ground, "Now Lozzie!"

I pulled out the Pokeball from my bag and tossed it at the Abra. Abra disappeared in a flash of red light, before entering the Pokeball. The Pokeball shook once...twice...three times. And then it stopped.

Aldrin shrugged his shoulders, "There you go. One Abra. You're welcome."

My lip twitched up at the corner, "Heh...hehe...hehehehe! I caught an Abra!!!" I jumped up on the balls of my feet, excited that I captured my first Pokemon. But then I stopped, "With Aldrin's help. Thank you~" I cooed, wrapping my arms around his shoulders tightly into a hug.

"H-hey! Get offa me!" Aldrin tried to push me a way but my hug was like a Vice Grip.

"Heehee~!" eventually I let go, "Did you see that Urk? I caught an Abra." I took a step towards him.

Urk flinched, "Uh...yeah...well done Lozzie." he clearly didn't want to get tortured by one of my hugs. So instead I turned to my final friend...who wasn't there, "Uta?" 

All three of us turned in different directions in search of the trouble maker. I picked up Naruto, who was now recovered from the attack, but slightly tired. Then we both started to wade through the grass, looking to see where he was hiding.

"Yo, U.T.!" Aldrin called, looking up into the trees to see if he was hiding there.

Urk didn't call out and started twitching. As did I. I didn't want to get scared by this guy for a third time. Suddenly we heard someone humming the Jaws theme song and rustling in the long grass.

"Da dum~ Da dum~" 

"Oh jeez." I muttered, fighting my way through the grass and following the movement of the rustling, "Ok, Uta, these pranks are getting old now..."

"Da dum~ Da dum~" the rustling seemed to stop.

I had no idea where Uta went. That left me scared.

"Uta! Can you just come out now?"

The tempo for the theme song began to quicken, like when the Sharpedo was about to attack. I didn't notice the mass quickly sneak up behind me and clutch my sides. Being severely ticklish I screamed and jumped up and tripped over my own landing. I landed in a face full of dry grass.

How the Hell does he do that?! "Why..." I sobbed into the soft dirt. I threw my head up, "UTA!!!" I shouted.

All I heard was him chuckle and begin to run away from us.


That left only Urk and Aldrin, watching as we disappeared down the route.

"They won't ever learn will they?" Aldrin asked.

Urk and Levi shook their heads.

"Huh...and she didn't even pick up her Abra." he added, picking  up the Pokeball, "Guess I'll have to carry it for her."

They all followed after the fighting pair.  

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