My Pokemon Life

My name is Lozzie and I am the newest Pokemon trainer in the Sinnoh region!

Lozzie never knew much about Pokemon when she finally decided to start her adventure in the beautiful Sinnoh region, but she's determined to get as strong as possible so she finally become noticed as someone important. Stepping away from her quiet life in the small town of Solaceon, she will encounter many friends, foes and secrets beyond her wildest dreams!


2. Chapter 2 - On the Move

(Hey guys! So I hope you enjoyed chapter 1. Now in this chapter, there is going to be the introduction of Urk (Kinka$h's character). I am hoping this'll come out well! If anyone has any issues, just let me know and I'll fix it (or let you fix it if you must!))


(Oh and also, I am debating whether to submit this story into the 'Video Game competition' thingy, so that is also something I am considering!)


Of course, due to my nerves and excitement, I had virtually no sleep last night. Instead I spent most my time tossing and turning (and falling off the bed at least a couple of times).


A loud bang on the front door awoke my from finally falling asleep a couple of hours ago.

"Morning!" I groaned loudly as I heard Aldrin's chirpy voice greet my Mum downstairs, "Is Lozzie up yet?"

I slammed my head into the pillow, as I tried as hardly as possible to eventually nod off again, but it was no use after Mum spoke up.

"Morning Aldrin! And no she isn't yet, but I don't know what you were to expect." 

Urgh!!! I internally growled and pulled my covers back over my head again. 

The sound of footsteps rushing up the stairs made me brace myself for the impact.

"Lozzie, get your lazy ass outta bed!" Mum burst through my door, the handle nearly denting the wall, "Aldrin's already up and waiting for you!"

Like a Slugma, I ever so slowly slithered out from under the cover, my eyes half open and black bags were clearly visible underneath, "Aaaand?" I dragged out my moan, unimpressed by my rude introduction.

Mum's eye twitched, before she stomped over to me and yanked my duvet off of my body.

"Nyaaa!" I cried out, wrapping my arms around my me and curling up into a Kakuna.

"Up up up!" she declared, tossing my covers to the floor and strutting out the door in victory.

Groaning dramatically I clumsily rolled out of bed, collapsing onto the floor. The floor was absolutely freezing, snapping me out of my tiredness right away.

Immediately I was up and dressed into a comfy pair of denim shorts, black hiking boots, a purple vest top and long black, fingerless gloves.


"About time!" Aldrin grinned as I trudged down the stairs into the kitchen to get a couple of slices of toast.

I just glared at him as I scoffed down the first slice of toast, "What time were you up then, early bird?"

He shrugged, "Same time everyday. When Levi's hungry." he was referring to his Raichu, who was flicking the cow lick like tuft of hair which, for some reason, was lying flat on his forehead.

I raised an eyebrow, that explains a lot...


" lickle Squoggle is growing up~" Mum cooed as she glomped me into one of her death hugs.

Cringing at my old nickname I tried to tug myself away only to experience her death hug constricting around my torso even more. I swear I felt my ribs creaking slightly.

I groaned loudly, to try and grab her attention, "Ok Mum, glad to know you love me and all, but can we please end this...torture?" I tried to pull away again.

"Not done..." she continued to hug me.

I remained with my head on her shoulder, staring behind me at Aldrin who was trying to maintain his laughter throughout the whole ordeal.

"Muuum..." I tried again.

"NOT DONE!" she snapped, refusing to move an inch.

One minute later....

"Aw, wasn't that nice? One last hug from my eldest daughter." Mum finally allowed me to breath again, pinching my cheek.

A growl rumbled in my throat as I rubbed the pink spot on my cheek. I slung my bag over my shoulder.

"I guess I'll see you around, huh?" I tried to quicken the farewells.

"Of course, of course!" Mum almost jumped around with excitement, "Oh but before you go, let me lend you my Gardevoir. She can use her Teleport to send you straight to Twinleaf Town. That'll save you the long journey and the potential dangers you may encounter if you went the long way." she released her prized Pokemon from her Pokeball and placed the Pokeball into my hand.

Her Gardevoir was still wearing the ribbon from her last contest. When Mum was my age, she was a keen Pokemon Contest contestant, with her precious Gardevoir, winning many ribbons from many regions. Gardevoir curtsied daintily before returning to her straight posture. She has always had a bond with me ever since I was a baby, so she has watched me grow up in that respect.

Finally I managed to crack a smile, but my patience was starting to wear thin, "Thanks Mum. I had better head over to Gran and Grandpa's now before it gets too late in the day."

"Ok, Loz." Mum finally managed to calm down, as she allowed me to pass, out of the house, "Be sure to visit on your adventure." she waved her lace handkerchief as me and Aldrin finally set off to the Daycare.


"Wow, your Mum was very...affectionate this morning. She's not normally like that." Aldrin grinned at me as we opened the door to the Daycare.

"Tell me about it. It's only because I am going away for once. I bet she and Dad have cracked the champagne, knowing they only have to deal with Lucie from now on for a while." I muttered jokingly, the corner of my mouth turning up, "Anyway, prepare for more affection, because..."

I was cut off when Gran came charging out of the back room with the box in her hands. Quickly she shoved it into Aldrin's arms.

"Be a dear and hold this." she all but commanded, turning around and glomping me. I began to squeak when the air left my lungs yet again. "Oh my dear Lozzie. I can't believe you are finally going out into the big world. I'm so proud of you. And thank you so much for doing this little favour for me! I will bake you a nice apple pie as your reward for when you return." she gushed, as she nuzzled her cheek on mine.

Throughout the whole speech I was making random noises as I tried my very hardest to get away, but for an old woman, damn was she strong. But finally she let go, after noticing my face going an odd purple shade.

"Oh my, look at the time! You should be heading off. Well I am glad I was able to say goodbye to you before you return, haveanicetripniceseeingyouagainAldrinandIwillseeyousoon." Gran, while she went off on a tangent again, pushed me and Aldrin towards the door before slamming it in our faces as soon as she said the word 'soon'.

"Huh...that escalated quickly." Aldrin commented, the box still in his arms.


Of course, thanks to Gardevoir's psychic ability we were already in Twinleaf Town. It was very much like our home town, but a lot more tucked away in the woods, and possibly a little more compact with very few houses.

"So, what was the address for this egg owner?" Aldrin asked as we started to explore the remote town.

Suddenly I stopped in my tracks, blushing a little at the cheeks, "Uh...that's...actually a very good question..." I scratched the back of my neck, chuckling lightly.

His eye twitched slightly, "You didn't bother to ask, did you?"

"Nope!" I grinned brightly, trying to lighten the mood, "Aren't I smart?"


So instead of heading straight for the right house, we ended up wandering around for a bit. We were just about to do the good old fashioned 'knock-on-every-door-until-we-get-the-right-one' when we heard a, "Maaaa~"

I little blue round mouse Pokemon came charge-waddling up to us, a boy shortly in tow shouting it's name after it. The little Pokemon came to a stop in front of us and just began to jump up and down in an odd fashion.

I leaned over to Aldrin, both of us a little in shock at the sudden encounter, "Is that a Marrill?" I hissed, hoping I was correct.

Aldrin nodded. Both of us looked up at the boy who came to a grinding halt around half a metre before us.

"*Huff huff* T-thanks for stopping Marrill." he panted, bending over slightly so he could catch his breath, "Let him out of h-his *huff* Pokeball for o-one minute and he's off." he stood up straight again, and I could get a better look at him.

He had dark skin to match his chocolate eyes and afro hair. He wore a long green top and plain jeans with black trainers with little Pokeball logos printed on the sides. He grinned brightly at us both when he regained his breath and reached out his hand to us.

"My name's Urk by the way. Nice to meet ya!" his eyes closed into a happy expression as I was first to step forward and shake his hand.

"Lozzie, and I know this sounds weird but..." I pointed at his hair, "Is that real?"

He frowned for a second, patting his afro with his hand, "As far as I am aware...yeah."

I smiled strangely, "Can I touch it?" I reached up and patted his hair in a way that it just kept flattening slightly and springing back into position.

Urk remained confused and a little freaked at my childish behaviour, "Is she usually like this?" he asked Aldrin, who just sweat dropped.

"You get used to it after a while..." he replied, "Name's Aldrin by the way."

Urk nodded once, and I giggled as his hair bobbed.

"Boing...boing...boing..." I continued my odd behaviour, before coming to a dead stop, "Ok I'm done. Let's get..."

Just as I was about to move on, I heard a small crack and tapping sound coming from the box.

"A-Aldrin..." I whispered, rushing over to the box and peering within to see a small crack on the surface of the egg. It got larger with a quick shudder, "Aldrin what did you do?!" I asked, glaring up at him and back down at the egg.

"N-nothing...I was holding this box the whole time!" he started to get a bit weary as well.

"W-well do something! Do you have some tape or something?!" I started to flail my arms.

Urk examined the egg and sighed, "You do realize you can't fix a hatching egg, don't you?" he asked, a puff of steam escaping his mouth in exasperation.

"It's h-hatching?!" I exclaimed, snatching the egg from the box and placing it on the floor. I kneeled next to it as it continued to shake.

Urk nodded, "Yep. If you walk around enough with it, it'll speed up the time it takes to hatch. The more you walk, the quicker the egg takes to hatch. Common knowledge really..."

I scowled, Another one making me look dumb...but at the moment, I was more concerned about the egg than being lectured.

"This would've been so much easier if you got the address in the first place." Aldrin mumured but I chose to ignore him.


After what seemed like an eternity of us just standing around gawking, the egg cracked in half revealing what was inside. A little blue and black dog like Pokemon raised it's head and looked around, it's red eyes in a mere squint in the harsh whether.

My mouth dropped open, This is the cutest thing I have ever seen! I had to refrain myself from squealing as the creature took some unsteady first steps on it's hind legs. It then maintained a good balance and surveyed the area again, before it's eyes rested on me.

"Aww..." I cooed, cocking my head to one side, "Isn't it just the sweetest thing?"

The Pokemon's mouth opened a little and a little bark escaped, before it smiled and leapt up onto my shoulder. It lay in a position where it's legs were hanging down my back and his arms down my front so it was resting on it's stomach.

Giggling slightly, I stroked it's head with my finger and asked, "What Pokemon is this?"

Urk cleared his throat, "It's a Riolu. The pre-evolved form of Lucario."

Uwahwahwahwah!!! I internally cried, I wanna keep it! It's a mini Lucario so it's even cuter! then I frowned, Why can't I keep it for myself?

"Well the good news is that Riolu is not going to run away anywhere." Aldrin interrupted my envious conversation with myself, and pointed at my shoulder.

I turned my head slightly to see the little Pokemon sleeping soundly, it's limbs limp and head bobbing a little.

"The bad news is that we still need to find this guys house so we can hand it over." he finished off.

I glared viciously at him, "No!" I growled, pouting my lips and placing a protective hand on Riolu, " wanna keep..."

Aldrin sighed, "Oh boy..."

"Is this another of Lozzie's...moments?" Urk asked, raising an eyebrow.

Aldrin nodded, "If there's something she wants she has it. That's how she works. That especially counts for cute things and her so called 'Anime Boyfriends'."

I grinned widely, "Mine!"

Urk's eyes went wide as he bent over, without peeling his gaze from mine, and scooped up his Marrill. And good thing too. Marrill is cute~!

"So what are we gonna do?" he asked Aldrin.

"Simple, we continue with the plan. Lozzie knows she has to hand over Riolu eventually, so until then, let her have her own way. She'll calm down when she knows the reality of what's going on. Anyway, do you know anyone here who owns a Lucario? That's the guy we need to hand Riolu to."

Urk nodded, "Yeah, there's only one guy I know of who has a Lucario. He lives on the other side of town. I'll take you to him." he beckoned us to follow, and immediately my stomach sank.

I don't wanna give away Riolu!!! T^T




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