My Pokemon Life

My name is Lozzie and I am the newest Pokemon trainer in the Sinnoh region!

Lozzie never knew much about Pokemon when she finally decided to start her adventure in the beautiful Sinnoh region, but she's determined to get as strong as possible so she finally become noticed as someone important. Stepping away from her quiet life in the small town of Solaceon, she will encounter many friends, foes and secrets beyond her wildest dreams!


12. Chapter 12 - Enter Team Galactic

"Ow! Jeez dude, I think it's tight enough! You can stop now!" I cried out, convinced all feeling was lost in my foot.

"Oh quit whining! You twisted your ankle, you didn't break it!" Aldrin snapped, yet again tightening the dressing around my leg, keeping it secure, "There." he wiped his brow and lightly tapped the bandages, "How does that feel?"

"Numb..." I retorted, leaping off the counter and applying pressure to it, "But, I suppose that isn't a bad thing. Thank you~!" I gave my best friend a cheesy smile.

In return, Aldrin just rolled his eyes and shook his head, "Where would you be without me?" 

I bit my lip and blushed, "In an Ursaring cave, chewed up...and probably with half my limbs missing..."

Aldrin chuckled and gave me a hardy pat on the back, "That's right, Lozzie-Loz-Loz~!"

I cringed, "Ngh...physical contaaaact..." gently as I heard the sound of the door swinging open and a trolley being wheeled in.

In case it wasn't made clear, we made it to the Pokemon Centre in Floaroma without any more problems and were patching ourselves and our Pokemon up. Naruto and Roselia were given a quick check over and were finally being...discharged?

"Your Riolu is as good as new!" Nurse Joy chimed, as Naruto was happily being wheeled, along with a much perkier looking Roselia, who was snuggling gently to my Pokemon, "And Roselia's wounds have been patched up. You were very lucky to find her on time."

"Nah, it was thanks to Vulpix really." I grinned, placing a hand on Aldrin's shoulder, to which he grumbled and muttered, 

"Mmm... that trouble-making fur-ball..."

Nurse Joy just chuckled before wishing us a safe journey and leaving us to be reunited with the Pokemon.

"Hey, Naruto!" I squealed, scooping my Pokemon into my arms and spinning him around, "What am I gonna do with you, huh? You little rascal!" Naruto just yapped happily, wrapping his little arms around my neck and nuzzling my cheek with his nose, "Get back up there." I gave him an encouraging nudge back onto my shoulder, to which he happily obliged. I turned down to Roselia, "How are you feeling, Roselia?" I asked, hesitantly kneeling down so I was level as I could be with her. After all, she was tiny!

I didn't notice, but Aldrin was smiling warmly behind me, taking a few steps back and joining Urk and Uta.

Roselia just smiled back at me, shimmying her arms a little bit to show she was just fine, asides the bandages wrapped around her front.

"Hee~! Look we match!" I giggled, lifting up my leg and pointing at the dressings on my ankle, "Looks like we're both pretty good at getting into trouble, huh?" I then frowned, "But I guess you're healthy enough to go back home." 

Roselia looked back up at me with disappointment in her eyes, but I decided to shrug it off, offering her my other shoulder so I could escort her outside. But before I left the Pokemon Centre, I met back up with the others, who were sitting patiently near the entrance. 

"I'm back~!" I cheered, waving both my arms at my friends and grinning ear to ear.

"About time." Uta muttered playfully, standing up from the squishy chair and clapping me on the back, "Am I safe to say that you no longer need any assistance getting around? Because now that you're not in a near death situation, I'm gonna bump the prices back up."

My smile dropped as I growled at Uta, folding my arms, "Well, looks like you are going to be out of business pretty quickly, because I'm just fine."

Uta just grinned widely, before turning to the rest of the group, "Shall we?" Aldrin and Urk just nodded slowly, "Awesome! Can't wait to get out of this town. It's too happy and colourful."


"Say, Aldrin. I was just wondering, what's with Roselia's colour? Aren't they supposed to be blue and red roses on their arms? This one has purple and black roses." I asked as we headed for the edge of Floaroma to drop off Roselia.

Aldrin was just about to open his mouth when we heard a shrill squeal from nearby, "Help! Someone please help me! My Pokemon has been stolen!" we heard a rustle from to the right and in a flurry a human shape blob popped out of the flowery shrubs, inches away from toppling one of us over. A smaller girl with tanned skin and long brown hair stopped in front of us, gasping for air and sniffing loudly, "Pachirisu...where are you?"

"H-hey, are you Ok?" Urk stepped forward, almost instinctively, to place a hand on her shoulder. The girl had clearly been crying, and as soon as she looked up at us, the tear stains on her cheeks proved it, "Do you need some help?"

The girl sniffled again, rubbing her nose with her arm, before turning to all four of us, "" she stopped abruptly, her eyes widened to the size of saucers, "Oh my goodness is that a Shiny Roselia~?! She's so preeety~!" she stepped forwards, her eyes glistening. I sweat dropped, unsure whether it was because of the tears, or the fact that she was suddenly excited about the Pokemon sitting on my shoulder, "Can I hold her? Please?" 

I shifted my glance from my friends to the girl and back again as if begging for them to give me an idea as to what to do. She seemed to change the subject from wanting help to wanting to hold Roselia, "S-sure...she's not really mine hand so I suppose it's cool. Anyway...about you wanting help, what is it y-?" 

"Oh my goodness oh my goodness, thank you thank you thank you!!" the girl near enough snatched the poor Pokemon from me and crushed the living daylights out of her as she snuggled closely to her. She appeared to be happy, but as for Roselia...she looked a little peaky, "Aww you are just the prettiest Pokemon ever! I am so jealous! I hope you are being very well looked after by this girl...but...oh dear, you've been hurt?" the girl looked up at me with a scowl on her face, "How could you let such a precious Pokemon get injured like this?"

I sweat dropped, taking a couple of steps backwards to avoid the wrath of the angry girl, "I-it's not what it looks like, I-I swear. G-guys back me up here!"

Aldrin stepped forward and placed a hand on my shoulder, "What Lozzie here is trying to say is that she has helped save this Roselia. This isn't her Pokemon but instead one that she rescued from the wild from an Ursaring. We took her to the Pokemon Centre to patch her up and now we are taking her back home."

"Yeah...Lozzie isn't that careless." Uta grinned, adjusting his glasses, bumping my other shoulder.

"H-hey!" I cried out as my face went a deep shade of red.

"And anyway, before we go too far off the subject, what is it you want help with?" Urk interrupted us, with a stubborn look on his face, "You were saying something about... your-? Your Pokemon?"

Almost as suddenly as the girl's face lit up, it dropped into a frown again, "Pachirisu..." a sudden fountain of tears poured from her eyes as she snuggled closer to Roselia for comfort, "They took Pachirisu!!"

"Who took Pachirisu?" I asked, stepping closer and rubbing the girl's back, trying my best to comfort her, "What did they look like?"

The girl took in a deep breath, trying to steady her breathing, before sighing, "Well... I didn't get a very good look at them. But I think it was an adult. He was wea...wearing a silver suit. L-like a one-piece suit that space people wear."

"A spaceman suit?" I raised an eyebrow, mildly bemused at the girl's description, Is this girl being serious?

Suddenly, I felt someone roughly nudge me to the side. It was Uta, who previously stood on the sideline, completely uninterested in the situation. But something seemed off.

"Tell me more." he almost demanded, standing before the girl, hands in his hoodie pockets, "Describe their hair to me."

"W-well..." the girl took a step backwards, a little unnerved by Uta's hard stare, "It was...a turquoise colour...a-and it was styled into a-"

"Bowl haircut by any chance?" Uta interrupted, his fists clenched tightly to his sides.

The girl cocked her head to one side, "Yeah... a-as a matter of fact, yes it was."

"I knew it...they're back." he started to walk on ahead, "I'll get them this time. Metagross, come on!" he commanded to his Pokemon as they both marched off down the path to goodness knows where.

"They? What does he mean by that?" I asked, breaking the awkward silence.

"I don't know." Aldrin muttered, placing a finger to his chin in thoughts, "He is a shady character that one. Anyway..." he turned to the girl, "We'll help find the perpetrator and bring your Pachirisu back Miss..." he paused, "I'm sorry, I don't think we got your name." he scratched the back of his neck sheepishly.

"Oh..uh, it's Carmie." the girl replied, rubbing her eyes, as Roselia comfortingly stroked Carmie's hand with her rosy arm.

"We'll find your Pachirisu, Carmie, don't you worry. Why don't you and Lozzie stay here in case the thief comes back again. Lozzie is capable of fending them off if needs be. Urk and I will start a search with Levi and Houndoom." Aldrin explained, as Levi stood to his side.

Urk nodded as he threw out his Pokeball with Houndoom inside, "You'll help too, won't you Mac?" he asked the round Pokemon which was unusually quiet throughout the ordeal. Mac smiled brightly at his trainer, with determined eyes.

I smiled brightly, "Don't worry Carmie. If I find him, I will kick their ass to the moon, back where they belong." I grinned positively, my hands on my hips. Naruto copied my stance, perching neatly on my shoulder.

"Oh, thank you so much trainers! Thank you for the help. We'll find Pachirisu I'm sure of it!" Carmie sniffled, her eyes watering again in joy.


It had been around half an hour since the others left. Carmie and I remained sat on a bench in the flowery meadow, Carmie talking to me about the growth of Floaroma town and its history, while my Pokemon played within the long grass, jumping in and out of the flowers.

"We've been growing the flowers here for generations." Carmie explained, picking a hole into the stem of a pink flower and threading another flower's stem through, "Me, my mum, my grandma and my great grandma. Floaroma was so barren once, we couldn't bear to allow that to happen again. The economy would drop too, as Floaroma makes the best honey." she linked one final flower and made looped the chain together into a circle, "There. And that's how you make a flower crown." she held up the pretty array of pastel coloured flowers, "How's yours coming along, Lozzie?" she asked, looking over at me.

I grumbled loudly as I tried to loop another flower into the chain, but instead it fell back out, "Urgh! This is impossible!" I growled, shaking the flowers and setting them down on my lap as I sulked. I heard a loud giggle from next to me and immediately I turned and glared at Carmie, "It's not funny! Just because you know everything about flowers!" I snapped, but I couldn't keep the grin from emerging on my face. After all, it was rather funny really. Naruto suddenly leapt up onto my lap and muttered something to me, as if concerned. I nodded slowly, "Good idea Naruto. We should get in touch with the others to see how they are doing."

Just as I was about to dial-in a number, I heard a loud snap a few metres ahead. Immediately I looked up and the sight that was before me made me freeze in place.

"My lucky day. I shiny Roselia." a gruff voice snickered loudly.

A man with blue hair and a silver and black suit stomped into the meadow to a particular spot in the long grass. From there he bent down and picked up a metal box. A cage. And inside, Roselia's shivering figure was trapped, crying out for help.

"Hey!" I shouted, gaining the attention of the man, as he turned around to face me, holding on tight to the cage, "What do you think you're doing?!"

"Oh, I see. Is this your Pokemon, Princess?" the man grinned maliciously, "Well too bad. Looks like I'll be taking it off your hands now." he chuckled loudly before turning on his heel and sprinting away from us, "This will make a fine edition to Team Galactic."

"Oh no you don't! Get back here!" I shouted, running ahead, Naruto running to my side and sprinting in pace with my steps.

Carmie caught up, panting loudly, "Lozzie. That's...that's the guy who took Pachirisu!" she huffed, clearly tired but showing no signs of slowing down.

"Oh he is, is he?" I muttered, looking back ahead, slowly catching up with the dangerous man, "Well he's not getting away with Roselia. And I'll make him give back Pachirisu if it's the last thing I do!" I was just about in range with the man for me to have an idea, "Naruto, use Quick Attack to slow him down."

Naruto nodded once, before building up energy to initiate a fast speed attack, aiming directly for the goon's back. He let out a loud cry as he was lifted off his feet and sent crashing to the ground, Roselia's cage, scraping along the ground before slowing to a halt. Carmie and I stepped forwards, standing a couple of metres away from the man as he groaned, clambering back to his feet and glaring at us with a scowl.

"Alright, give me back Roselia and tell us where Pachirisu is!" I demanded, stepping forward and folding my arms.

"Tch.." the man dusted down his suit, removing all contents of dirt, "You are a persistent little pest. Fine. I'll tell you where Pachirisu is, if you get past me first." he cackled loudly, ripping a Pokeball off the belt of his suit and holding it in front of him, "Only then will you know the truth!" 

"Stunky, show them how it's done!" he yelled as a small, furry and rather stench-ridden Pokemon appeared in a flash of white. It squeaked with excitement, ready for a battle. I was nervous, but I was mostly angry, ready to fight this grunt and his bizarre fashion sense. "Stunky, Slash!" The rodent-like Pokemon's claws glowed as it lunged for Riolu. 

"Riolu, get out of the way!" I ordered. Riolu eloquently avoided the attack with a swift dodge, giving the stinky Pokemon a glare. "Now Riolu, use Force Palm!" At point-blank range, Riolu pressed his palm against his opponent, blasting it back to its trainer. "Quick Attack!" and Riolu followed up with so much speed, I could only see a white streak behind him, smashing into the Stunky and making it hurl back into the thief, knocking him off of his feet. Riolu stood back in front of me, looking very full of himself. "Nice going, Riolu!" I cheered, also with a smug look on my face. I'm getting pretty good at this, I thought to myself.sniggering a bit. The thug rubbed the back of his head with Stunky defeatedly lying on his chest. 

"Hey! You! Get up!" a voice shouted from the treeline. Another weirdly dressed woman came running out, with the exact same hair style... with more behind her. Is this a little groupie of bad haircuts and jumpsuits or something?  "You got beaten by a kid!" I folded my arms, slightly insulted. 

"I'm sorry, but the dumb kid has a powerful Pokemon!"

"I'll have you know, I've beaten the Oreburgh City Gym Leader!" sniggering, thinking it was a massive achievement. 

"Yeah! She's a really good trainer!" Carmie timidly echoing behind me. 
The group laughed their heads off at me like a pack of hyenas, helping the beaten grunt back up.

"Roark is a pushover!" one of them chuckled. "But a rare Pokemon like Riolu could come in handy... So I'll show you real strength! Golbat, go!" she announced, throwing out her Pokeball. A very, horribly ugly Pokemon emerged; a mouth that was it's body, with beady eyes and awkward wings. Then the rest of them starting bringing out their Pokemon, roughly ten spaced out in front of me, all strong, all vicious, and I my heart dropped. Beautiflies, Dustoxes, more Golbats, Croagunks and much more. There was no way I was running though, not now after getting this far, so I had no choice but to fight. 

"Riolu, do a Quick Attack on... a Golbat!" I hesitated, and Riolu did as he said. 

"Avoid it Golbat, and use Poison Fang!" one commanded sternly as the Golbat swooped out of the way, biting down on Riolu with purple fangs. 


"Dustox, use Stun Spore!" another cried as one of the Dustoxes flapped its wings, sending sparkling orange sprinkles as Riolu shivered with spasms. 

"Croagunk, Poison Jab, go!" and Riolu was hit with another purple punch. Riolu was hit time and time again, and all I could do was watch from afar. Tears started to twinkle in my eyes. I couldn't bare to see him get assaulted. I ran to him in the middle of it all, cradling him to protect him, but the Pokemon hit me instead. Carmie was only able to see this, before long I was starting to feel like passing out as Pokemon gave me everything they had. Until... 

"Metagross, Hammer Arm!" the titanic Metagross smashed the Pokemon away in one big sweep, standing between them and me, Uta standing next to him. 

"Lay another hand on her, and I'll make sure that you wish none of you were born..." he growled. 

"Uta! Is that you?" one of them asked. 

"You better believe it. Tell me where Pachurisu is, and I might not pound you all into the dirt."

"Not likely!" another called out, "You're gunna suffer for this! Just like you suffered when you betrayed Cyrus!" 
Who's was Cyrus? What are they talking about?

"I did what had to be done." 

"You made a mockery of yourself, you know that? Now out of our way!" 

"I'd rather die... Metagross, Hyper Beam!" he pointed, Metagross charging his powerful attack. The grunts were coordinated and concise, taking their advantage. 

"Dustox, Stun Spore!" 

"Golbat, Shadow Ball!" 

"Beautifly, Silver Wind!" 

"Croagunk, Brick Break!" 
In the blink of an eye, Metagross took four hits at once, which even he struggled to take in one go. But with his attack charged, he unleashed a torrent of blazing colour at the enemy Pokemon, hitting them all as it jet streamed across the air. They dropped like flies as they were blasted aside, Uta looking undeterred. 

"Get up, you lot! Stand up!" one roared to all their Pokemon as they grudgingly climbed back to their feet from the ground. "Give that traitor hell! Golbat, Razor Wind!" 

"Beautifly, Bug Buzz!" 

"Dustox, Mega Drain!" 

"Croagunk, Sucker Punch!" 
Again, poor Metagross took multiple hits at once, barely holding this time as it's footing weakened. "Metagross, Metor Mash!" Metagross followed, punching wildly, but the attacks came too quick and too fast. He was battered down, and shaking. 

"Aggron, Heavy Slam!"

"Houndoom, Flame Charge!" another familiar pair of voices came out from the trees. A charging Aggron and Houndoom barreled through the army of Pokemon like bowling balls, bashing them aside like leaves in the breeze. It was Aldrin and Urk, coming as reinforcements. "Levi, break open that cage with Roselia with Iron Tail!" Levi's tail shined like a sword as it split the metal bars in half, letting Roselia loose and she ran to Carmie for safety. 

"Do these kids not stop coming!" 

"I say run! Let's beat it!" one scurried away along with the rest of them. 

"You ain't seen the last of us!" the last one shouted back as he then soon followed his fellow cowards.

"Hey, are you guys okay?" Urk asked us, Uta kneeling next to me. 

"Yeah... we're... we're fine." I lied. 

"Lozzie, you are not okay. You've gotten yourself into a state again!" Aldrin yelled, like an overprotective brother. 

"Aldrin, chill. She just stood against ten Team Galactic grunts." Uta snapped back. 

"T-Team Galactic?" Carmie asked, peaking back out from the bush, cuddling Roselia like a teddy bear. 

"A bunch of lowlife criminals..." Urk said back. 

"He's got that right. Horrible people, stealing Pokemon for who knows what purpose..." Aldrin echoed. "But as long as you guys are okay." 

I tapped Uta on the shoulder, smiling at him as he looked back at me. 

"Th-... thanks Uta. You really didn't have to do that..." 

"I did, Lozzie." he replied. "Because you were getting your butt whipped out there, as usual." he sniggered as he stood me back up to my feet. 

"Hey!" my face turned sour back again as everyone laughed, except for one shy little girl. 

"But... what about Pachurisu?" she sniffled. 

"Well." Urk grinned sweetly back at her. "We ran into more grunts on our way here. Aaaand!" 

"We may have found a little someone along the way." Aldrin said, turning around to reveal a little Pachurisu, peaking its head out of his backpack and waving with its tiny paw. 

"PACHURISU!!!" she squealed, dropping Roselia and dashing to snatch Pachurisu in her arms. "OH I'M NEVER LETTING YOU GO AGAIN, YOU HEAR ME!" 

"I think this calls for a celebration, everyone! How about we go back to town and grab us up some grub?" Urk offered, all of our Pokemon jeering with excitement. 

"Count me in!" I shouted. "I am staaaaaarving!" 

As we walked back, Aldrin and Uta were the last to leave as Aldrin held Uta by the should. 

"Well done. Thank you for saving Lozzie." he praised, patting him on the back and smiling at him with pride. Uta still didn't have a happy expression as I looked back to him, worried. 

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