My Pokemon Life

My name is Lozzie and I am the newest Pokemon trainer in the Sinnoh region!

Lozzie never knew much about Pokemon when she finally decided to start her adventure in the beautiful Sinnoh region, but she's determined to get as strong as possible so she finally become noticed as someone important. Stepping away from her quiet life in the small town of Solaceon, she will encounter many friends, foes and secrets beyond her wildest dreams!


11. Chapter 11 - The Missing Vulpix

"Mehh...MEEEHHH!!!!" I moaned, leaning my head against Aldrin's shoulder, demanding his attention.

"No Lozzie, we can't go to bed yet. Chimchar has only just learnt Flame Wheel." Aldrin remained stern, his arms folded and avoiding every inch of eye contact I aimed at him.

I leaped backwards as if recoiling from that last remark, "WHADDYA MEAN ONLY JUST LEARNT FLAME WHEEL?!" I snapped, a vein popping out of my forehead, "We've been out here for three hours now! Chimchar has learnt Ember, Fury Swipes and Flame Wheel, and you're saying he's ONLY JUST LEARNT FLAME WHEEL?! IT'S TEN O'CLOCK AT NIGHT! I'M TIRED, CHIMCHAR'S TIRED, URK'S TIRED, UTA'S ASLEEP..."

Aldrin and I stopped glaring at each other and slowly turned to Uta who was snoring quietly, leaning against a nearby tree, drooling at the mouth slightly. Every now and again a quiet, "Hehe~" would escape, making me giggle. Urk on the other hand was playing with a games console while simultaneously stroking Mac, who was curled up in his lap, snoozing.

Shaking his head, Aldrin turned to me, "Anyway, tired or not tired, Chimchar has ONLY JUST learnt Flame Wheel because he has a lack of control when it comes to coordinating his attack."

Raising an eyebrow, I questioned, "What do you mean?" 

"Command Chimchar to attack Levi." Aldrin requested, taking a step back and allowing Levi to stand a few metres away from where a panting Chimchar was trying to catch his breath.

That was when I started to believe him. Levi didn't hesitate to make himself a target for Chimchar's attack. I knew that Flame Wheel from a small, weak Pokemon would be shrugged off instantly by the powerful Raichu, but even so it probably isn't a pleasant experience for him.

"O-Ok..." I muttered, turning to Chimchar, who was completely recovered and awaiting my command, "Chimchar, use Flame Wheel on Levi!"

"Char~!" Chimchar ran forwards, flipping himself over and over while exhaling fire from his mouth to produce a ball of flames before charging towards Levi, who remained arms folded and glaring at him.

Oh my God! He's actually going to do it! I grinned, clenching my fists in anticipation. That is, until Chimchar started to manoeuvre to the right, whizzing past Levi and instead rolling in the direction of where Urk and Uta were chilling.

"EEK!!! CHIMCHAR STOP!!" I shouted, running after the out of control Pokemon.

"URK, U.T. GET OUT THE WAY!" Aldrin added, following after, Levi charging ahead.

Urk looked up from his console after hearing all the commotion to become face to face with a fireball. Sweat poured from his forehead and he let out a startled cry, grabbing Uta from his sleeping spot and leaping to the side. Both boys crashed to the ground, just narrowly avoiding Chimchar and his attack. Finally Chimchar's attack was countered by a tree, a loud crash sounding. He slid down the trunk of the tree and slumped to the ground, not moving.

"Oh no, Chimchar!" I called, dashing over to my dazed Pokemon, scooping him up into my arms, "Are you Ok?" I asked. Naruto prodded Chimchar with his paw to see if he would respond. Chimchar stirred in my arms, turning his head so his face was looking up at me. His eyes screwed up a little, before opening halfway. Sighing in relief I smiled lightly, "I think we've done enough training for one night. Let's get you back in the Pokeball and we can practise again tomorrow." Chimchar let out a weak cry as he flashed red and returned to his Pokeball.

"You guys Ok?" Aldrin asked, as I approached my friends again, his eyes wide with concern.

Urk was already on his feet, dusting himself down of any dirt and nodding, "Yeah. Thanks for warning us."

"I'm really sorry." I muttered, looking at the ground guiltily, "I didn't mean for Chimchar to do that."

He chuckled lightheartedly, "Don't worry about it. See? Me and Uta are fine."

We all looked down at Uta who somehow hadn't woken up after that whole conundrum. 

Aldrin let out a defeated sigh, looking from me to Naruto and back again. Both the Pokemon and I let out a wide loud yawn and our eyes drooped, exhausted after the major adrenaline rush, trying to stop Chimchar's Flame Wheel.

"Alright, I can clearly see you wanna go to bed. Let's go back to Jubilife then. We'll train while we travel to Floaroma City." he muttered, rolling his eyes and starting to walk forwards, ahead of me and the rest of us.

Urk and I looked back down at the slumbering Uta, then back at each other.

"No...NO I am not going to carry him..." Urk snapped, waving his arms in front of his face and shaking his head.

"Yeah but your taller than me, plus I've gotta carry Naruto." I retorted, folding my arms stubbornly.

Urk hesitated for a second then whispered, "Rock Paper Scissors to see who has to carry him."

I nodded once and we both placed our hands in the middle.

"One, two, three...go!"

I pulled out paper and Urk pulled out scissors.

He gave me a smug grin as he shrugged his shoulders, "Looks like you're in charge."

"Wait! Best two out of three!" but I was completely ignored as I was left behind, I am still not going to carry him... Suddenly, I felt myself being lifted off my feet and landing on a familiar surface, "Woah! Hey Metagross! Glad to see you are feeling better."

"Meta~!" the Pokemon cried, closing his eyes in a happy expression.

He flipped Uta onto his back and charged forward, passing Urk who was not far in front of us.

"Oh what?!" Urk moaned, looking up to see me looking back with the same smugness he gave me earlier.

Sticking out my tongue I shouted, "Look who's got the last laugh now!" while Urk was left in our dust.


We finally ended up catching up with Aldrin who was already standing by the Pokemon Centre, impatiently waiting for us.

"Hey Aldrin!" I waved to him, as I leaped off of Metagross' back and stood before him.

He rolled his eyes, giving a sarcastic grin, "For someone who was desperate to get to bed, you certainly take your time."

I pouted, "But I was left with Uta. And I didn't wanna wake him up."

"Let me guess...lost Rock Paper Scissors."

I nodded, "I was never good at that game..."


"So, Aldrin. How are you gonna help me teach Chimchar?" I asked, as we strolled down the path leading to Floaroma the very next morning.

We left at sunrise after a good night's sleep and were already on our way to Eterna City for my next Gym Battle. Uta was perkier again, after that strange behaviour yesterday, and Urk was taking readings every now and again for research purposes.

Aldrin grinned at me with utmost confidence, "I just so happen to have a wonderful Vulpix that conveniently knows Flame Wheel."

My eyes widened a fraction before becoming slits almost instantly, "I can't believe how screwed I would be if you weren't here dude. You are a lifesaver."

"I know." Aldrin retorted, tossing Vulpix's Pokeball in the air, "Come on Vulpix."

"Morning Chimchar. Time to train!" I also threw mine.

Simultaneously, our Pokemon flashed into reality and let out happy calls, dancing around our feet.

"Ok we shall train like this. Because this path goes in pretty much a straight line from here to the next town, we'll have a competition with our Pokemon." Aldrin explained, scratching behind Vulpix's ears. Vulpix let out a satisfied yap as she leaned into his touch.

"Competition?" I asked, after feeding Chimchar a poffin.

"Yes. It will determine control of their Flame Wheel. The Pokemon to travel the furthest without stopping or crashing will be the winner." Aldrin explained, "If your Pokemon is as competitive as you, then surely you can encourage him to go far. Praise and encouragement can go a long way; it's more effective than you might think."

I nodded once and looked down at Chimchar, "Ok. We can do that can't we Chimchar?"

"Char~!" Chimchar jumped up and down on his hind legs and smiled brightly.


"Ready?" Urk asked, holding his arm up in the air.

Vulpix and Chimchar stood at the 'starting line' standing in readying positions and glaring at each other competitively. Me and Aldrin glanced at each other and nodded once, grinning smugly.

"You're going down..." I muttered.

Aldrin drew his thumb across his neck and winked.

"GO!" Urk suddenly shouted, lowering his arm back down and picking up his research-y device and went back to picking up surrounding sounds.

"Go! Flame Wheel!" Aldrin and I shouted simultaneously, our Pokemon starting their attack moves and cartwheeling forwards and down the path together. They raced on down the track, until they quickly became out of sight. Aldrin and I were cheering them on, until it finally dawned... 

"Aldrin..." I murmured. 


"How we going to keep up with them...?" 
Our heads turned to each other like moving cogs, giving one another terrified looks. 

"I hadn't thought that far ahead..." he sweatdropped, and we suddenly ran as fast we could after them. Urk and Uta watched us run in a flurrying hurry. 





Aldrin and I continued rushing down the path, not bothering to wait up for the others.

Jeez...why did I agree to this? Chimchar's only a little guy...what if an Ursaring snapped him up? Or worse! I thought, panting as I scrambled through some bushes to see if he caught up in any.

"Lozzie! Up ahead!" Aldrin called over, beckoning me back onto the main path.

Looking at where Aldrin was pointing, I spotted an orange mound practically moulded into a nearby apple tree. It let out inaudible moans every now and again as it slowly slid down the tree.

"Chimchar!" I cried out, dashing over to my Pokemon and scooping him up into my arms, snuggling him closely. Chimchar's swirly daze managed to subside as he let out a happy cry, accepting my displays of affection and nuzzling my cheek with his, "Aw I'm so glad you are Ok...and the control of your Flame Wheel has improved. You've made it so far!" Chimchar smiled proudly, folding his arms as I placed him back on the floor.

I smiled back and was about to send the gesture to Aldrin, but that was when I noticed his expression. His brow was furrowed and his fists were clenched, Of course, we haven't found Vulpix yet...

I decided to say nothing as to not upset him any further, so I just cleared my throat, "Ok guys." tossed out Abra's Pokeball as well and spoke to all three of my Pokemon, all standing before me as if in military formation, "There is a Vulpix out there that needs searching for. So let's work together to find her. Abra and Naruto, you search while Chimchar, you be the meeting point. Stay here until we find something. Got it?" all three Pokemon nodded and disappeared into their assigned areas. I placed a hand on Aldrin's shoulder, "Hey, don't get upset now. We'll find her."

Aldrin sighed, "These are the kind of times I wished Vulpix was evolved." he muttered, looking at the ground.

"But that's not your fault. Fire Stones are rare." I muttered.

"Yeah but I used it or Arcanine instead. Sometimes I wonder if it was better to evolve Vulpix. She has always been the kind to get us, or herself, into...predicaments."

I chuckled, "You do have to remember the state me and Naruto get into sometimes, and we've only known each other for three days! And anyway, you are Aldrin. Aldrin doesn't mope!" I gave him the thumbs up and winked.

Aldrin smiled boldly, "Heh...I guess you are right...Ok, let's get some extra help." he threw out a Pokeball, "Alright Honchrow, search for Vulpix in the air." his massive bird Pokemon squawked loudly and began search without hesitation, "Ok, let's wait for U.T. and Urk to arrive, then we can search in pairs."

And speaking of the devil, the two finally managed to catch up, a little out of breath.

"Next...time you...decide to go...running...warn us first." Uta complained, hands on his knees as he tried to catch his breath.

From next to him, Urk nodded in agreement.

"No time for complaining. We've got a Vulpix to look for." I explained, without giving the pair a moment to relax, "You two, search that way. You may bump into Abra on the way. Me, Aldrin and Raichu are going to follow Naruto. Also keep an eye out of Honchrow in the sky." both Aldrin and I left, before the two boys could put a word in edge ways.


"Say Aldrin. What is Naruto doing?" I asked, watching as Naruto closed his eyes every few metres and allowed the appendages on the sides of his to head twitch slightly.

"That's Naruto's aura ability. I guess he's using it to track Vulpix. Rilous learn that almost naturally." Aldrin explained, stopping to allow Naruto to concentrate, "But it seems he has nothing so far..." he began to look a little down again.

I put on a reassuring smile, "Don't worry about it. We will find her, she can't have gone far."

We continued to walk deeper and deeper into the forest, wrestling through thickets and jumping over ledges (well, stumbling in my case). There was still no sign of Vulpix and Naruto was still not picking up any readings. Instead, we ended up encountering the odd Combee or flock of Beautifly, which in itself was lovely, but we didn't have the time to stop and watch the displays, unfortunately.

I pulled out my mobile phone, "I'll give Urk a ring, see if he has found anything." I stopped in my tracks and listened. His phone began to ring a few times, before it was hastily picked up. I could hear muffled noises then a, "H-hello?"

"Urk." I replied, holding the phone closer to my ear so I could just about hear his quiet voice, "Have you found anything?" 

"Y-you literally just rang at the right time I was going to ring you. Me and Uta ran into Abra on the way through the forests. He's definitely picking up something. He's moving fairly quickly now. I can also hear Honchkrow overhead so I think he found the same thing. We're heading in that direction now." Urk explained, his voice was shaky, and the muffled noises sounded like he was running.

"That's...that's brilliant, Urk! Where are you right now?" I asked, my voice getting excited, as I turned to Aldrin and nodding, a bright smile on my face.

Aldrin's eyes lit up at my response, mouthing questions to me, to which I could only shrug.

"I dunno. We are pretty far into the woods. Just try and get back onto the main path, and I'm sure we shall bump into you. H-HEY UT WAIT UP! G-gotta go..." he hung up.

"H-hey, Urk..." I snapped, but all I got from the receiver was beeping, "Shoot... he has no idea where he is. But they say that Abra and Honchkrow have traced something which I suppose is a start."

"But that's no use! That's my Pokemon, and I want to know if she is okay." Aldrin cried out, his eyes wide in panic.

I nodded slowly, I suppose he did have a point, "But I'm not sure how we are supposed to find them."

"I think I can help there." I new voice called to us from above.

Simultaneously, Aldrin and I looked up to track down the source of the voice. Then I smiled at the girl who was looking down at us.

"Ali!" I called, waving up to her, "You say you know where they are."

Ali nodded once, "Indeed." she replied, leaping down from the tree and neatly landing before us, her small smile emanating a hint of reassurance, "Alakazam has been following the trail. His aura goes in three mile radius so he picked up Vulpix almost immediately. He's summoning me now, so we shall follow." she walked forwards, a stride so agile it was as if she were floating.

Aldrin and I looked at each other, both unable to comprehend what was going on, but we reluctantly followed, knowing that this was probably the best, and only outcome.


We arrived back onto the main path, where Chimchar stood waiting for us, surveying the area keenly. When he spotted us, he leapt up, scurrying over to me and jumping up and down on the spot.

"Hey there, Chimchar. Good to see you again! Nice job there!" I praised, patting Chimchar's head as he stood to my side.

"Your Chimchar seems to like you an awful lot, Lozzie." Ali praised, her arms folded, her lip curled up at the corner, "You have definitely made some progress since the last time I saw you."

I scratched my neck, rather embarrassed, "I've been trying to spend more quality time with my Pokemon, to make them stronger and such."

"And it's definitely paying off." Ali smiled again, then she frowned and turned around towards the other side of the woods, "Alakazam and Vulpix are this way. There are also others there. Two humans, four tame Pokemon and, I'm guessing, at least two wild Pokemon. Come." she didn't stop for us to respond.

Two humans...must be Uta and Urk, four tame Pokemon must be Vulpix, Honchrow, Mac and Metagross and two wild there an encounter?


Suddenly, Levi made a slight noise in surprise, his cheeks sparking. At the same time, Naruto's sensors pricked. Both turned in the same direction, and ran ahead.

"They've found something!" I exclaimed, following after them, Aldrin and Ali close behind.

Scrambling through the bushes, we eventually came into a small, dark opening, no light able to shine through the mass array of leaves above. Alakazam was standing on the branch of a tree, looking ahead in concern.

"Alakazam." Ali called to her Pokemon, who turned around and levitated down towards her. To us, all we could hear was muttering, but Ali could clearly understand what he was saying, using telepathy. She turned to us when he stopped speaking, "They're up ahead. Uta and Urk haven't arrived yet, but there are two wild Pokemon and one tame one. The tame one being Vulpix."

"Oh no..." Aldrin muttered, not thinking before he dashed forward ahead of us into the thickets, Levi to his side.

"Aldrin, wait up!" I shouted, trying to catch up, but clearly his adrenaline rush was at a much higher level than mine, because when I finally caught up, he was already edging backwards again, "Aldrin, what is it?" I asked, placing a hand on his shoulder.

His gaze remained fixated on what was in front of him. I turned to look too, but instantly sweat poured down my forehead. Before us, indeed Vulpix was there, but that was probably the second thing we noticed. The first thing was the massive Ursaring that was snarling loudly as it edged closer to Vulpix, who was holding her ground a little bit too confidently. There was something behind her. Another, much smaller Pokemon. It was cowering from the Ursaring. Vulpix is defending that Pokemon...

"Vulpix!" Aldrin called out to his Pokemon. But she didn't respond. She just glared at the massive Pokemon, standing in a battle position, "Vulpix come here!"

"She won't Aldrin, there is a Pokemon behind her!" I replied, tugging him back before he could march on forward, "She won't leave until that Pokemon is safe."

Aldrin hesitated for a second, his teeth gritted together. He looked down at Levi and was about to utter a command, but stopped when I let out a cry. I spotted Naruto charging forward, his paw outstretched, launching his own attack. His paw connected with Ursaring's body, blasting him backwards and colliding with a tree.

"Naruto!" I shouted to my Pokemon, fear ridden, "What are you doing?!" Naruto turned to me, but that distracted me and him from the Ursaring who instantly slashed at Naruto with his long sharp claws. 

Naruto was sent hurling backwards at the Pokémon's sheer strength, landing back infront of me, his eyes screwed shut.

"Naruto!" I screamed, as I forced myself out of Aldrin's grip and sprinted over to scoop up my Pokemon to keep him out of harms way. But on the way, I tripped on a root that was jutting out of the ground and crashed to the floor. Pain seared up my leg, and as I tried to scramble back onto my feet, I realised I twisted my ankle.

Ursaring let out a loud roar, standing tall, shadowing over me and Naruto, as I curled up, keeping Naruto wrapped in my arms and bracing myself for impact. But as Ursaring's claw was about to slash at my back, I heard the clash of a thundering metal arm impact Ursaring. I dared to look up to see three Pokemon, Metagross, Levi and a Houndoom creating a barrier between me and the raging Ursaring.

"Lozzie..." I heard a gentle voice behind me, hands gripping my shoulders, "Why would you do something so reckless?"

Turning around, I spotted dark eyes looking into mine. Uta, showing concern, which was an unusual thing.

"I-I had to save Naruto. He's been hurt bad..." I stuttered, my eyes coated in tears, "I couldn't let him get hurt anymore..."

Uta tilted his head to one side, his lip turned up at the corner, "Well, I guess it's a good thing we arrived on time huh?" he stood up and helped me to my feet. But as I was about to stand, I almost fell back down if it wasn't for him catching me, "Here, lean on me." he wrapped one of my arms around his shoulder, allowing me to shift my weight. With my other arm, I cradled Naruto close to my chest, as if my life depended on his safety.

He led me over to the rest of the group, Aldrin, Urk and Ali all watching us with concern.

"She's fine." Uta declared, smiling his usual one at them, "Let's just deal with this Ursaring, so we can get back on track."

All three of them nodded.

"Houndoom! Flamethrower, now!" Urk yelled as 
Houndoom leaped high into the air, inhaling deeply and unleashing a mass of flames from his mouth before his feet touched the ground again. Ursaring was about to block the attack with his massive arms, but from behind him, Alakazam stopped him in his tracks. 

"Alakazam! Psychic!" Ali roared. The Ursaring was left immobilised as the surging flames were left to scorch its open body. It roared out in painful rage. 

"Metagross, Hammer Arm!" Uta followed up.

"Since when did you have a Houndoom, Urk?" I asked, as I watched the Houndoom gracefully land on his feet, and watching as Metagross charged forwards, hurling his glowing fist, which did further damage.

Urk turned to me and grinned, "Not much of an amateur after all huh?" he retorted cheekily, "Strongest in the team at the moment, and I take full pride in him."

My eyes shot up, Woah, who would have thought the quiet Urk would have such a powerful Pokemon?

"Levi, finish off Ursaring with Focus Blast!" Aldrin shouted to his Pokemon.

Levi made an orb in his paws, seemingly quite larger than the ones I had seen earlier today, and fired it at the Ursaring. Still immobilised, Ursaring could have done nothing to block the powerful, super effective attack. It was all over. Alakazam let go of Ursaring and allowed him to fall forward and crash to the ground with the earth cracking underneath it.


"Vulpix!" Aldrin finally ran up to his Pokemon, picking her up and hugging her tightly, "Don't you ever go wandering off into the woods on your own again. You hear me?" Vulpix let out a healthy chirp, snuggling against his cheek.

I couldn't help smiling at the touching display, but I still couldn't walk on my own. Instead, I just gestured for Uta to walk me forward so I could stand by my best friend.

"I'm so happy that we managed to find her." I muttered, patting the fire Pokemon's tufts of fur, Finally Aldrin's happy again. It's not normal for him to be unhappy, I frowned, but I shook it off.

Suddenly, from the corner of my eye, I spotted movement. I turned to see what it was and my eyes met with a small, green Pokemon with roses for hands. She was quivering slightly, too frightened to move.

"The poor thing..." I whispered, "That was what Vulpix was trying to defend from the Ursaring." a gash was visible on her front, "It's been hurt."

We all remained silent, all looking at the wild, mortified Pokemon.

"We'll take her to the Pokemon Centre on the way to Floaroma." Aldrin said, placing Vulpix back on the floor, "As for you, back in the Pokeball, you troublemaker." he smiled as he returned his Pokémon to her Pokéball.


We arrived back onto the main path, where Ali took a step in the opposite direction.

"Well. That's my favourite cloud-watching spot unsafe for now." she chuckled, pretending to look annoyed, "Looks like I'd better go elsewhere until this place calms down again."

"Where you gonna go?" Urk asked, keeping Mac balanced on his shoulder.

Ali smirked, "I'm just so lucky that my favourite reading spot is a few miles from here. So, that's where I'll be heading." she stood to Alakazam's side, raising her hand to us in a farewell gesture, "Until next time, keep getting stronger." in a flash of light, she and her Pokemon disappeared.

"Damn..." Uta uttered, turning to me, "She's something else...psychic?"

I nodded, "Yup. I forget you've never met her before. She is psychic. That's how we managed to get to Vulpix before you. She just followed Alakazam's aura until we met with him."

"Ah. We just followed your Abra. He picked up Vulpix's aura, but I don't think he could pinpoint it until he got close enough." Urk explained, "That's why we were a little late." he looked a little guilty.

"It's no problem now. We've found Vulpix and that's all that matters now. Come on, we should be nearing Floaroma by now." Aldrin enthusiastically egged us on, but stopped when he noticed me wince, "Ah yes...I forgot about your ankle Lozzie. Will it be okay for now?"

"That's no problem. She can ride on Metagross until we get there to patch her up." Uta suggested, summoning Metagross from his Pokeball.

But instantly I tried to resist, "No. NO! I already owe you enough money as it is. I can't afford to give you anymore."

Uta chuckled slightly, "Don't worry, this one's on the house. But don't get too used to it." he lifted me gently onto Metagross' back, careful as to not touch my ankle or let it hit anything.

I raised an eyebrow, unsure he was speaking the truth, but when he grinned widely at me, I decided to shrug it off.

"Come on, we can get going now." Uta declared, standing to his Pokemon's side, as we all headed for our next destination. Floaroma Town. 


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