Paralysed - When the fear is greater than the will

Ntsika is a 19 year old young man. He is a runner. As he he is faced with challenges in his sport and his life, he realises that the race to be great is only beginning. When he finds himself paralysed by fear, the doubt, loneliness, discouragement and worthlessness takes over. Does Ntsika have the will to keep going? Or will he remain PARALYSED?


11. Afterword

This story was hard to write. It was 80% my reality.

After years of pain and very little help from the authorities and other organisations, it was trusting that God had the power to change what no human could that helped my family. Growing up in a family which did not care much about faith and belief, it was very hard to admit that I needed to surrender to Christ, that we all needed some spiritual direction, purpose and strength.

Now, I know that many people begin to shut down when there is talk of God and religion. The fact is that, we are all more than bodies, and more than minds. We have a deeper need in us to be more significant.  We can all incorporate more depth, love, faith, compassion and positivity in our lives somehow. I believe that there is something positive in every religion, (except satanic religion of course).

 My family needed to be free from fear and find peace. Knowing that I can get all the strength that I need, that we need as a family from God, I am able to feel less and less fear every day. My brother has been in rehab for 5 months now and he is slowly learning to let go of past pains and anger and realise that he is loved. Unfortunately, many young people are in prisons, living under bridges and slowly dying physically and mentally. My brother’s friend is still in prison and he has been awaiting trial for over two years now, and he still does not get any visits.

We all have fears, but a life lived in fear is a life half lived (as they say in Strictly Ballroom).

Thank you for reading. Wishing you peace and love.


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