Utau Yume

Summary: A young girl by by the name of Misaki Kaitou, a 16 year old girl going to a school for Voice acting called Seika Arts and Acting Academy as strange as the name sounded Misaki didn’t find it hard to feel at home. When she was a child… when her mother was alive.. She was told that her mother was a popular voice actor and comic artist, Misaki could remember her smiling happily at the thought of seeing her mother proud and clapping her hands as her daughter got an award for best female lead or even best female voice actress of the year even. She dreams of making her mother proud of her.


1. Spring Days ( Haru no Days)


It was the start of spring which is March or April depending on what city you live in, Hi I’m Misaki a 16 year old voice actress living alone. Both my parents died in a car accident when I was about 12, I lived with my aunt until I was old enough to get on my feet and get a Job and an apartment by myself. It’s not easy but it can’t be helped… ‘ I say that as if someone is there listening to me I think to myself maybe I’m just crazy or something, I say giggling as I put on my uniform for school running out the door as a piece of bread is in my mouth as I lock the door then I run down the stairs knowing if I didn’t hurry up to go to the train station even if I was 30 minutes early, there are a lot of people who ride the 7:20 am train to their jobs and schools unfortunately for me I’m the only one in my grade who takes the train to school, I clench my bag as I feel someone’s hand on my waist line. About to kick the person a Young man in a black suit jacket wearing a green tie grab their hand, my eyes widen in shock as I realize the Young man was a student at an elite private school for  STEM classes. I tremble from thinking about how much the tuition and uniforms and lunches were at that school. I stand there as he looks at me and then speaks “Is this how you commoners say thank you?” He says ignorantly at me, I look back at him and say thank you and mumble a type of spell under my breath my mother had taught me as a child to not have the urge to hit someone since she was described of being that sort of girl while she was growing up.

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