magcon who

what class do you have today?" she said," I have math how about you?" "English class ugh." I say. meg giggles and walks off to her class. soon some boy with dirty blonde hair comes to my locker and says," het their hottie." I roll my eyes and walked away from him, I walked into my English class and sit in the way back. I soon see that same kid that was at my locker, just my luck he comes and sit by me. I groan and say dude what's your probably why wont you leave me alone already?" "whoa their Bianca I'm sorry for my bad boy act back at your locker, if you really get to know me I'm a really sweet guy." I say," bad boy act you say?" he nodded his head as if saying yes, I just smiled and continued to pay attention to Mrs. smith.


9. chapter7

"yass its finally summer what should we do first!" I said to Bianca. she said," first we should make a new you tube video for both our channels." I agreed with her, Bianca sang first  and she sang "Neon lights." by Demi Lovato  after she was done singing I sang "Almost is never enough." by Ariana Grande.  once we were done with the video we posted the video on YouTube, after that we went on vine and said," Hey everyone go checkout our new YouTube video." and with that it ended, I get a call from cam. I say," Bianca I will be right back." she nodded her head and I walked out of the room.

convo M-Megan C-Cameron

M-hello cam

C- hello to you Megan what are you up to later?

M- nothing really just hanging with Bianca, why.

C- oh well you guys can come to matts house like right now?

M- yeah we'll be over their in ten okay.

C- okay see ya then....

M-okay bye.

*end of convo*

I walk back into the room and I say," Bianca we are going over to matts house." she nodded her head and we walk out of the house, and into my car. we get in the car and I say," so Bianca what happened when you went to the tree with matt today?" she said," oh nothing we got to know each other more." I nodded my head and we pulled up at matts house, we get out of the car and I see matt waiting for us at his front door with a sad face. I say," matt what's wrong?" he says," we'll explain to you." me and Megan walks in and we see all the guys with sad faces , even mahogany. me and meg sits on the couch, matt says," all of us are leaving for tour this weekend."  I say," do you get to bring us to?" Cameron said," I'm afraid not, but we can call Bart to see if we can bring you guys with." mahogany's face lit up she pulled out her phone and dialed his number and soon we heard uh, yeah, of course. and with that mahogany  said," Bart said yeah you too can come on tour with us." me and Bianca squealed and we hung out their until it was time for us to go home......


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