magcon who

what class do you have today?" she said," I have math how about you?" "English class ugh." I say. meg giggles and walks off to her class. soon some boy with dirty blonde hair comes to my locker and says," het their hottie." I roll my eyes and walked away from him, I walked into my English class and sit in the way back. I soon see that same kid that was at my locker, just my luck he comes and sit by me. I groan and say dude what's your probably why wont you leave me alone already?" "whoa their Bianca I'm sorry for my bad boy act back at your locker, if you really get to know me I'm a really sweet guy." I say," bad boy act you say?" he nodded his head as if saying yes, I just smiled and continued to pay attention to Mrs. smith.


6. chapter4

me and megan pulled up into matts drive way, im not going to lie ibwas nerves. meg looks over at me and said,"dont worry they wont hate you i promise." i nodded my head, and we got out of the car. we walk up to his doorstep and knock on the door, i see that matt opens the door and he smiles at us. i smiled back and walked into his house, me and megan were shocked at how big the house was. we soon see 11 more people coming out the kitchen. matt says,"guys meet bianca and megan. bianca and megan meet hayes, nash, mahogany, cameron, jack j, jack g, shawn, jacob, carter, aaron and taylor. i smiled and waved at them, mahogany said,"do you girls know who we are?" me and megan said,"no we do not, know you guys are." "oh well we are the people of magcon." mahogany said with a smile on het face. "magcon who? what is magcon?" i asked with a confused face. "magcon is an event where fans get to meet their favorite youtuber/viner." mahogany said. me and meg both said," ohhh i get." mahogany just laughed soon cameron matt came in with someting behind their backs...........

a/n: what do u think is behind thier backs? -nevaeha out peace-

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