Game of fandoms

This story is about a bunch of fandom ppl going through trials to see the winner. Who will survive? No one will know. Every Fandom Faction has a special talent.


2. Welcome, Tributes

District 1

"The female tribute for this years games is... Clary Fray!"

Clary looked around, but know one volunteered. She went up to the platform, trembling. The lady from the Capitol smiled and went to the other bowl of names. "The male tribute.... Alec Lightwood" Alec went up to the stage. "I volunteer as tribute!" A hand raised in the audience. Out of the crowd came a tall boy, with long golden hair. He went up to the stage. "You're name?" The lady asked. "Jace Lightwood." He looked at Clary and winked.

District 2

"Christina, please come up to the stage. Come now." Christina looked around hoping someone would volenteer. No such luck. "Now fore the males." The lady who looked like she was made out our plastic waddled over to the bowl that held the names in her 10 inch heels. "Tobias Eaton." Tobias started walking to the stage, eyes unreadable. "Let's have a warm welcome for this years tributes!" No one clapped except her." Let's get on the train." I should have volunteered for Christina. Tris thought in her head. But Tobias would never had forgiven her. She went back to her sleeping quarters and tried hard to sleep but did not succeed. Suddenly, peacekeepers busted in the rooms of everyone and dragged them outside. They saw the lading who held the reaping. Next to her stood Tobias. No Christina. "Sorry to wake you all!" She said with a poisonous smile. " Our Female tribute jumped off the train as it started moving. Dauntless are supposed to be brave, guess she was in the wrong place.Anyway we need a female tribute to replace her." She walked over to the bowl of names and pulled a slip of paper. "Tris Prior, please come up to the stage." Tris remembered what Tobias had told her, if you ever get picked, don't show any emotion. Other tributes and sponsors will be watching. Tris slowly walked to the stage. "Shake hands!" Tris took Tobias' hand and walked to the train.

District 3

" Percy Jacson, please come up to the stage." Percy slowly walked onto the stage and stood next to Annebeth. Percy thought of his mom, she would be watching this, her crying over him getting picked. "Let's give it up for our tributes in the Demi-God faction!" Said the man. He was very tall, thick blue eyeliner, platinum hair, and pale blue skin. A few people clapped. The rest just stood watching. "Let's go then. Off to the train!"

District 4

"Ahem!" ( A/N Umbridge anyone?) the lady stood at the platform where he headmaster should stand. All the students looked at her. "As you all know, we use the goblet of fire instead of the name bowls to symbolize our power. Two students will be chosen to compete. One female and one male. Of course, first years will not be selected. Our male tribute is," the fire from the goblet turned blue and rose up. She looked at the slip, then said "Harry Potter." A small, skinny boy stood up and slowly walked up to the stage. He had jet black hair and green eyes. He looked around at all the tables. Hermione and the Weasly's where all frowning. "The female tribute," the goblet lit up again in a blue color and a piece of parchment flew into the air. "Ginny Weasly." A small girl with red hair stood up. She let out a small squeak. She was only a third year. She was walking very slowly down the hall. When she was halfway there, she heard a small voice. "I volunteer as tribute!" A hand shot up from the griffendoor table. Hermione ran and hugged Ginny and went up to the stage. She looked at the lady in disgust. "How old are you two?" The lady asked them while heading to the Hogwarts Express. "14" Hermione answered.

District 5

"Elsa. Please come to the stage." Elsa swiftly stood up. She would get a lot of sponsors just looking at her. "And Henry." A man stood up and went to the stage. He looked more serious. Elsa just stood around waving at people. She was definitely going to get lots of sponsors because she was really pretty.

District 6

"You won't get picked, I promise." Edward said to Bella. "Your name is only in 10 times. Come on, we got to go." They walked over to the place where the reaping was held. The female tribute is..Sarah!" A girl who Bella or Edward did not know walked on the stage. "And them male tribute is... Edward!" Bella looked at him with frightened eyes. He just looked at her and said "I'll be back soon." And walked slowly to the platform.

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