Perfect Two

Music is a huge part of Luna's and, her crush, Jack's lives. Luna get's a note with a love song on it. She looks it up and falls inlove with the song. But how? Who sent her this note? Will she forget about Jack and fall for someone new?


2. What I Like About You

I went up to my room. There was a knock on my window. Jack was there. "My friend told me to give you this." He held a letter out. "Why didn't you go up to my front door?" I asked taking it. "Didn't want to..." He said. "Bye Luna." He said getting out of the window. "Bye?" I said closing it. I put both the letters I had gotten today on my desk. I grabed my Jordan's and went down stairs. I took a granola bar. "Mom? I'm going for a bike ride!" I said, peeking in her office. She nodded. "Okay Honey." She said. I went out to my mint bike. I climbed on, eating the granola bar. I saw a flash of blue hair on a black bike. "Jack?" I asked when I saw it again. It stoped to show a smaller version of Jack. "Sorry Miss. It's Jake." He said pedaling over to me. "Is your brother's name Jack?" I asked. "Yeah why?" He said, checking me out. I rolled my eyes. "I'm his friend Luna. Do you know where he went?" I asked. "Yeah. He went to Park's Peek." He said. "Thank you Jake." I said pedalling towards park's peek. I saw him there with a girl with fire red hair. "Look Lucy. I like you as a friend. I know you like me more, but I cant live in a relationship like that." Jack said. "What kind of relationship? A pity-relationship?" Lucy asked. "Yes. I'm sorry. Please forgive me, but I'm-" I turned away. This wasn't my business. I walked away. I got back on my bike and rode in circles for a minute. "L-Luna? What are you doing here?" I herd Jack. I faced him. "Just riding around." I said doing another circle. "Oh. May I join you?" He asks. "Actually I kinda hoped you would." I said as we set off. I challenged him to a race and won. His brother was watching us. "Jack, did you have a watch-y feeling yesterday?" I asked him.

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