Perfect Two

Music is a huge part of Luna's and, her crush, Jack's lives. Luna get's a note with a love song on it. She looks it up and falls inlove with the song. But how? Who sent her this note? Will she forget about Jack and fall for someone new?


5. Heroes

The weekend was boring, (Exsept for the party) nothing happened. Monday was diffrent.

/// Luna \\\

I woke up early. I took a shower and got dressed in a purple and white poka-dot, see-through shirt, high waisted shorts with four bottons, and my black Jordan's. Perfect outfit. I braided my hair and put on simple make up. I walked down stairs and made a healthy, for once, breakfast. Fruit salad. I eat it and walk back upstairs. I grab my totorro back pack, my AOT phone case, and my phone. I switch my phone case from Splater Print to AOT. Wow huge change. I leave in a great mood. I see Jack and I run up to him. He was wearing a AOT shirt with Levi on it. I swear I was so happy. I glomp him. "Woah there Mrs.Hyper!" He says almost falling on his brother. "Sorry!" I say letting go. "I swear I'm just in a amazing mood!" I walk on the bus. A couple girls were looking at me, chatting Jack's ear off the whole bus ride. Or they were looking at Jack. Either way I dont care. I went to my locker and pulled out my whole new anime school supplies. I pulled out my sushi-pencil bag that had about thirteen pencils and pens with anime characters on them. I pulled my Alphonse sticky-notes. I grabbed all my new stuff and walked to class. When I walked in, most of the guys had to do a double take. I switched classes today. I went and sat down at my desk. I put my stuff in my desk and class was started. I drew on some pages of my Kaito Note Book with my Ed pens. I ended up drawing Jack in anime. Wow... I hid the drawing and went to my other class. The guys did less of a double take. Lunch was normal. Wrote poetry and drew pictures to go with. A guy sat beside me in the middle. "H-Hi. My name's k-Kyle...." He said as I was drawing three anime couples for my latest poem. "Hello." I said taking a bite of my brownie. "We have the same Bio-Chem. class so I wanted to say hi." he said looking at my drawing. I paired a guy with pink hair, a dorito face with a girl with black hair and a circle-ish face. "It's nice to meet you." I drew a blonde couple together as well. The last one was Tairren and Jenna in anime. Kyle left my table. I left lunch early. The rest of the day was fine. The list for the basketball team was up so i went and looked at it for Jack. he made it! Yay! I ran to the bus with my totorro back pack and my phone. I got to jack and I's seat and waited for him. He came on, right before the bus was leaving. "Did you see?!" I ask him. He tilts his head in confusion. "YOU MADE THE BASKETBALL TEAM!" I almost screamed. "Wait- What?!" He says, his eyes lighting up. "yea! That's amazing!" I said taking a deep breath. His face was exsited, but he didn't really act like it. "Wow. Thanks for telling me Luna!" He says giving me a hug. He notices my anime-decked out phone. My lock screen was Spain and Chibi Romano from Hetalia, my background was Totorro, and my case was Levi from AOT in a titan's mouth. "OH MY GOD LUNA! I DIDN'T KNOW YOU LIKED ANIME!" He said wraping me in a hug. I was confused. "Yea. Didn't you see my room? It's like completly decked out in anime. Like anime literally barfed on it." I said, not hugging back. He let go soon after. the rest of the bus ride was us talking about AOT and who our favorite characters were and all that crap. His was Jean and mine was Mikasa. I said his shirt had a short evil man on it. We laughed like crazy until we parted ways at my house. I'm pretty sure Jake was annoyed with us, but what ever. I got inside and went to mom's office. There was a note. "Went to store, won't come back till 8. Also going to mary's house. Love you! ~Mom." I smiled and went upstairs. I ordered pizza and binge watched AOT for the fifth time this week. I went to bed at like three AM.

(Sorry there was soooooooooooo much anime involved. I was like super hyper, I was listening to nightcore, with anime pictures on my tablet. I have over 300 anime pictures on one file so............ Bye!~)

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