" Just dead in the end"

Ember,Jack,Sam,Miya,and lilly diside to go check out a haunted abandoned school. But end up in some.....'troubel'. Well they get out safe or end up dead?!


3. "Oh,god!"

Miya's p.o.v. 

"AHHHHH" "Huh?!" "W-what was that?!?" I heared a scream come from the bath room...Wait that's were lilly is!! I ran as fast as i could to the bathroom. But...It was too late.... "OH MY GOD!!!" "LILLY!!!!" I saw Lilly laying on the ground with a big blood puddel around her. And there was blood all over the bathroom. "No...S-she cant b-be d-dead!!" "Oh,but she is....*Giggle*" "What?" I looked up and saw some one with a black jacket one that was covering their face. "Who are you!!" "A person." They said with sarcasume. "I'll enjoy this...I've alway's hated you Miya..." "How do you know my name?!" " 'Cause..." The weird person lefted their hood. "Huh...Wait! E- AHHHHHH!!" 

"The 'killer's' p.o.v. 

I stabed Miya in the neck witch made her cough up blood. She fell to her knees and then on her back. I took out a chain saw and turned it on. Then,I cut of her arms,legs,and head. " Hee hee hee..Heh..HEH, HEH, HAHAAHAHAHAHAHA!!" "Well then...she's dead...finally."

Sam's p.o.v.

  "Okay,we have to find out were that screaming is coming from!!" "It's nothing! Their just tricking us!" *Chain saw noise* "See! It's not 'nothing'!" *Laughter* "COME ON!!!" I grabbed jack's arm and dragged him to the noise. "Down here!" We turned the corner that lead to the screaming. "I-is that b-blood!" I shutterd. "Maybe..."  We walked to the bathroom were the blood was coming from. "Huh...AHH!!" "What- Huh? WHAT?!?!" I was to busey starring at the dead Lilly and Miya to notice that jack disapered. "SAAAM!!!" "Huh?... Wait,Jack?"


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