' still here' samgladiator story grian x oc

Ember was best friends with sam and taurtis. but lost their friend ship after an..........'incatent'. She hated it. soon they moved along with grian to tokyo. Later on Ember moved to.............tokyo! Witch she didnt know sam,taurtis,and grian were there so......something happend...... 0_0


1. About Ember


Aperence: mid night blue hair with matching fox neko ears and tail. right eye is ice blue and left eye is black with her hair covering 

clothes: a black shirt with a red broken bloody heart and black jeans with black saspenders

likes:anime drawing wrighting and music

dislikes: rude people,girly girls,and people like jason

persanality:fun kind a bit yandere and crazy


Okay thats Ember! I kinda based her off me :3

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