My Life That I chose!

Crystal Waters, Chloe Brown and Laila Morgan are all going to Woodwind College! Crystal left home because of a fire that she was accused of, Chloe was banished from her land by thievery and Laila, framed for being a suspect of stealing 600 pieces of gold! These 3 girls want to make sure that they aren't convicts or criminals decided to start from the beginning.


1. Backstories

Crystal Waters walked into the courtyard of Grimward Village, the village where her education will start. She sees a brown haired girl run through the streets like she was running away from something or someone, Crystal starts walking over to her and finally blocks her way. "Ahem, prissy precious get out of my way!" The girl greeted undetermined, "I'm Crystal Waters, I've been accused of creating a fire which I would never do," Crystal tried again, the girl sighed then replied, "I'm Chloe Brown, banished for thievery." Crystal gasped as Chloe nodded, "I'm having a fresh start." A blonde girl about the same age as them ran towards them, "Uh.. There is someone chasing after me!" The girl shouted, "That's a dog." Chloe confirmed. "Oops.. Hi, I'm Laila Morgan, framed for stealing 600 pieces of gold.." Laila greeted joining them, A tall girl came over she seemed to be eavesdropping. "Fire, Thief, Gold" The tall girl summed up, rushing away. "Crystal Waters, accused of creation of fire." Crystal told Laila, "Chloe Brown, banished for thievery," Chloe added. Laila nodded, "Off to Woodwind?" Crystal and Chloe nodded. "Me, Thief , Scared" Crystal though in her head. The 3 girls walked off talking about there old homes. This was just the beginning!

Reaches 4-7 views new chapter. 

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