This is crazy

When Percy and his friends go on a road trip around the world they meet wizards, sparkly vampires, and evil punks! What will they do, and is Leo making out with Piper? Don't forget about the gods!


1. Why?

Percy's pov  

             You're probably wondering who I am well I'm Percy Jackson son of Posiden, defeater of Kronos , one of the seven. I'm currently packing for a trip around the world  that I don't want to go on.


              " Come on Waterboy we have to go!" whined Leo. Are you thinking who doesn't want to go around the world? Well whenever Leo's there something  bad always happens. " Seaweed Brain please," Wise Girl said with her lips trembling.

"Fine," I sighed.


                 Now I stuck here packing for the trip. After another hour I finally finished packing. I changed into my Harry Potter pj's and quickly snuggled into bed. It's eleven thirty and I have to be awake at six that means I only have six hours and thirty minutes to sleep!

                  While I was sleeping  I dreamt of flaming hair, truth or dare, and Piper's charmspeak. When I woke up I got a shower and quickly went to find my wise girl. I found her at the Athena cabin. Gods I love her smooth blond hair and her stormy grey eyes.

"Hey wise girl."

"Hey seaweed brain."

I quickly pulled her in for a kiss,"Let's go to the mess hall."

                    When we got there I pulled her to the Posiden table. After the war with Gaea mr. D let everyone sit wherever they want. I wolfed down a stack of blueberry pancakes. Annabeth and I went to grab our stuff. We went to Thalia's tree with ten minutes to spare. Five minutes later every one was there. Leo pulled up with a huge RV it was two story's high and blue and black. Leo turned to all of us with a crazed grin on his face and said," Come on everyone Leo mcshizzle's  road trip is about to start!" Right then and there I knew this was crazy.


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