Hannah was a just like any normal teenage girl she went to school, came home did her home work then went to bed , but before she could do that she always face timed her best friend Maggie. She thought she had a normal life, that was true until she meet Harry Styles.


12. The next chapter

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Hannah's P.O.V

      My date with Harry was magical. When I got home I couldn't stop thinking about are date and are kiss. After standing by the door for a few minutes smiling uncontrolably I walked into my room. I was in the bathroom changing into sweats when I heard the bathroom door being thrown open and Maggie walking aka sliding in because she was running so fast into the bathroom holding a ben and jerrys ice cream cup and only one spoon.

       "OMG OMG OMG, HE KISSED YOU!" she squealed I couldn't help but squeal with her because I was still over the moon about Harry kissing me. Then realization  hit me like a brick wall.

        " Wait, how did you know he kissed me?" I asked

          "Oh I was watching you." She said cheerfuly

          " Umm, Why may I ask." I said

          " Because I wanted to see if he was gonna kiss you duh!" she exclaimed

           "Um, okay" Was all I could reply "How long were you watching for." I asked while gesturing to the ice-cream cup in her hand.

            " bout an hour. I grabbed this before I came over here it was my reward for being right." She stated

           " What were you right about." I asked

           " I was right about Harry kissing you."  She said. I laughed at her response and finished getting ready for bed. Since it was 12:30 I told Maggie she could sleepover. I fished getting ready and headed to bed.

**1:34 am**

        I was woken from my deep sleep by the sound of a train going off. I reached over I grabbed my phone from night stand trying not to wake Maggie up. I turned on my phone and saw a text from Harry.

Harry:D: Hey u up?

Me: Of couse I am cause u know I'm always up at 1:30 in the morning doing random crap! What do u think Harry I was sleeping what do u want.

Harry:D: sry:( I just wouldn't be able to sleep with out asking you a certian question

Me:o.k shoot

Harry:D: can we meet up say around 7:50 at the park

Me: ok see u then night


     At 7:40 I heard the alarm I set go off. I very carfully got out of bed trying not to wake Maggie. Since it was early in the morning I changed into black leggings, an oversized London jumper, along with red toms. I threw my hair in to a pony tail. I wasn't even going to bother with make up so after I got changed I headed to the park. At 7:48 I arrived at the park. Harry was already there so as soon as I spotted him he started walking over towards me.

Harry's P.O.V

            I got to the park at around 7:45, a few minutes after I arrived I saw Hannah since I was sitting I got up and walked towards her. As I was walking I couldn't stop shaking, ever since she agreed to meet me her I have been a nervous wreck.

          " Hey beautiful." I said

         " Hey." she said while blushing

         "Um I got you these for meeting me here this early." I said while handing her a bouquet of yellow roses.

        " Harry you didn't have to do that but thank you." she said while smelling the flowers " so what did you want to ask me." she said

        " Um..(here comes the nerves) I was wondering if you wanted to be my um.. my girlfriend?" I asked she had an awe struck look on her face so I quickly added " I know this is sudden and we have only been on one date but I feel like I have know you my entire life and I'm ready to be something serious." what she did next surprise me. She rested her hand on the back on my neck leaned up and gently placed her lips on mine.

       " I loved to." She said. this time it was my turn to kiss her. This kiss was unlike any kiss we had had before, it was full of love and lust just like it was are first kiss again. I finally had the girl of my dreams and I wasn't going to let her go.




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