Hannah was a just like any normal teenage girl she went to school, came home did her home work then went to bed , but before she could do that she always face timed her best friend Maggie. She thought she had a normal life, that was true until she meet Harry Styles.


11. The Date

Hannah's P.O.V

        During all of history I was very distracted. Harry's cheesy pickup line, and what he said to ask me out kept replaying in my head. I couldn't stop thinking about how I was going to go out with the guy of my dreams. Harry asked if I wanted to go out on Friday which was four days away since it was Tuesday. I thought to myself as I was taking notes 'this is going to be the longest week of my life.'

      As I predicted in my head this week went by very slowly, and Friday could not come quick enough. I was very happy though when it was Friday afternoon and I was in my last class of the day. During my last class of the day which was math me and Maggie were planning my outfit for my date. 45 long minutes later class was over and I was at my locker collecting my books for the weekend when I heard someone whisper in my ear.

      " hey beautiful." the voice said from behind me I turned around and saw Harry in front of me.

      " hey." I replied

      "I just wanted to tell you some info about our date tonight." he said. 'Our date.' I just loved the way the words sounded together it made this seem so real.

      " FINALLY!" I joked he laughed at me then began to inform me about our date

      " O.K well I'm gonna pick you up at seven if that works for you, and wear something formal, and before you say anything I want where we are going to be a surprise so yeah." he said  I rolled my eyes at his last comment he say me and laughed.

       "Ugh, ok and seven is fine with me." I said he nodded/laughed at my response. Since we were just sitting there in silence I decided to close my locker and speak up.

       "so... You want to walk home together?" I asked

       "Um don't you usually walk home with Maggie." Harry asked

       " yes I do, but I'm guessing she walked home with Niall seeing she isn't here." I said. Over the the past few days Niall and Maggie have been getting to know each other and have been walking home together. I wouldn't be surprised if they went on a date soon.

       Harry nodded at my idea "sure he said while walking towards the door.

Harry's P.O.V

     We were walking down the street talking about people we hated when Hannah started to rant

     " OH MY GOD, you know who annoys me so much! That stupid cheerleader Abbey gahh she.." She began. I started to tune her out because it sounded like it would be a drawn out story. Anyway I had more important things on my mind. I looked down at my hands and saw that Hannah's hands were at her side. I quickly glanced up to make sure Hannah was looking forward. Seeing that she was I glanced back down at our hand and started inching my hand towards her occacsionaly glancing up at her making sure she was looking forward. I was about 5 centimeters away from holding her hand when she walked right in front of me

       " I mean that's just annoying right." she complained

        Not knowing what she was talking about I simply said" Yeah..totally." she rolled her eyes at my answer knowing that I hadn't payed any attetion to what she was saying. I laughed in response. Only then did I realize we were in front of her building

      " So um, see you at seven?" I asked while I began to cross the street.

      " See you at seven." she replied while walking into her building.

Hannah's P.O.V

     By the time I got home from school it was 3:10 and I wasn't planning on getting ready till 5:40 so I decided to watch Tangled until I decided to get ready


      Since it was 5:40 I started to get ready for my date with Harry. I quickly took a shower, blow dried my hair and curled my hair. I then Put my makeup on, instead of my usual make up I put a mixture of brown eye shadow on my eyes and put a coral colored lip stick on. I then got changed. My outfit consisted of a strapless sweetheart neckline baby blue colored dress that was knee length along a pair of with platform pumps with straps around the ankles and a white lace clutch. I looked at the clock it read 7:00 Harry should be here any minute. A few seconds later I heard Harry knock on the door. As soon as I opened the door I saw Harry's eyes light up as he looked at me. Harry looked as handsome as ever he was wearing as usual black skinny jeans along with a white button down. On top of the white button down a grey vest and yellow bow tie along with a grey blazer.  

Harry's P.O.V

     As I was walking towards Hannah's flat I was filled with nerves and excitement, but as she opened her door all of the nerves went away as I came face to face with the most beautiful girl I have ever laid eyes on. Hannah's curly blond hair perfectly framed her face and her green eyes popped because of her eye shadow. she looked absoutly stunning.

     "wow, you look amazing." I breathed she blushed at my compliment

     " same to you." she said now it was my turn to blush

     " Shall we go?" she asked

     " Not quite yet. Turn around." I said she gave me a confused looked I laughed "Just do it." I said she rolled her eyes but did what I told her to do.

     " Alright but if you kill me I'm going to haunt you first." she said, I laughed at how much she didn't trust me.

      " Just trust me." I said while wrapping a cloth around her eyes. I then laced my fingers with hers, I felt her tense up at my touch, but quickly clamed down. Slowly I guided her to the lift and we went off to our date.

Hannah's P.O.V

         " Shall we go?" I asked

         "Not quite yet. Turn around." He said. I gave him a confused look unsure of what he was doing. He laughed in response and told me to just do it and I did but I couldn't help but adding a side comment. " Alright, but if you kill me I'm going to haunt you first." I threatened, he laughed at my comment

          " Just trust me." he said while wrapping a cloth around my eyes. now i was really freaked out. After Harry tied the cloth around my eyes I felt his fingers lace with mine. He then led me to the lift.

       A few minutes later I heard the lift bing saying we have reached our destination. Harry then lead me up a flight of stairs. I then heard him open up a door, and I was greeted by the night air. I then felt harry untie the cloth and I came face to face with the most romantic thing I have ever seen.

       In the middle of the roof was a table with chairs on both sides, on top of the table were two plates. Leading to the table was a rose path that was lit be fairy lights that also ran around the edges of the roof. Along with the fairy lights there were candles all around the floor. After letting me take in the view Harry lead me to the table are fingers still intertwined. Just like the gentlemen he is Harry pulled out my seat for me. When I sat down he did the same . We then started our long a waited date. 

     The whole evening was filled with laughter and happiness. At about 12 o'clock we blew out all of the candles having a little competition to see who could blow out the most candles. We then turned off all the lights and Harry walked me home are fingers intertwined. In the blink of an eye I was infront of my door. Harry stood in front of me so my back was pressed againist it.

       " Goodnight." I whispered

      "Goodnight." Harry replied. He then rested his hand on my cheek while leaning in and resting his lips on mine. Instantly I kissed back letting are lips move in sync. I smiled in the kiss and so did Harry. After a few seconds Harry released his lips from mind and left leaving me with my thoughts.





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