Hannah was a just like any normal teenage girl she went to school, came home did her home work then went to bed , but before she could do that she always face timed her best friend Maggie. She thought she had a normal life, that was true until she meet Harry Styles.


17. Making up, easier said then done

Hannah's P.O.V

         After Harry left last night I had a hard time going back to sleep because my conversation with Harry kept replaying over and over again in my head and I was left asking myself the same three questions,' Should I have let him explain? Is he worth the sleepless nights?, Did I make a mistake by telling him to leave?' At around 4:30 I had had enough of tossing and turning so I decided to call Maggie. I dialed her number, a few seconds later I heard a ring followed by four others and then I was sent to voicemail because she didn't answer

        "Hey sorry I didn't pick up please leave a message byeeeeeeeeee." Maggie's voicemail message said

        " Hey Maggie it's Hannah sorry for waking you up, um call me when you get this thanks bye." I said. After I hung up the phone a  small wave of relief washed over because I knew Maggie would  hopefully get the message and we would be able to talk about what happened last night in the morning.

         The next morning I woke up early because my mind was still racing and I couldn't take not being able to sleep anymore, So I decided enough was enough and I headed over to Maggie's flat to talk to her. I knocked on her door to be surprised by the person who answered. When the door opened I was face to face with Niall James Horan.

        "Um, Niall what are you doing here?" I asked

        "I just um came over to ask Maggie if she wanted to um you know get breakfast with me." He stuttered

        "At 7 in the morning?" I asked. Niall looked at me with a nervous expression, I knew I would be able to wear him down.

        "Niall." I said while staring him in the eye and elongating the l.

        "Niall who is at the door?!" Maggie shouted from where ever she was at.(if your wondering about Maggie's mum she is a nurse just like my mum.)

        "Wait, did you and Maggie you know." I asked Niall. His expression changed from surprised to confused.

        "Hannah, what are you doing here?" Maggie interjected.

        "What am I doing here? What's Niall doing here?" I asked

       "Long story." Maggie said

      "I got time." I said

     "Ugh okay but if I tell you why Niall's here you have to tell me why you are here missy." Maggie said

     "Fine, now tell me." I whined.

    " Okay well after Niall "dropped me off" I asked if he wanted to watch a movie and he said yes, but while we were watching the movie we both fell asleep. wow I guess that wasn't as long as I thought." Maggie confessed. I nodded to let her know I got what she was saying, but I still didn't believe her 100% so I turned towards Niall and asked " Is this true?" He looked at me and nodded with terror visible in his eyes. "good." I said

      " Okay missy now it's your turn,go on, tell me why your here." Maggie said.

       "Okay well to make a long story short, I had a fight with Harry about what some may think is stupid but I don't know and since I didn't know I was up half of the night thinking about it I was basically tossing and turning legit all night and about ten minutes ago I had had enough of not being able to sleep so I came here to talk to you." I confessed Maggie nodded in response to my rant

      "Okay I get you." Maggie said "um if you don't mind stepping into my office?" Maggie continued while walking inside and gesturing for Niall to follow her "Oh, I hope you don't mind if my assistant joins in on our conversation?" She asked

       "no not at all." I said while following Niall inside.

       "Have a seat." Maggie said while gesturing to the seat in front of her

       "Okayyyy." I said while sitting down

       "Now tell us what happened exactly." Maggie said. I then began to tell her how things went from my perspective.


       "What do you want." I asked to tired and mad to give him a proper greeting
        "I want to know why you left?" Harry asked

      "You want to know why I left? Fine I left because I was tired Harry. I was tired of not being able to be with you because every, five, seconds Josline was calling you so she could show off her "king", I was tired of being passed around like football, and I was just plain tired. That is why I left." I confessed

       "You think I wanted to be crowned king, I didn't and I wanted to spend time with you, I did but." Harry said

       " But nothing, Harry I know you had no other option but to go up to the stage and get crowned. all I'm trying to say is that when Josline wanted to show you off you could of just said no and that would have been enough, I know Josline is an air head but she would have gotten the hint. Didn't it EVER cross your mine to just say no?" I asked. Harry simply shook his head

       "That's what I thought. Harry go home okay, lets just talk about this tomorrow." I said while shutting the door

      "No!" Harry said while sticking his arm through the door so I couldn't shut it

     "What Harry, what could you possibly say to not make me any less mad at you?" I asked

     "I don't, I don't know." He said

     "That's what I thought. goodnight  Harry" I said while closing the door

                                                                            ~End of Flashback~

      When I finished talking all Maggie or Niall could say was wow

      "Well, what do you think I should?" I asked

     "Truthfully, I, don't, know. I mean I believe you acted they way someone should..." Maggie started, she then was interrupted by the sound of Niall laughing

       " WHAT? Okay I'm just going to come out and say this but before I do, Hannah I want you to know that I love you and I am sorry that Harry did that to you, but I truthfully think you over reacted and you just need to talk to him."

        " ARE YOU KIDDING ME, Hannah shouldn't "talk to him" HARRY, needs to come crawling back on his hands and knees for dissing Han.." Maggie was again cut off by Niall covering up her mouth with his hand

        "Just go talk to him." Niall said

        "No offense Maggie but, I'm going to listen to Niall this time, sorry. Oh and thanks Niall." I said while getting up out of my seat and walking out of the door. As I was walking away I heard Maggie yelling at Niall (god their to cute.) By the time I reached my door I stopped dead in my tracks not knowing where to go.After about eight seconds of just standing I finally knew where I wanted to go.

      After a short walk, I found myself standing in front of Harry's flat, trying to convince myself to knock on the door, but as I was about to knock the door opened.

      "Hannah?" Harry said "What  are you doing here."

     " Um, I came to talk to you?" I said

     "That's funny I was on my way to talk to you" Harry joked. I smiled at his comment

      "Umm, anyways come in."  Harry said

      " Okay thanks." I said while walking inside the small flat with Harry following close behind. I then heard a small voice to the left of me

     " Long time no see Hannah, how are you?" Harry's mum Anne asked

     "I'm good, how are you?" I asked while hugging Anne.

     "I great."  Anne said, while releasing from the hug

     "Um, mum do you, um mind giving us some space so we can talk?" Harry asked trying his hardest not to sound rude

     "Of course." Anne said while leaving the room.

     "What did you want to talk about?" Harry asked while turning to face me.

     "Okay I don't know how to start but I'm just going to say I was wrong and..." I started but never finished because I was to shocked by what Harry said while I was talking.

     "What did you say?" I asked

      "I'm sorry." Harry said

     "Harry, you have,nothing to be sorry about. If anyone should be sorry it should be me, I was the one that blew things out of proportions, and I blamed you even though you could do nothing about what happened and...." I ranted, but as soon as I began, I was silenced by Harry placing his hands on my arms and telling me off.

     " Hannah, stop, you are the one that has noting to be sorry about. I didn't realize it before,but you were right, I was wrong, I could have just told Josline no, but, I didn't, and because I didn't say something to her, I hurt you and it HURTS me when I hurt you, or anyone I love, and I love you Hannah, that's why it basically kills me inside knowing that you think you have to apologies for something I did. I love you Hannah, and I'm sorry that I hurt you." He said while looking down at me "Do you forgive me." He continued

       " I love you too, and of course I forgive you I always will forgive you." I said while hugging him having him instantly hug me back.

       "Good." Harry said while taking my arms and wrapping them around his neck

       " How did I ever get so lucky to have someone like you in my life?" I asked

        "Fate, I guess." Harry said. I laughed before kissing him softly on the lips.



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