Hannah was a just like any normal teenage girl she went to school, came home did her home work then went to bed , but before she could do that she always face timed her best friend Maggie. She thought she had a normal life, that was true until she meet Harry Styles.


16. Homecoming p.3

Hannah's P.O.V

         It was a short ride from my building to the school. Every minute we spent in the limo was filled with laughter that seemed to be never ending. Along with laughter I was introduced to Danielle and Eleanor (Louis' and Liam's dates for the evening.) Before any of us knew it, we pulled up into the car park. When the car stopped we all filed out and headed inside. When you first walked in there was a sign above the gym door that read Heartmen Ball. You would then, walk through the gym doors and into a whole other world. The stair case that leads down to the gym floor was transformed into a beautiful grand stair case. I looked around the rest of the gym and saw that it was completely transformed into a beautiful ballroom. There were royal blue and light grey drapes hanging from the ceiling which gave the room a blue grey vibe. Along with the light grey and royal blue drapes on the ceiling, the same colors covered multiple tables that were placed through out the room. In the middle of the table their were square shaped vases that held little pebbles and pastel pink roses. Along the edges of all the tables were fairy lights. Along with the tables having fairy lights, their were fairy lights lined against the walls and these windows they had which fit perfectly in  all corners of the room. The windows also held silhouettes of people dancing.  Along with the small windows there was a photo booth and a little place where you could get professional pictures taken on one wall. Across from that wall was a table full of snacks and treats along with a punch bowl and plastic champagne flutes which made the evening more magical.

      As soon as we walked into the school building we all went our own way. Niall and Maggie made a bee line for the snack table, Louis and Eleanor went to the photo booth, Liam and Danielle went to get their pictures taken, and I dragged Harry on to the dance floor. So far this enchanting night has been close to perfect.

       After about an hour of fast upbeat songs, they FINALLY played a slow song , which happened to be Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift.  I had been waiting for them to  play a slow song, for me and Harry to have a slow dance, and I think Harry has been waiting for a song like this to play also because as soon as the first few notes began to play Harry grabbed my hand and lead me on to the dance floor since we had  previously left to get something to drink. As soon as we walked on to the dance floor Harry wrapped his arms around my waist and I wrapped mine around his neck, I then rested my head on his shoulders and we just stood there swaying to the song.

Harry´s P.O.V

       Me and Hannah were at one of the many tables they had throughout the gym floor. We were talking with Maggie and Niall about some random thing when the DJ announced "Alright everyone we are going to slow things down a bit so grab your special someone and head on to the dance floor." I then heard the beginning of Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift. I looked over at Hannah, she heard the song to. Knowing that Hannah has been waiting for a dance like this, I grabbed her hand and led her onto the dance floor. As soon as we walked on to the dance floor I wrapped my arms around her waist and she wrapped her arms around my neck and we just swayed there, enjoying the moment. 

Hannah's P.O.V

       For the next hour or two all we did was dance with the people we came with and took so many pictures are money was close to gone, the same with our phone memory. Then the moment about half of the homecoming court was waiting for, they were about to announce homecoming queen.

       "Alright ladies and gentlemen gather onto the dance for the announcing of are homecoming king and queen." The DJ announced. A buzz of excitement filled the room.

       "As usually we are going to have last years homecoming queen draw the name and crown this years homecoming queen." the DJ announced. Then last years homecoming queen ruffled through the names finding one to pick out. Every second she spent ruffling through those names seemed like an entirety. Every moment I was waiting for them to announce Homecoming queen I was filled with anticipation, excitement, but above all nervousness as to what the results would be. Then the moment finally came.

         "This years homecoming queen will be." The room was filled with so much anticipation you could cut it with a knife. "Josline Abbott." Last years Homecoming queen announced "Josline will you please make your way to the stage so we can crown you and soon your king." The DJ said. With every step it took Josline to get to the stage a piece of me would fill with despair and disappointment. After that I kinda just block the world out, I only came back to earth when I heard last years homecoming king announce Harry as this years homecoming king. My disappointment  was quickly replaced with jealously. Ever since me and Harry started dating she wanted to break us up and now the opportunity was basically being put into her hands. I looked over at Harry he was still standing next to me. 

           "What are you waiting for, go get your crown." I told him while pushing him to the stage. He got the hint and made his way up to the stage.

           "Ladies and gentlemen I present to you this years Homecoming king and queen." The DJ announced the room erupted into a fit of applauding. I am pretty sure I was the only one in that room not clapping for the king and queen.

          After Harry was crowned the DJ announced  that the king and queen were now going to share a dance together. Watching them dance together almost put me over the edge, because now Harry was in Josline's greedy little hands, and she would probably try to use this against me in the future.

        For the rest of the time I was there it seemed close to impossible to even touch Harry because whenever he had the chance he would always get dragged away to take pictures or Josline would want to "show him off" to her friends. Because of this I spent the night dancing with Maggie, the boys, and their dates. After about an hour of trying to touch Harry but not being able to I left with Maggie, Niall, and Liam. When we got to my building Niall walked Maggie home and Liam walked me home.

         "I'm sorry about Harry." Liam said

         " Liam, you don't need to apologize it's not your fault Harry messed up." I said truthfully

       "I know it's not, but I still feel bad that Harry basically left you to be Josline's show dog." He said

      "Well thank you." I said while hugging him. We stood there in silence for a few seconds. "Well goodnight and thank you for walking me home." I said while unlocking the door

        "Your welcome and goodnight." Liam said. I then walked through the door, waved to Liam and went to bed.

Liam's P.O.V (I'm changing it up a bit ;))

       Since Harry was no where to be found I decided to walk Hannah home so she didn't have to go home all by herself(If you are wondering about Danielle she ditched me for the captain of the football team) When we got to her building Niall went one way with Maggie and me and Hannah went another.

         "I'm sorry about Harry." I said 

         " Liam, you don't need to apologize it's not your fault Harry messed up."She said 

       "I know it's not, but I still feel bad that Harry basically left you to be Joslines show dog." I said and to be honest I was ashamed that Harry never told Josline that he did not want to be her show dog. I thought Harry loved Hannah, if he does, he didn't show it tonight.

      "Well thank you."  Hannah said while hugging me. As she did I smelled her hair, taking in the scent of her strawberry shampoo"Well goodnight and thank you for walking me home." she said while unlocking the door

        "Your welcome and goodnight." I said. She then walked inside waved goodbye and closed the door. I then began to walk home, before I did though I looked behind me to see if Niall was ready to go yet, he wasn't so I decided instead of walking home alone I'd  wait at the end of the hall until he was ready to go. As I was walking I realized something, I don't want to see Hannah hurt. Seeing the way Harry treated her tonight, I felt the need to apologize. At first I didn't know why but now I do, I think I knew ever since I met her, just didn't want to admit it at the time. But when I smelled her hair when I hugged her, I realized that I am in love with Hannah. I don't know why, I don't know if it is the way she looks,acts, it could even be her personalty, or all of the above, all I know right now is that I seriously regret not speaking to her first.

Hannah's P.O.V

         At around midnight I was awoken by the sound of someone knocking on my door. I got out of bed and opened the door to see Harry still in his tux.

       "What do you want." I asked to tired and mad to give him a proper greeting

      "I want to know why you left?" Harry asked

      "You want to know why I left? Fine I left because I was tired Harry. I was tired of not being able to be with you because every, five, seconds Josline was calling you so she could show off her "king", I was tired of being passed around like football, and I was just plain tired. That is why I left." I confessed

       "You think I wanted to be crowned king, I didn't and I wanted to spend time with you, I did but." Harry said

       " But nothing, Harry I know you had no other option but to go up to the stage and get crowned. all I'm trying to say is that when Josline wanted to show you off you could of just said no and that would have been enough, I know Josline is an air head but she would have gotten the hint. Didn't it EVER cross your mine to just say no?" I asked. Harry simply shook his head

       "That's what I thought. Harry go home okay, lets just talk about this tomorrow." I said while shutting the door

      "No!" Harry said while sticking his arm through the door so I couldn't shut it

     "What Harry, what could you possibly say to not make me any less made at you?" I asked

     "I don't, I don't know." He said

     "That's what I thought. goodnight  Harry" I said while closing the door and  letting the tears that were forming on the brim of my eyes ever since Harry arrived, finally fall.

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