Hannah was a just like any normal teenage girl she went to school, came home did her home work then went to bed , but before she could do that she always face timed her best friend Maggie. She thought she had a normal life, that was true until she meet Harry Styles.


15. Homecoming p.2

Hannah's P.O.V

         The next three weeks till homecoming were close to amazing. The only thing that brought me down was a little argument me and Harry had about homecoming night, but was quickly forgotten because that night me and Maggie went to buy homecoming dresses.  The next 20 days were filled with limo rentals, shoe shopping, and forcing Harry to go to the florist to get corsages. I was so busy trying to make that one night close to perfect, time slipped away and next thing any of us knew it was Sunday morning and I was getting ready for tonight. Around 12 o'clock Maggie came and got ready with me because earlier in the week we made a plan to meet at my flat so we could take pictures on the roof because the candles and lights from September were still there. the next eight hours until the boys were suppose to come were filled with a long trip to the hair dresser and nail salon along with going to a little cafe for lunch before hand. After our appointments we went back to my flat to finish getting ready. By the time we finished everyone had arrived. Since I hadn't finished yet I made Maggie answer the door. A few seconds after Maggie left, the kitchen was filled laughter. I also heard a small conversation between Maggie and Harry. When they finished I finished getting ready and walked out of the bathroom and into the kitchen. As soon as I entered the kitchen I saw Harry. A few seconds later he noticed I was in the room. As soon as his eyes locked with mine his jaw basically dropped and the only words he was able to some what manage was "wow."

Harry's P.O.V

              Homecoming night. Those two words have been haunting me ever since I asked Hannah to go with me and now the day has finally come. Since it didn't take me that long to get ready I didn't get ready until 7:00.

              A few hours later it was seven so I started to get ready. After I showered and got dressed into my tux it was 7:20, so I decided to get the lads and head over to Hannah's flat. I didn't take that long to walk across the street to Hannah's flat. While we were walking up the stairs I kept glancing over at Niall who looked like a nervous wreck. I don't blame him though, I remember how I was coming to pick up Hannah for are first official date.  To give him some reassurance I walked over to him, gave him a reassuring smile and made my way up the stairs.

             At around 7:30 I knocked on Hannah's door, a few moments later Maggie opened up the door.

            " hi."She said

           " Hello, may I just say you look as lovely as ever." I said while walking past her and into the kitchen. After I walked in all the boys walked in after me, well everyone besides Niall. I looked back at the doorway to see Niall just looking at Maggie.

         "C'mon guys let's give them some space." I said while leading everyone deeper into the kitchen.

Niall's P.O.V

           Twenty minutes after seven Harry came to my flat to let me know we were going to head over to Hannah's flat. As soon as he knocked on my door a tidal waves of nerve came over me. I was about to go out with Maggie, the most amazing girl on the planet and I could not shake the feeling that I was going to mess this whole night up.

        Before I knew it, we were walking up the stairs of Maggie's building, I'm not gonna lie I was a nervous wreck and I think Harry noticed because he gave me a reassuring smile as he made his way up the stairs.

    In the blink of in eye we were standing in front of flat 207 and Harry was knocking on the door. a few moments later, the door opened, and standing in the thresh hold I saw her. Once I saw her i couldn't stop looking at her, everyone else seemed to fade away. I only noticed that everyone had left when Louis patted me on the back before walking into kitchen.

        " May I just say. You look....amazing." I barely got out.

      "Thank you." Maggie said while blushing. After that we just stared at each other I don't know why, but we did. After a couple of seconds we walked inside hand in hand.

Harry's P.O.V

       A few minutes after me and the lads walked in so did Maggie and Niall.

      "So where is Hannah?" I asked

       "In the bathroom, but you can't go in there." Maggie replied

        "Why not?" I asked

        "Because you have to wait." She said I rolled my eyes

       "Fine." I said while dragging out the e.

       "I'm glad we agree. Soo, we will wait on the roof while you wait  for her in here. O.K. O.K well we will see you later." Maggie said while shoving everyone out the door. All I did to reply was wear a very confused look on my face.

       A little while after everyone left, I heard the bathroom door open, I looked up and saw her standing in front of me. Hannah was wearing a beautiful knee length pastel pink dress with a heart shaped neckline along the waist were gems. She was also wearing a necklace that I got her that read lovely, and her hair was in these soft curls that framed her face perfectly. She looked so perfect that at that moment I had no idea as to why she was with me, and I didn't know what I did to deserve someone as amazing as her.

       I was completely awe struck by how beautiful she looked so all I managed to say was "wow." Hannah laughed walked over to me kissed me then said. "You don't look that bad yourself." We laughed. She then grabbed my hand and we headed for the roof.

Hannah's P.O.V

        For the next hour all we did was take pictures with the candles and lights that were still on the roof. The pictures consisted of group pictures, couple pictures, and individuals. By the time we finished taking pictures the limo arrived, so we all filed downstairs and went off to hopefully the best night of our lives.


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