Hannah was a just like any normal teenage girl she went to school, came home did her home work then went to bed , but before she could do that she always face timed her best friend Maggie. She thought she had a normal life, that was true until she meet Harry Styles.


2. First day

Hannah's P.O.V

     At 6:30 am I heard my alarm clock go off beside me. Almost imedetaly I turned it off too excited to sleep anymore knowing that today was my first day of high school.Before I got out of bed I quickly texted my friend Maggie.

 To Maggie:OMG so excited for today!!!!!!! text me when ur ready to leave.:)

After that i put my phone onto my night stand got out of my bed, and headed for the bathroom with the clothes I had picked out the night before in hand.  My outfit consisted of a black skirt that went down to mid thigh. Along with a pink cami that's covered by a white blazer, on my feet I had aqua toms. For makeup I had foundation, blush, winged eyeliner,  and a peach babylips. I straightened my hair and put it into a high pony tail. By the time I left the bathroom it was 7 which meant I had a half an hour so i decided to go on my phone for a little bit when i turned it on and saw that Maggie had replied.

Maggie: OMG same gurl!!!! Do u want to leave in like 15?

Me: Sure c u in 15

Maggie: KK byeeeeee!!


** 15 minutes later**

      Before I left, I left my mum a note saying that I had gone to school and would see her later( my mums a doctor and she works night shifts, so she does not get back until early in the morning.)  When I finished writing the note I grab my bag and walked out the door being sure to lock it behind me. As soon as I finished locking the door I was tackled in a hug by none other than Maggie.

       "Hey girl." She exclaimed in her overly bubbly voice

       "Hey." I simply replied back

      "so....?" she asked gesturing to her outfit "how do I look?"

     Maggie was wearing a pair of dark wash high waisted shorts with a pair of lace tights underneath along with black combat boots. On top she wore a grey jumper that hung off her one shoulder. Her hair was in a perfect messy bun and her face was dusted lightly with makeup.

      " Perfect. as always."

     "I know." she simply stated. I rolled my eyes at her comment. I guessing she noticed because she started giggling.

     " And how do I look?" I asked imitating her movements when she asked my the same question moments ago.

    "Amazing like always." she said. I blushed at her comment.

    " Shall we go ?" I asked

    "We shall." she responed while locking arms with me.

     In all it took five minutes to walk from our building to the high school we would be attending for the next four years. When we finially got inside of the school we unlocked are arms because our lockers were in two seperate hallways. After I put my books in my locker I gathered my books for my first period of the day.....history. Then I slowly found my way to class trying to find my way around this new school. I eventually found the classroom. As soon as i stepped into the class room I stopped....him.




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