Living With My Boss

Fresh, newly graduated student is out in search for a job pertaining to her degree to be certified to work in the office of a high paying company. After countless interviews and rejections due to her being 1% lower than the candidate they were in search of. Most companies would not take a chance on a negative percentage, until she leaves her hometown to find Lifestyle Perfections. A company based on helping those outside the business world to becoming top executives or even CEOs of their own business. But aside from that, their CEO is in search for an assistant and Estella Divine was ready to take her chances at such a higher level while knowing that the rate of fire was much higher than most. She was determined to show her strengths, but now she finds herself living with the boss himself? CEO, Calvin Remoroe, journey through company struggles and strategies and even Romance within the workplace.


1. Chapter 1

"Estella Divine!" The school director announced my name as the top student of the school to graduate with the highest passing scores on the final exams. As I walked up to the director, who had seen many students' faces to even recognize mine, faked a smile as it was a part of his job and then he shook my hand as we looked towards the flashes of light that emitted from cameras out in the crowd, "Congratulations and may your degree prove useful as you seek out your very own career,"

Little did I know that this search was more than worthless and that this degree was getting me nowhere. I also kept in mind the one thing I ever did learn in college, which was perseverance.

After my parents died in combat; as my mother was in the front-line combat as was my father, I worked very hard to get the degree they never achieved in their youth due to my birth. Most of the time I felt their presence as I felt the same battle empowering me through each failure to even getting hired.

"I'm sorry, Estella, is it?" The interviewer stopped me as I was in mid sentence of answering why they should hire me, "Your records show that you are 1% lower than our average candidate and we are apologetic as to say that it's not a risk our company is willing to accept,"

This man, who seemed to be in his mid 30s, tucked my profile within other candidates who were refused just like me and shifted his eyes towards the exit as a gesture for me to leave. His unprofessional demeanor towards me gave me a burning rage inside my gut that this man was not even taking his job at all seriously. I get this from most companies in the area, yet every single one of them say the exact same thing! Could it be that I'm not aiming low enough!? 

After returning home to my one and only friend, Brittany Celeste, I threw my bag full of only 2 more profiles for two other companies that I regrettably refused to face.

"I feel like maybe these companies aren't just competing each other, but I feel like they're giving their employees the same script to read whether they have a candidate that has the validation of over a certain percent! I almost feel like maybe this degree was a waste of time," I complained as I laid on the couch with my arm covering the tiredness of my eyes, "I mean look at you, how in the world did you land a job as a human recourse assistant!?"

"I was in the same boat as you, Estella," Brittany continued folding her laundry as she listened to me like a patient in need of therapy, "You have to keep trying, you'll be hired for sure,"

"I want to believe you, but maybe an outing might set the mood for such motivation," I smiled as I felt my wallet screaming in agony.

With the money I had left, I had enough to make a plan and leave to try for an area some place else. Even Brittany knew that I should be much wiser than to go out and spend it.

"Estella, I've been doing some research for you and I do honestly think you should consider leaving this place. You know the reason why people chose not to hire you here, so you need to renew yourself somewhere else. A place where no one knows who you are, because the people who graduated before you had only jealousy in your abilities," She put her clothes all in one basket and picked up to place in her room, then she eyeballed me.

"I know," I sat up and opened my laptop that was sitting on our glass coffee table and began to look for affordable places to job search including reliable housing.

After hours of research, I found the perfect place. When I went to go inform Brittany of the news, I had noticed that the hours I had lost in research had led to an hour later than my regular sleeping schedule and especially hers. I closed my laptop after confirming my purchase of a plane ticket and an email stating my arrival to pick up my keys to an apartment nice for even the cost per month. My negotiation skills were still top notch in means of a personal situation that I was able to obtain a luxury apartment for 400 dollars lower than the original rental price.

"Good morning, Brittany," I cheerfully woke up early with only 4 hours of sleep in my system, but the feeling of a full night's rest took over me.

"You're leaving me?" She chuckled as she sipped her coffee while checking her appearance in the mirror for perfection.

"How did you know that?" I reared back a bit as she guessed correctly.

"I'm your best friend, you always take everything I say into consideration, so when do you leave?" She asked as she grabbed her keys, "I hope I at least get a week with you,"

My face turned pale and she noticed, but she still laughed knowing how impatient I was.

"It's this evening, I'm sorry," If I had ears like a cat, they would have been down in sadness. It was already too late to cancel the flight, but at the same time I didn't regret the decision.

"It's alright, if you feel like you know what you're doing, then I believe you do. I just want you to be careful and keep safe," She patted my head, "Go after your dreams, Estella,"

"Thank you!" I hugged her with everything I had as she was the only one I would miss in this journey towards my very own career.

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