I am a Fan

Film Industry consists of 2 Faces - Celebrity and Fan. Celebrity has 2 faces. One that we see them on screen and other we hardly get to know in real life. Similarly Fan has 2 faces. One which is open to the world and one which reveals only in certain circumstances.

Here the story Revolves around an incident where the greatest fan of a star turns out to be the biggest criticism in life where the life just get changed, and the mentioned Celebrity faces such a black moment of life which he had never thought even in nightmares..



It was just another normal morning when the loving sisters RUPSHA and KATHAKALI left for their respective offices. RUPSHA headed for her Radio Desk Centre and KATHAKALI for her High School Staff Room. Both were very friendly and shared everything except their love and crazyness towards SHEKHAR, the celebrity superstar of Hindi Film and Television Industry. Both of them loved him crazily but their approaches were different. RUPSHA was very outspoken whereas KATHAKALI  was very conservative and compressed about her feelings. They used to participate in various contest that were run on television, internet and radio just with the hope of getting atleast a single chance to see SHEKHAR face to face. RUPSHA was very smart and regularly use to get updates of SHEKHAR’s various contest. Being working in one of the leading Radio Bradcasting Company, it was easy too. Whereas, KATHAKALI believed to work in social sites like Facebook and Twitter and every night before going to bed she use to pray “Hey God I have liked all SHEKHAR’s Official  pages and even followed him on Twitter… Do something so that my feelings can be communicated to him…” RUPSHA was always in regular comminucation to the Radio Jockey team since she heard that her Radio Broadcasting Company had a contract as official Radio Partner for SHEKHAR’s upcoming movie. But all these informations were never discussed in front of KATHAKALI. One evening KATHAKALI found RUPSHA very excited and she is using phrases and murmured many related things connected to SHEKHAR.


To break the silence,

KATHAKALI just uttered “So Sad! Radio Monk 98.5 FM wont be able to shoot the interview of SHEKHAR. His upcoming film is delayed and the interview has been cancelled”

RUPSHA – “Ah haa! Silly. Good Joke, but I know he will be coming…”

KATHAKALI “Hold my dear gold! Its been announced at 98.5 the Official radio partner of Bhakt (movie name)”

RUPSHA – “That was all bakwaas, a complete foolish story been aired…”

KATHAKALI  in a dominating voice– “No No Miss R… It is!”

RUPSHA -  “No He is coming”

KATHAKALI  - “Yes, He is not”

RUPSHA -  “No He is !”

KATHAKALI -  “Yes, He is not!”

RUPSHA  - “No!”

KATHAKALI  - “Yes !”

RUPSHA  - “No! No!”

KATHAKALI -  “Yes! Yes!”

KATHAKALI  - “Yes! Becoz I hv heard the same in 98.5 fm”

RUPSHA -  “It cannot be, because he is gonna come for our Radio Station, Radio Monk.. and moreover its confirm .. oooppss.. (She cut her tongue)”

KATHAKALI –“Thanks Sis! I ll listen to Radio Monk from Today 24/7… Thus I was wondering .. why my RUPSHA is flying these days…haha.. mmm..”


Both of Sisters rooms are well decorated with SHEKHAR’s poster. Their Mobile Screen Savers and wallpapers are also of SHEKHAR’s pics. KATHAKALI use to maintain Diary which reflected all her daily happenings and events. She used to maintain that secretly with the fact that RUPSHA knew that the other person is holding a Personal diary Containing updates of SHEKHAR.


The day came and the teaser was released online. Entire population got mad at that. The buzz created a solid impact not only with the fans but also who were not so crazy for SHEKHAR. On the same day a contest was announced online by SHEKHAR himself – “How would you define the word Fan ? The Best five answers will be joining me at the Trailer launch of my upcoming movie “BHAKT”. This went viral and people were getting mad to make a good definition. From Radio, television shows, Facebook – everywhere the mass gone crazy.

People started coming with good definitions and slogan like –

‘Fan is a defined as a person who has a strong interest in or admiration for a particular sport, art form, or famous person’

‘The best lover of a Superstar is Fan’

‘The Fan is the only well wisher of the star’

‘Fan is defined as the person who can go to the craziest moment of his/ her life for his/ her celebrity’

Both RUPSHA and KATHAKALI’s names were announced. RUPSHA was appreciated for her beautiful statement -  ‘Fan is a person who follows the path of her loving celebrity, and stays with the star in both good and bad times.’

But the best line which even made SHEKHAR to announce with pride is of KATHAKALI  - ‘Fan is defined as the person who is lost in love & respect for a particular person and is do deeply connected that he lives the person’s all smiles and pains along-with, blindly’


Further, it has been announced that ,Music launch will be followed just after three days of the Trailer hits the mass. And all the five lucky ones who would win, would get an opportunity to conversate with SHEKHAR and would also be allowed to rejoin the star at the Music launch. 

Coming to the former event - Both RUPSHA and Kathkali, just like other crazy fans, went speechless when SHEKHAR entered the stage throwing flying kisses to the audience. RUPSHA’s mouth was wide open and forgot to close as if she was in heaven. The profession of RUPSHA of course helped her a lot to know the entire event plans. Why not! After all she was a part of the official Radio Broadcasting Channel of ‘BHAKT’.  

The lucky five were called on stage and were asked to introduce themselves in a style that would impress SHEKHAR. Participants gave their best words and then came RUPSHA’s turn. She walked with short steps looking at SHEKHAR with her mouth wide open, her eyes were big with excitement and facilitated SHEKHAR with a Red Rose. SHEKHAR took the flower and thanked RUPSHA. She was so lost that keeping her eyes and mouth wide open, she fainted.  People broke into laughter scenario after this humorous happening.

Then host asked the last lucky one to accompany SHEKHAR and put her / his statement. KATHAKALI approached slowly with her face down with shyness. Her feet were shaking, heart beat was accelerated. She looked up and saw SHEKHAR in such a closed distance. Her eyes became moist and with every step towards SHEKHAR, tears seemed to slide down her eyes. Finally she reached SHEKHAR. SHEKHAR was surprised to see this fan.

SHEKHAR said “Hey!! Relax… you are crying?… You are here. Come on! Facilitate me… Ladies and gentleman.. She is (looking at the Visitor ID Card) Miss KATHAKALI…. And her definition of Fan I found to be the best among the best ones… But still I would like to hear further… ” “Yes, KATHAKALI, facilitate me with yr nice words… lets see how it sounds when it comes to hearing than reading.”

KATHAKALI with a smile, looking straight into SHEKHAR and holding the White Rose in her arm. “I am highly grateful to this entire arrangement. For me” “A Fan is no Fan till loved by her Star, a star is not a Star till acknowledged by his Fan”. “No Fan is pure Without a Star’s Glory and similarly no Star is complete without Fan’s love”. “(Smiling again) Without SHEKHAR,  KATHAKALI  has no inspiration and without KATHAKALI , SHEKHAR’s  journey has no destination. I represent my White Rose for the pleasant atmosphere you have maintained in our hearts through your films and shows”  “Thank you!”

Everyone were silent when SHEKHAR clapped high on her statement… “Yes… She… is… my…. FFan!!!”

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