The Ghost Hunters Daughter ( DP Fan Fic )


14. CHAPTER 13

We entered the school and walked down the hall, everyone stopped and stared at us as we passed them. "Don't worry about everyone else we have more important things to worry about." Danny whispered into my ear and I gripped his hand tighter. He squeezed my hand slightly to reassure me that everything was going to be just fine, but I wasn't so sure about that. As soon as I reached my locker I put my things inside, but kept out a book. "Hey Danny, Hey Ivory." Tucker and Sam said when they reached us: we both smiled. "Hey guys." We said. The bell suddenly rang and we all gasped and ran down the hall, and up the stairs leading to the second floor. When we entered the classroom we all took a seat at our desks just as the teacher walked in and he began the lesson. I didn't pay much attention of course I was too busy looking down at my desk: replaying every single event that had went down from the moment Dani and I had arrived at my old house to the very last moment I had looked up into Dannys eyes before I had passed out. And the questions that still remains is, 'what was my mothers intentions? What was she going to do to Danny and my dad? Where did I get these powers? Where did my mother go? Who am I?' I think I can at least answer one of these questions, 'I don't know who I am anymore,' that is the answer to that question, I have no idea who I am anymore I don't even know what my purpose is or what I'm meant to do because no one was around when I got these powers and no one stuck by me to help me. The only other person who stuck by me was Danny, but even he can't stop the questions and doubts that keep running through my head I try to think harder, mainly focusing on how I got these powers. 'Father? No he seemed shocked and didn't recognize me. Mother? Hmm...she didn't seem to surprised. And now that I think about it she was encouraging me turn ghost every chance she got, even when I was in school and... "Mrs Lennon!" The teacher suddenly yelled and I snapped my head up: he had his arms crossed over his chest and he looked mad. "School is for learning! Not for sleeping or daydreaming or whatever it was that you were doing! Focus!" I looked around the classroom and everyone was staring at me even Danny, but he had a look of concern on his face. I nodded my head. "Yes, of course... Sorry." I said in a soft voice. He narrowed his eyes, but returned to teaching the class. When the Bell rang everyone left the classroom except for Danny who stood up and walked over to me. "Hey, are you Ok?" He asked and I sighed. "I don't know...I mean I have all of these questions running through my head and all of these doubts. I just... I don't know." I said and be kissed my forehead. "You know I'll help you Ivory. I'll always be here for you... Your not doubting our relationship are you?" He asked with sadness in his eyes and I cupped his face in my hands. "No of course not Danny, I love you. I would never give up us." I kissed him and he kissed me back. "I'm glad, now lets Head to our next class." I smiled and nodded my head, we stood up and left the classroom.

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