The Ghost Hunters Daughter ( DP Fan Fic )



"Dad what are you doing now?" He looked up from the contraption that he was working on, parts scattered all over the table. "I'm working on a new Ghost tracker. This just might be the greatest idea I've had yet!' I sighed, walked over to him, and kissed his cheek. "I'll see you after school, ok dad?" I asked. "Mmhm, have fun." I walked out of the house, and started walking down the road, my dad and I just moved here its just me and him. My mother died 2 years ago. No one knows how, they just assume she left us. So its been very hard on both of us, but we're doing our best to get by with what we have. Last year was the weirdest year for me, after I turned 13 I discovered that I have ghost powers. I don't know how I got them and what I'm meant to do though it's still a little weird for me, but I'm trying to get use to it. Im also a big clutz if you haven't heard. I entered the school as soon as I got there and walked straight to my locker, I put my things inside except for one book then started walking down the hall. My first class is on the second floor I started walking up the stairs, luckily there wasn't anyone around when my Ghost powers suddenly kicked in and I started going through the floor. "Oh for goodness sake!" I blurt out pushing myself up out of the floor and straightening myself out. "Why can't I still control this thing? I need help, but there isn't anyone here that has the same powers as me." I sat down on one the stairs and sighed heavily. "Hey! A new kid! Finally someone to bother other then fenton!" Someone shouted and and I looked back as a jock pick me up by the back of my shirt. "Hey put me down!" I shouted, him and his friends just laughed. "You get the welcome treatment." He shoved me into a locker then walked off. I pushed the locker door open and fell flat on my face. "Oh great! Well at least I'm right next to my first class. That's a bonus." I said standing up and walking into the class room. Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked up at me, only one person didn't look up at me he had black hair and sky blue eyes, he wore a white T-shirt with a red design on it and blue jeans. I gulped and walked over to the teacher. "I'm Ivory Lennon the new student." I said and he nodded his head. "Take a seat." He said and I nodded my head slowly, I turned to face the class and started walking down the isle of desks there was only one empty desk at the back of the class room so I took a seat. As I put my hand on my desk it went right through and I fell flat on my face, again! Everyone looked back at me and started laughing. "Another Danny Fenton in the making! Hahaha!!" They all laughed and my face turned red from embarrassment. I slowly stood up and took a seat at my desk again this time not bothering not to touch anything, but I noticed that the boy wasn't laughing at me which kind of confused me since everyone else was laughing at me. It was lunch now, second class was just the same as the first one. I took a seat at a lunch table and set my tray of food down, I started eating when all of a sudden I sensed a ghost nearby. Oh no! Not now, please not now! I looked around the cafeteria and noticed that the boy was sensing something, can he sense the ghost too? The boy looked around and when he looked at me he smiled at me, but only for a minute or so until his friends got his attention then he looked away. I didn't turn ghost in fear of everyone else thinking I was even more weird then I already was and as soon as lunch ended I headed straight to my next class. By the end of the day I was glad to be home. "Hey dad." I said grabbing an apple, plopping down at the kitchen table and taking a bite out of it. "Hey Ivory." He said clearly still working on his 'ghost tracker' and not bothering to pay any attention to my presence. Without another word I took my homework out of my book bag and started working on that. Once I finished my homework I headed upstairs to my room and plopped down on my bed, exhausted. "What a long day, maybe I should just go to bed." I said to myself, but before I could drift off to sleep my Ghost powers kicked in. "I guess that's a no." I stood up, turned ghost, then flew out my bedroom window. "I just hope this is worth it."

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