A Reason To Smile

This is a true story. I was amazed, and inspired. Please, please, please take the advice that they have given me! It is a blessing. I seriously am amazed at this.


1. The Story

I was at a college today for science fair, and lost my wallet with money in it. Me and my teacher freaked out and searched the stairs of the campus. I walked back up to the top and asked the director if they'd seen my wallet. They said that somebody had turned it in to the information desk. I walked to the information desk, and got my wallet back with the money in it (:)). Well, any way, I had my phone number in my wallet, and somebody had called the number when I got home, so I called them back and thanked them.

They responded: I have devoted my life to helping others. I only ask of you one thing of you, and that is to do the right thing. Remember this day and smile. Pay it forward...somewhere, someday, you will have an opportunity.

I responded: That really meant a lot.

They responded: That's what I do.

I responded: Well, then, stay you!

And now I am smiling and very happy! It warmed my heart!

I seriously am freaking out over this. Please heed her words. I believe that God sent an angel to me to learn this lesson. I am going through hard times, and this is amazing. 
So, please, all of you, I only ask of you one thing, and that is to do the right thing.

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