A Storm of Poems

For some odd reason, I have a BUNCH of poems in my head. I'm not even a poet, and they still keep coming. So, because I have nothing better to do with my life, I'm going to create a poetry book! *waits for a bunch of BOOs, because my poetry sucks XD *


1. The Vow of Silence

I will not cry

I will not speak

But this has been going on for so many weeks


What good does this do them?

Have I ever done them wrong?

The haters, the bullies, and others in their throng?


What should I do?

Retaliate, spit curses at them

Push them down as I scream with fury into the wind?


No, for once more,

I will not cry

I will not speak


This vow I make, I won't keep

And when they see that my voice has come

With horses and knights to prove them all wrong....

They will see that my Vow of Silence did not last very long

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