The Darknes Calls

I wanted to write another story and this is what came out this time!


1. The Darkness Calls

It was pitch black outside. There were no stars and the moon was covered by a thick layer of clouds.

I had been at school late and now I was stuck in the dark. My mother had always told me to stay away from the dark and to always BE afraid of it. Though, I never believed her because she was crazy. Literally. I had grown up with my grandparents since my mother was in an insane asylum and my father had died when I was 3. So I never believed what my mother had told me.

Then, like a sharp wind, the night became like ice. The dark of the night even seemed to get darker.

"Cassie... Cassie... Cassie..." I quickly turned around to check if there was someone behind me. No one. What am I thinking? I must be hearing things.  I quickened my pace and started to watch my surroundings. Everything seemed to be dead. There was nothing. Absolutely nothing, moving. I started to walk even faster.

"Cassie... We're... Waiting... Cassie" Again I quickly turned around. What are these voices? And where are they coming from?

I glanced towards the east to find a forest. It was dark too. But the trees seemed to move. I squinted to try to get a better look at the forest but, it didn't help. But, before I knew it I was on the tree line of the forest.

"Cassie... Cassie..." The voices were stronger but they seemed to blow past my hear like a sharp wind now. I glanced into the forest and saw a path.

I made my way to the path and started to follow it deeper into the forest. Each step making me even more uneasy. What am I doing here? I should go home. I turned around but the path behind me disappeared. I started to panic. Where am I? Where is the path? What's going on?

"Cassie... Cassie..." The voices started to talk again. I closed my eyes.

"What? What do you want with me?!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. When I opened my eyes, standing in front of me was my mom. As she started to approach me I noticed that she wasn't my mom. Instead, she all pure black and she had red eyes. I screamed. And started to back away only to find her approaching me even faster.

I turned around and ran. I ran as fast as I could. Then, I felt something touch my shoulder and pull me backwards to the ground. It was... the dark figure of my mom that I had saw. And it was right on top of me, and it seemed to suck away all the life I had out of me.

But the last thing I remember is my mom telling me,"Stay away from the dark. Don't let it approach you. Don't let it lead you in. Don't listen to anything it has to say. And most importantly, remember

The darkness will always be there."

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