Sad short stories

This is just some stories I wrote based off my depression...if you don't want to end up in tears I would suggest you don't read this book.


1. My Friend

I live alone in an old creepy house. Well I'm not internally alone....I have one my true friend. He never talks and he never looks you in the eyes. He says that its really not his style. In my house there are a lot of rooms. Each room has a memory that I wish so badly to forget. "Hey let's go out and play to day its so nice out." I said to my friend with a smile on my face. He looked at me and shook his head. "It's to bright out their. I don't want to go..." I looked down and sat down next to him watching TV. "Yeah, your right....I don't know to go out side and play it's much better to stay inside and stay alone with you." I looked at him my smile gone and so was a apart of me.

One day he looked at me and sighed. "How badly do you want to do something fun?" I smiled at him really excited that he wanted to do something me. "I want to do something fun with you so badly that I could die right now right here." He seemed to smile when I said the word die. "Let's go to the sleeping room..." He said in a low whisper as he lead me to my parents room where they both died in their sleep. "Why don't you sit at the dresser in front of the mirror. I'll make you look like a princess." I smiled very excited and happy that he wanted to do anything at all so with out a word I sat down and laughed.

"This is fun!" I said with a laugh and then I looked in the mirror and I saw the ugly truth. I saw a fat person looking at me and I screamed and broke the mirror. "No!!! Stop doing that to me!!!" I screamed and hit him so he would go away. He did go away for awhile but I still felt like he was their sitting in the shadows laughing at how much I was struggling to breath. One day I decided to started to play my own game. It was called the pretty painter. I ran into the bathroom and took out my paint brush and I looked in the mirror and I made a pretty picture.

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