That same old love

Giselle and Harry have history together, a history that ended in an unknown way. In the present time, Giselle is with Zayn despite knowing that she and Harry could never really get over each other. Find out about them and what happens when Zayn figures the truth out...


1. Unforgivable

Harry's POV:

She was sitting there with her book between her hands. She's so caught up in her own world making me love her to the moon and back. Zayn showed up and crashed on the couch next to her. My heart again sunk. He wrapped his arm around her and grabbed her closer making her giggle and kiss his cheek. My heart strings were being ripped one by one. I shook it off and entered the room. 

"Hey guys" I spoke sitting opposite them. "Hey man" Zayn answered as Giselle sat straight and tucked her hair behind her ear. "Zayn I want to go home, can you pick me up please?" She asked ignoring me. She's always trying to avoid me... well ever since that night at least.

Giselle's POV:


"HARRY PUT ME... DOWN" I yelled through my loud laughter right after Harry put me on his shoulder and spun around the table. "Say I love you Harry styles and I'm all yours first" he ordered. "Okay okay I love you Harry styles and I'm yours" I repeated.


"Babe... you okay?" Zayn poked me as he stopped the car in front of my house. "Ah yeah, just thinking of my new book" I said. "You know you're a great writer, It'll bring you a lot of success, just wait for it" Zayn reassured me before leaning closer to kiss me. "I love you" He said. I stared at his face and waited for some words to come out. "Me too" I said.

Later at night:

Harry's POV:

The boys and I all gathered at the house in order to have dinner together. "I'm going to visit mom tomorrow" Liam said before sucking his fingers. "I wish I had a mom" I mumbled standing up and placing my plate in the sink. I rushed to my room and decided to finally call Giselle. "H- harry?" She answered after a short time. "I wish I never left you.. God I miss you so much Giselle..." I said when she cut me off. "Harry stop stop stop I don't want to hear this, I'm with Zayn and I love him" she lied. "No you don't" I argued when she hung up on me. What I did to her was unforgivable...


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