Forest's Story Volume 1

Forest's story is about the story of a young boy, growing up in an unknown and run down village in the 2000's. However, Forest was taken to learn English, and learn who to fight by Shirimaru. Shirimaru dies and Forest's all of Forest's limbs and his right eye were gone. He undergoes a procedure to help him survive and he is obtains fully thick metal parts (a lot like Raiden's) and works for Richtopohen. He is on a journey to find the mysterious man who sliced off his legs in this romantic, action filled, and comedic book. Forest's Story...

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37. Forest's Story - Chapter 35 - The Wedding (2/2)

Blare's father rested on his knees, he then started to cry. Forest then walked to him carefully, his tears soaked the sand. He then got up slowly, and pointed his sawed off shotgun at him.
Blare's father: "How could you... Just let her get kidnapped like that?!" He said as he looked sad, but then he started to look angry. "You were like a son to me Forest, by doing this you've lost my trust." 
Forest noticed Blade's father's eye. It was red, he walked over slowly to reveal what was behind his eyepatch. 
Blade's father: "Dont you come near me anymore!" He snarled as Forest backed away from him like an animal. 
Richtophen: "Everyone calm down, I've planned this. Get some investigators here!" He yelled at one of the agency men. 
Amber then walked up to Forest.
Forest: "Are you alright?!" He said as she supported herself against the rose vine fence. 
Amber: "I'm fine," she said as she flew a bright gold. "Self healing, don't tell anyone." She smiled then her smile turned into a frown.
Amber: "I'm... Sorry about Blare, but don't loose hope we'll find her." She said as she looked at Forest with a reassuring smile. 
Forest: "I know we will, thanks for staying positive Amber." He said as he walked to Vincent and Leon. "Are you alright?"
Leon: "We're good," he said as he looked at Vincent. "And Vince is alive."
Leon looked at Amber, she was bending down to pick up what looked like evidence. 
Leon: "Is that the new girl?" He said as he blushed.
Forest: "Yes, but she's--" He paused as he noticed Leon was gone. 
Leon: "So... I'm currently single if you were wondering." He said as he whispered in her ear.
She jumped and took the bag off her shoulder. 
Amber: "Be gone you sick little bugger!" She said as she pointed at the entrance.
Leon: "Is she on her period?" He asked as he rubbed the redspot on his cheek. 
Forest: "No, but she's pregnant." He said matter of a factly. 
Leon: "Yeah, I think I'll go and investigate the town." He said as he walked up the entrance. 
Nancy picked up Vincent and followed Leon, but coming out of the truck was Blade, he who Peter then barked.
Blade: "Forest, I've intercepted a call from Darien... This could tell us where Blare was taken." He said as he scratched his back. "Tune into frequency 121.90." He said as he then started to groom his fur. 
Forest kneeled on one knee and turned in to that frequency. 
Darien: "Good work Fattie, good work indeed!" He said as he smiled ensuring that he was doing good. 
Fatman: "Well, I am doing what I'm best at so..." He said as he put Blare down on the floor. 
Darien: "As promised, 10 billion dollars will be deposited into your bank account."
Fatman: "No, I want a bonus if I kill Forest Speyer." He said as he took out a knife and sharpened it. 
Darien: "How much are we talking about?" He said as he set down a cup off coffee.
Fatman: "17 million, I'm not going any lower."
Darien: "Errr... deal," he said as he sipped another sip of coffee. "Where are you right now?"
Fatman: "I'm in New York city, in the abandoned warehouse on main street."
Darien: "Alright, I'll meet you there at two in the morning. Be ready to get your money."
Fatman: "What do I do with the girl after I kill Forest?!"
Darien sipped some coffee.
Darien: "Do what ever you want to her." He said as Forest's eyes widened.
Forest: "Not today amigos, I'm on my way." He said as he smiled.
Fatman: "What?"
Darien: "FOREST!"
Forest: "I'll be there before two, see you fellas." He said as he signed off. 
Forest got up and walked to Amber. 
Forest: Want to come with me?" He said as he smiled at Amber.
Amber: "Sure, where to?" She asked as she lifted an eyebrow.
Forest: "New York City," he said as he walked to Richtophen. "Want to come?"
Richtophen: "Sure, lemme guess... NYC?" He said as he walked next to Forest.
Blade: "Take me too, you'll need me for taking out any of the enemies and supporting your teammates." He said as he got up.
Forest: "Alright, hang on." He said as he walked to Blade's Father.
Blare's Father: "She's gone, my beloved daughter." He mumbled.
Forest: "We're going to find Blare, we know where she is." He said as he lifted his head up.
Blade's Father: "Good, because after this... She coming to live with us again." He said as he got into his face and he walked back to his truck.
Forest couldn't believe it, he wouldn't be able to hold her or kiss her. He wouldn't see her smile, he won't see his children. He won't be there to laugh with her and to comfort her when she cries. Forest felt like killing someone or something, but he decided to let it go.
Amber: "Forest, let's go..." She said as she grabbed his hand and walked him to the truck.
When they got to the truck, Forest took off his tux and his good pants. Underneath were his jeans used for fighting, he reached into the back and got his leather jacket. After everyone got in, he turned back and looked at Richtophen and Blade who were both sitting at the back. 
Forest: "Guys when we go here, were going to find Blare and her only. This is your only chance to back out, so back out if you want." He said as nobody moved. "Alright, let's go."
They turned around to the road and drove out of town. Most of the road was nothing, until they entered NYC. Forest parked the car outside the warehouse.
Forest: "Okay, so here our plan," He said as he looked back at them. "There's a hole on the roof, so one of you need to go to the top and kill the two guards behind the door. Next, we go in and take it out to the streets I'll take care of Fatman and Darien if he shows up."
Blade: "I'll kill and open the doors for you three," he said as Amber opened up the door. "I'll be back in a couple of seconds."
It actually did only take a couple of seconds to do the first part.
Forest: "Okay, now take the rest out on the street... I'll take care Forest." He said as he grabbed his sword and ran inside. Forest ran up the stairs to the main office, Fatman was standing there tying up Blare.
Forest: "Untie her Fatman, this is the end of your run." He said as he clutched his sword. 
Fatman: "Sure Forest," He said as he smiled. "After I have your head mounted on the wall."
Forest: "Fatman, you're dead." He said as he pushed him out of the second story window. 
Fatman got up and rode around the gigantic area. Forest was confused, he didn't know where he was. Fatman then came out fired shots at Forest using a semiautomatic handgun. Forest blocked the shots with his sword, leaving Fatman confused. Forest slashed at him and cut off a portion of the armor he was wear.
Fatman: "Not bad, Forest." He said as he continued to loop around the warehouse in a different loop.
Meanwhile the other three were having a gun fight with ten other Russian men. They were low on ammo, and Blade was starting to get tired.
Amber: "I'm getting low on ammo," she yelled as a bullet flew by her head. "I think we need to go close range!" She yelled to Richtophen.
Richtophen: "Let's do so." He yelled in response to Amber's answer. 
Amber slid the gun into the holister on her mid-upper thigh area. She then reached for her scythe and lunged towards one of the men. Richtophen then ran in front of her and blocked the bullets with his katana.
Though they were doing better, Forest wasn't doing so well. Fatman moved fast, and Forest was getting hurt pretty bad.
Fatman: "Come on, Forest. If you were strong enough to take out a Metal Gear Rex Mark II, you can take out a man." He said as he rolled backwards towards the door, then to the opposite way. 
That gave Forest an idea, he would meet Fatman at the opposite side and take care of him there. He would rinse and repeat until he finnaly finishes Fatman, and that would be how he would finish him. He then put his plan into action,  Forest spotted a ladder leading to a narrow path hanging on the roof. Forest then heard Fatman call, his voice was scratchy and irritated. Almost as if he was on a rollercoaster once and screamed so much he lost his voice. 
Fatman: "Forest! Come on out! Don't hide from me, I just want to have your head mounted on my wall." He said as Forest jumped down. 
When he jumped down, he was slashing so fast as if time were going more faster for Forest than intended. When Fatman's armor was off he finished it with a backjab to the stomach and like that, Fatman fell. In that time, Richtophen and Amber were finished.
Richtophen: "Well, that was more difficult than intended." He said as he walked towards Amber.
Amber: "Well at least we got that finished." She said as she smiled and laughed a little. 
Richtophen: "I guess so, let's check on Forest." He said as he opened the doors, Blade following behind them.
Forest had his sword implanted in his stomach, it was the Katana he used for fighting always.
Fatman chuckled. 
Forest: "What's so funny." He said as he looked down at him. 
Fatman: "They don't call me Fatman for nothing, want to know how that big shell..." He coughed up blood. "Blew up?"
Forest knew what he was talking about. 
Forest: "Get out of here, I'll get Blare." He said as the three of them ran out the door. 
Forest ran back upstairs, Blare was passed out. She must've been knocked out by something, Forest took Blare and jumped out the window and landed I the lake behind. Forest metthem up front about five minutes later.
Richtophen: "You two alright?" He said as he scanned Forest.
Forest: "Blare is fine, and that's what matters... Now let's get out of here." He said as they all piled into the truck and went back to Boston.
When they got back, Blare's parents came walking through. 
Blare's Dad: "Oh my god, Blare!" He said as he saw her passed out.
Forest "She's out cold," he said as he looked down. "She--"
Blare's Dad: "Like you know what's best for her, you always do." He said as he carried Blare to his car.
He then stopped, he set Blare by the car as she stood up.
Blare: "I'm fine," she said as her Dad hugged her. "Father, I love Forest... You blessed our wedding."
Blare's Dad looked sad.
Blare's Dad: "Your right, I did," He said Blare wrapped her arms around her Father's. "I just don't want her to leave." He said as Forest heard the sadness in his voice. 
Forest walked over and hugged him and Blare. 
Forest:"If it makes you feel better, I can buy your family a house near us." He said as he looked at him. 
Blare's Dad's eyes opened with shock. 
Blare's Dad: "Y-you can pay for it?" He said as he looked at Forest.
Forest: "I have the money to... yeah." He said as Blare's Dad hugged Forest, the tears from his eyes soaked into his shirt. 
Blare's Dad sipped the tears from his eyes. 
Blare's Dad: "I don't know how I can repay you." He said as Forest put his finger to his lips, gesturing him to shush.
Forest: "You're letting me marry your daughter, and that's good enough for me," he said as he looked at his destroyed house. "We'll just stay in an apartment." He said as he smiled as they walked back to the truck and they went to an apartment complex and bought a furnished room.
About three days later, they re did the wedding. 
Preacher: "You may kiss the bride!" He said as Forest pulled Blare in and kissed her on the lips as everyone stood up and clapped. Afterwards, everyone sat down to eat some food. Everyone except Leon and DustMite.
Leon: "Damn, she has hips... Large ones." He said as he looked at Amber's butt as she had her back turned talking to Nancy. DustMite walked up to where Leon was, to look at Amber's hips. 
Dustmite: "Yer looking at her hips, ain't ye" He said as Leon turned his head to DustMite.
Leon: "Yes, you got a problem?" He said as Amber laughed audibly.
DustMite: "Yeah, I saw those hips before her," he said as he crouched next to Leon. "I gotter get this as me background." He said as he took out his phone and took three pics.
Leon rolled under the table they were at as Samantha came. 
Samantha: "DustMite! You sick man, spying on sweet little Amber" She said sounding ashamed. As she dragged him away like a doll, Leon took more pictures until he was stopped by a shadow.
Behind him stood a pale skinned, pink haired woman. She was tall, and chubby and she didn't look happy.
???: "LEON!" She yelled as everyone went quiet and looked at them.
Leon: "Erm... Sheela... I can explain!" He said as he stood up.
Sheela: "Yeah, explain while you take me home." She said sounding really angry.
Forest walked up to Leon, and put his hand on his shoulder.
Forest: "Hey, wait!" He said as Leon turned towards Forest.
Leon: "What?"
Forest: "There's lots of leftovers if you want them, I'll come and drop some off okay?"
Leon: "Alright," he said as he smiled a little. "I'll call you."
Forest: "Got it." He said as they bro fisted each other and walked off.
That night was really fun for everyone, they drank and chatted until it was finally over. Yet Richtophen stayed for one last gift, he took them into town and blind folded them.
Richtophen: "We're not there yet," he said as he guided Forest and Blare. "Okay, take your blind folds off."
It was their house, the exact house but it wasn't by the beach. 
Forest: "How did--" he said as he turned towards Richtophen. 
Richtophen: "I have my ways," he said as he shooed off Forest. "Go inside and be with your wife!" He said as he drove off. 
It had been the longest three days of their lives, but it was the beginning of a new chapter in life. Forest feel asleep with Blare in his arms, her soft purple hair touching his neck. As he drifted off, he slipped out of her arms and walked to the porch. Against the wall was the sword he was given as a gift, amazed he carried it inside. There was a little note on it saying, "Go to the basement and press the button."

Forest walked downstairs to their basement. He then found the button and pressed it, and inside was the exact dojo he had when he was with his adopted family. He walked around and hugged the floor he had so missed when he was a child. On the door was a note, saying "Your welcome." from Richtophen. He walked back upstairs and fell asleep with Blare again. In his head were happy thoughts, but he put them to rest for tonight just to get some sleep.

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