Forest's Story Volume 1

Forest's story is about the story of a young boy, growing up in an unknown and run down village in the 2000's. However, Forest was taken to learn English, and learn who to fight by Shirimaru. Shirimaru dies and Forest's all of Forest's limbs and his right eye were gone. He undergoes a procedure to help him survive and he is obtains fully thick metal parts (a lot like Raiden's) and works for Richtopohen. He is on a journey to find the mysterious man who sliced off his legs in this romantic, action filled, and comedic book. Forest's Story...

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23. Forest's Story - Chapter 21 - Dinner (2/2)

Forest woke up the next morning after having Blare talk to her mother. He could tell that she was satisfied that she got to talk to him. Forest got into his truck and drove to the store to buy a turkey and gravy for the dinner. He had everything he needed to make the rest of the dinner, when he got back he set the groceries on the table and took the turkey from the bag. He put it in an aluminum tray and put it to cook for some time. He estimated by lunchtime it would be ready, in the meantime he took the mashed potatoes out of the cupboard and heated up some water in the microwave. In the time it took the water to heat up, Blare came out walking with her teddy bear by it’s arm and rubbing her hand on her eye. “Forest…” She said so quietly Forest barely noticed her. “Yes Blare?” He looking towards Blare. “Can I help?” She said so innocently. How can I say no to that? Forest thought to himself. “Sure, you can help me with the stuffing.” He said smiling and put some water in a pot, then putting it on the stove on low. After that, Forest turned on the timer and turned on some music from RWBY which was his favorite show. He was singing along, but of course he was a terrible singer. Later, Blare got a box of chicken and cranberry stuffing. She walked towards Forest and handed the box to him. “Good, thanks Blare,” He said smiling which Blare knew was a good. “we’re also going to need some extra for the Turkey.” He said as Blare excitedly ran to the box, but tripped on the rug and landed in the box. “Forest, help!” She cried for Forest to get her out of the box. Her foot was caught on a stray string from the rug. Forest walked to her. Her butt was in the air, which gave Forest a nosebleed. Forest grabbed her by the stomach and tugged her. It looked like as if he were humping her, but it wasn’t like that. I need to count down to pull her out, she’s heavier than she looks. He thought as he counted down out loud. Just as he said three, bursting through the door was a man with an eyepatch who looked a lot like a pirate. Forest fainted (because he had a phobia of people with eyepatches and whenever he saw someone with one he would pass out), followed by Leon and Vincent, who had come for the dinner as that little thank you he had promised. When Forest regained consciousness, he saw that the dinner was ready. It was ‘Thanksgiving eve’ so Forest was okay. Forest was relieved and saw everyone was in bed already. Forest walked to his bed and took a nap.
When he woke up again, he saw that Blare was up and making breakfast. The at least most simplest of  foods; oatmeal. She liked the oatmeal that they always got, she didn’t like the cheezy and crappy food that they used to get. She put brown sugar to give it an extra taste, and a pinch of cinnamon so it would add that extra sensation. She also cut up some apples and mixes it in. She liked it when Forest put apples in the oatmeal, she wasn’t a big fan of whole apples but she enjoys the taste of the apples they have in their backyard. Forest smiled as he watched Blare sing as she did it. She shook her hips attractively as she did so. Forest got a nosebleed again, but quickly wiped it from his nose and walked out to dance with her. The song that they were singing were a song from their favorite movie; Beauty and The Beast. Just as they were dancing, they were about to lean in for a kiss until Blare’s brother walked downstairs. “Hi Guise!” He said smiling as Forest and Blare came back up both blushing. “Pixel, you know you’re not supposed to be up this early! It’s 4 am!”  Blare scolded the child. “But it’s still tomorrow, and my tablet died anyways.” He smiled intimately. Blare hated her brother sometimes, but for the last four hours she was wondering if Forest like likes her. When her parents woke up, along with Vincent and leon Forest sat on the couch watching the channel four news. He had the oatmeal on his lap, still hot. He couldn’t bother to sit with Blare’s Father especially since he had an eyepatch. “Hey, Blare can you… take this off,” Blare’s father asked. “T-take what off?” She said looking up at him surprised, she knew what he meant. “the eyepatch.” He said glaring at her. The eyepatch was tied to the back of his and needed to be taken off because it was sometimes too tight. Blare took him back to the room that he and his wife slept in upstairs. She took the knot and untied it. They spot around it was cut up and bloody, peeking through his eyelid was the eye. It was white, and the blood vessels were showing. Forest was watching them, until they came towards him. Forest hid in the closet, and made it look like he were getting dressed. He took a pair of jeans and a black T-shirt tried to get it on. Blare walked in and saw Forest getting dressed. She wasn’t going to say “EW THAT’S NASTY!” She saw her brother get dressed before in the bathroom on accident. It wasn’t anything special to her. Forest had been the same way, he worked with women and Richtophen was too lazy to make a separate room for women to dress and shower. Blare got dressed in the same room, however as she got dressed her pants got stuck. “Um… Forest can you help me?” She said kind of embarrassed. She trusted Forest, besides it wasn’t the first time anyways. Once while going shopping, her shirt got shuck because it was too small. So Forest can in and helped her get it off, because she didn’t want to get the clerk. “You want them off right?” Forest said blushing. “Yes, they don’t fit me.” She said looking back at him. So Forest quickly pulled down her pants, just as that happened Leon, Vincent, and Pixel came in and spotted him undressing Blare. Her underwear were clear out there. They were a rosey pink and had flowers on them. Forest blushed in embarrassment. “Um… can you two get a room?” Vincent said wide-eyed. “Yeah, I’m just going to use the bathroom.” Forest said running across to go to the bathroom. When Forest got up, he saw Blare father standing in front of him. “Hello, you’re Forest Speyer am I not correct?” He said smiling. “Yes, nice to meet you.” Forest said smiling nervously. Forest wasn’t sure he wanted to hurt him, but instead he gave him a pat on the back and took him outside. The man’s purple hair seemed so familiar. “You like to go fishing?” He said smiling as he handed him a fishing pole. “I love fishing, as a kid I’d always go fishing with my Mom and Dad.” He said taking it, and took the bait that was in a little bucket. They went fishing and caught a whole basket of fish. He knew something was off, something that must’ve happened when Blare and her father were having a conversation. He then remember what happened. Blare was untying her father’s eyepatch. “S-so Dad, earlier this morning… Forest and I were dancing it was…” She had no words to discribe it. “Magical? I heard you, and saw you two,” He said looking solemnly at her. “why do you think I sent Pixel out there?” He said looking at her. “Well, father please I… I think I like him.” She smiled looking at the ceiling. “You, actually like a person?” He said looking kind of surprised. Blare blushed and smiled at her father. “Well… okay I guess I can do it for you,” she said smiling and took a bottle of peroxide out and wiped it on the wounded spots of her eye. She jumped when she heard a sizzling sound from the wound. He couldn’t remember the rest of what happened. When the two of them got back and Blare’s father put his hand on his shoulder. “Son, do you like my daughter?” He said smiling. his eye twitching. Forest came out with the truth. “Yes, a lot.” He said smiling and gave him the fishing pole. “Okay, well son I want you to get her soon… I know you were there listening to us you know she likes you. Please.” He said smiling. “I will, Mr. Bell.” Forest said. Later that night they had a good dinner, and Blare’s family left and Leon and Vincent left as well. Forest wondered how he would admit to Blare that he loves her.

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