Dragon Whisper

In a land of magic a prince seduced with jalousie makes a deal with the darkness giving him unnatural power. Killing his brother he takes the thorn for himself casting the kingdom into turmoil and pain, dark clouds covering the sky cursing the kingdom to a life in twilight. But an omen falls from the sky a single light from the sky, an omen of better times. But how? Can someone really stop the king, can she really become a dragon whisper?


1. Chapter 1

The blackness of the night had crawled over the land her breathing was slow and a smile was present on her lips, the little smooth stone in her neckless was laying coldly against her skin.  Placeing her hand on it, her fingers tracing the black lines which she knew the placemeant of by heart. She looked out into the room, a sade howl from a lone wolf echoed trhough the night. It had been a perfect day, her parents had even give her a percent which she would treasure for a long time. A white mare with a single black sock on her right front leg. She was perfect and had been named Dancer by her younger brother. She looked out the tiny window towards where she knew the stable where the small stone building was the safest place on the small farm as its stone walls made the best protection from prereaders. Which meant that her new find would be safe from the creatures of the dark night. She placed the palm of her hand against the cold glass and yawned she better get some sleep tomorrow was another day of hard work in the fields her family toke care of. She smiled as she tough of the many cherry tress behind the house. She remebered her father telling her that when he was a young boy her family had been growing rare fruit which looked like and apple, but was black and tasted sweet. But as the new king took over the kingdom, the fields had been burned to the gowned and the king had banned all growth of the rare and sweet fruit. She sighed as the toughs of the world back then made her sad all the story’s made her heart eke. She wished she could see this world when it wasn’t bathed in twilight that  she could just for once see the sun or the moon. But she knew that it was a hope without any chance of coming true the sky was dark and would not change unless the king was killed and no man or woman would be able to kill him.     


The young woman sighed a she laid back down her once happy smile had despaired and a sad smile had replaced it. Her head rested on her pillow her silver hair braided she sighed before closing her eyes slipping away to a world of dream where everything was possible and no dark clouds covered the sky.


A world where a light blue sky is visible and no evil king are kidnaping girls who are rumored to have some special mark on their body. this world is perfect and no one is getting killed. she looks around the grass shines green and the trees stand tall. She smiles and dance around barefooted and dressed in pure white she giggles as the soft grass tickle her toes and she let her body collapse into it. a ball of fire is hanging in the sky it warm light feels god against her pail skin, the sun its shiny surfaces should be painful to look at it should make her eyes hurt but it doesn’t it’s sharp light makes her fell at ease, makes her fell safe. A how in the distance an unease sound of an animal and she looks around. Something’s wrong but what everything seems perfect. Her eyes are moved to the sky as a giant shadow blokes out the light and then she realize that the sun is not a sun but a giant dragon which scales burn in the colors of fire. And a large shadow like creature with bird-like wings hover in front of it´s giant red fangs dripping with a black acid. She shiver, what is this what’s going on? Azure the color of a flame created by a huge black dragon which appears from nowhere it blue flames burn trough the sky burn the monster but it just turns and bats it to the ground as if it had been nothing but a leaf in the summer breeze. She gasped as the dragons large crimson eyes were turned to her. its voice was like a sad song as it hummed it. The large Amber dragon and the monster were still fighting high up in the sky. And she made her way to the fallen dragon she stopped her heart racing against in her cheats as she looked at it and it looked back at her. and then a large crash behind her made her spin around the golden dragon had fallen, laying on the ground it too looked at her with its large Azure eyes. A roar made her look up before a terrified scream left her lips and then everything became a sea of flames as the monster dived down the two fallen dragons and opened there mouthed, there fire blazing around her as she screamed in pain and horror. Then the flames despread the dark monster was holding the amber dragons neck in its jaws while the back dragons head was laying beside its body separated from it. the ground turned red she fell to her knees the blood from the mighty creatures soaking her once with dress and turning it a stained crimson. “Pain….” The large monster dropped the amber dragon and looked at her, its voice crocked and broken spoke out as a cold wind blowing through her body “pain and death, are to come and you will stand in the middle. Blood of crimson will cover your body, as the one you love the most will fall by your hand!” that was it last word before it aimed its large talon-like claws at her shortly after everything turned black.

Screaming she woke from her sleep her chest burning as if it had been set on fire.

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