How The Stars Fall

One Face
One Video
Two lives
This is how the stars fall.


1. Video


      When I turned the camera on it beeped on with the green light flashing at me. "I just charged you." I mumbled mindlessly to myself as I plugged in the camera to the charger that was resting on the desk. I propped it on a stack of text books and did one more hair check. Black curls framed my face and hazel eyes glimmered with a mixture of excitement and nervousness. I pressed the record button and it came on. I saw myself in the screen of my laptop.

"Hello...! Greetings, people of the international web!" Did those words seriously just come from my mouth, was my first thought before going forward. "My name is Cherry, well, Cherish, my name is Cherish Mikalson." I stated and dusted a curl away from my eyes. "I'm from New Orleans and I have four brothers and one sister. My favorite color is orange and I like old vampire movies."

If only they knew how ironic that was, I continued. "And I'm adopted. This video is to help me find my sister. Well, biological twin honestly. I was adopted out of Mystic Falls, Virginia by Esther Mikalson and I was born at 3:46 A.M. in the Mystic Falls Hospital. As far as I know my twin stayed with our bio parents while they gave me up because they only wanted one kid..."

"She is identical to me in appearance. I'm eighteen. I just want to know where I came from and I need the interent's help. I have a happy life here and I just need something to ease my worries about my twin. Of course I've never met her but I like to think we are connected in some ways..." I sighed, "So please, any information at all would help. Thank you. Bye!" I dove forward and clicked the done button, quickly ripping the camera off the charger and smiling. "Kol!" I shouted out of my bedroom door and my adoptive brother appeared before me in seconds. "Yes, sister?" He sounded overcome with boredom as he leaned in my door way with his eyes boring into me.

"I'm posting it now, and I'm hanging those flyers up in the downtown shops." I was letting the excitement drip from my voice on purpose, so he could see how happy I was to do this. "Oh sweet, Sweet, Innocent, little Cherish. You can't keep dragging on about this absurd cute family fanasty of yours." Kol shook his head in disapproval and I bowed my head.

"Kol, your siblings are by you at all times but my twin - my other half, is somewhere out there probably feeling the same way I am. So please, let me do this. " I begged quietly and sniffled, he could never say no to his crying little sister. He saw the tears brim my eyes and he let out an heavy, defeated sigh. "Let me watch it first, okay?" He reasoned and I nodded. "Yes! Thank you, Kol!" I screamed and hugged my older brother.

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