Badboy of the year

Mia is a fifteen year old girl and she is coming off of her summer break. What will happen whe she gets a secret text on her phone will this be the boy of her dreams


2. Chapter 2

Mia's POV

When I got home I just went on my room and stared at a wall there was noting to do but think about who it was that texted me. When I got deep into my thoughts my mom snapped me out of it by tapping me and saying that dinner was ready. I had gotten downstairs and everyone was at the table already taking over all of the food. I just sat there queitly thinking about the guys in my school to see who I could rule out. No one there I knew except for Zoey and Liam the school bad boy. Although I didn't really know him either. After eveyone was done eating dinner we left the table to go get ready for bed. I did my usual routine which is get my clothes ready for the next day, wash up, brush my teeth, and actually get in the bed. When I got in the bed I still could not stop thinking about who it was that texted me yesterday so I just fell asleep. The next morning I had gotten ready with a red crop top, with a black high-waisted skirt and black wedge heels.I went downstairs and texted my friend Zoey and she texted back I am outside. I went outside and got into her car which was a highlander and enough room for the both of us.When we were on our way to school she stopped by starbucks like always and I ordered one of there sausage biscuits with a cinnamon roll and a hot choclate. Zoey ordered a two cinnamon rolls and a hot chocolate. We got back in the car and headed on our way to school. Zoey and I waited to eat our food because the first period teacher was very nice and said if you bought food then you could eat it in the classroom. I walked into the classroom before Zoey and immedialty I felt a pair of eyes on me. Zoey and I sat in the same spot everyday and there was still a hundred desk left. There was only five students in this class but that is fine with me because the less people I have to worry about. I started looking around at everyone and the next thing you know I get a text on my phone saying:

Mystery Boy- I like your outfit today where something like that on our date. 

Me- Ummmm...ok well I don't know how cute you are but we will see.

Mystery Boy- Oh, I think I cute but you can call me handsome. 

Me- Ok,Mr. Handsome

Mystery Boy-  I gtg can't wait to see you bye

I went throught the rest of the day and got home when I decided what I was going to wear on the date this:

I put it on and got a text on my phone saying 

Mystery Boy- You ready come outside

Me- I am ready I be outside in five minutes.

I got my purse and my phone just in case my parents texted and went outside. When I got in the car I was greeted by a deep husky voice saying "Hi". I turned around from putting on my seatbelt and said "Hi" back when I realized that I couldn't see the person's face because it was covered up by a hood. I asked if he could take it off he replied in that deep husky voice that sounded a little sexy now that I had to wait until we got to the movies. So I sat in the car and we arrived at the movie theater in 10 minutes.When we got out the car he came over to my door and opened it only to help me out and trap me with his arms on either side. With one arm he slid off the hood and I was shocked but then he did something that shocked me even more and then he said something that shocked me even even more.     

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