Hang Out

To her and her friends it was just a time to hangout.


3. She Hates Him

August 20

Mae: where are you guys Eva & Laina?!! You're late

Kim.Smith is typing...

I check my phone and see the messages the group has been sending me and Laina.

"What did Mae say?" Laina uses her physic powers to read my mind once again.

"How did you know Mae was texting me?" I laugh.

"You always scrunch up your face when Kim starts texting, and Kim replies to everything Mae says," Laina replies.

Laina and me have been friends since we were little kids. We know each other better than the rest of the group, but of course Mae always knew us, she was always kind of the leader of the group. She still is.

"We're here," says Laina.  Mae, Kim, and Cindie are talking in a group outside the indoor pool.  We walk up to the girls and Mae gives me a hug. Laina immediately starts talking to Cindie.

"Why were you late?" Kim questions.

I pause,"It's complicated.  Can we swim already?"

"Yeah," says Mae."Let's go."

We head into the pool and pay to get in.  Then, we change in the dressing rooms.

I take off my shorts and white tank top and look at my red bikini in the mirror.

"You bought a new bikini?" asks Cindie.

"Yeah," I reply.

"It's really cute.  Where did you get it?"

We continue small talk until all of us are ready to get into the pool.

I quickly jump into the pool, Laina jumps in immediately after me.

The pool water is nice and cool, there's plenty of space to swim around in the pool. Barely anyone is here, except for a few guys on the other end.

I hear a splashing sound.  Mae, Kim, and Cindie have jumped in together. 

Mae and Kim swim over to us.  "You see that guy over there?" Mae gestures towards a

We all nod.  "Yeah," Cindie says.

"Any of you guys know him? I think he's new."

"What do you mean 'new'?" Kim asks.

I see the guy Mae is referring to. He has curly chocolate-colored hair and a few tattoos on his abs.

I know exactly why Mae is asking us about him.  She broke up with her boyfriend last month, she wasn't that into it.  Whenever she's single she starts asking us about different guys.  Usually, we don't know any of the guys Mae gets with in the end, but we go through the questioning process anyway.

I ignore the conversation and playful splashes around me to focus on the guy. He probably is new, to school at least.  I study his tattoos and his hair, and his face...everything.

"Eva?" I hear Mae's voice from the pool ledge.  "I asked you a question." She says this smiling,"How are you and Scott?"

The group snickers. They noticed me staring at that guy. Mae probably thinks I like him now.

"Great," I put on my best fake smile.

August 21

Laina POV

       Group Chat

   You  Mae  Kim.Smith

Mae: guess fucking what!!

YOU: what happened?

Mae: You know that guy at the pool?

YOU: Yeah, who is he?

Mae: His name is Harry

Mae: I was getting frozen yogurt with Kim and he came up to us

Kim.Smith has started texting

YOU: And?

Mae: I started flirting with him and her started flirting back and guess who he asked out?

   Kim.Smith is typing...

Mae: KIM!!!

Mae: I HATE him

Who the fuck does that?!!

   Kim.Smith is typing...

YOU: oh hi Kim

Kim.Smith: BTW I said no

Many days later...

Eva's POV

The day we went to the pool and most of the days afterwards pass quickly. Soon it's almost the first day of my sophomore year at high school. The day before to be exact.

Laina comes over to my house. I show her what I'm wearing tomorrow, Laina has great fashion sense.

"Did Mae tell you that she met that guy from the pool?" Laina says.

I look up from my magazine. "No she didn't," I reply.

"She met him at the frozen yogurt place with Kim, she says she hates him."


"Mae won't tell me, but she sounded pretty mad."

Mae tries to make a good impression on everybody, and the group did too. I wonder why Mae made it clear to Laina she was mad at the pool guy...whoever he is.

"Did Mae tell you this guys name?" I ask. Saying 'the guy from the pool' over and over is killing me.

"Yeah, she said his name is Harry."

• • •

A/N: This chapter is awful.

I know this chapter is too short for the wait... If any of you guys are waiting.


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