Hang Out

To her and her friends it was just a time to hangout.


6. Party Incident

Friday Night

I feel better.  I don't feel as bad as I felt about Scott cheating on me earlier this week.  Now I'm pretending to be apathetic.

There is a part of me that wants to ask questions though.  I want to know how long Scott was cheating on me, to know if Scott and Kim's relationship was like ours.  I want to know so many things.

All this week I've been crying on and off.  I decided I'm going to be strong.  I not going to be one of those girls that cries over their boyfriends that much.  Scot is not going to be my life.

No matter how much I try to distract myself it still hurts.

A lot.

Me and Scott had been dating for a long time.  Almost two years.  Me and Kim never liked each other but how much did Kim have to hate me to date my boyfriend?!  I can't trust anyone.

I pull up to the biggest house in the neighborhood.  My original plan yesterday was to run off to some club or something. I'm the only one of my friends to not have a fake ID, besides Kim...

So yeah, it didn't work out.

I don't know who's house this is.  It seems oddly familiar though.  Part of me worried it was one of the girls' before I got up close.

When I get out of my mom's car I feel my phone vibrating in my back pocket. I've been ignoring my friends texts since yesterday. All through out today I have avoided them too. I wouldn't know if they were going to this party or not. Maybe I should turn back...

No, I told Mom I was studying at Starbucks alone. If I go home early she will know something's wrong. It always takes at least until 10:30 to get my studying done.

I remember the load of homework in my backpack I still have to do and force myself to forget. Tonight I'm going to enjoy myself. I'm going to forget about Scott. I am not going to think about Kim. Today is not about Mae, Laina, or Cindie.  Today is about me.

I head into the already crowded house.  There are quite a few people here. 

As soon as I get in I head to the kitchen for a drink. When I'm holding a red cup in my hands I regret coming here.

What was I thinking?  I should be at home.  I'm not a bad kid.  My homework should be done.  I should be texting Laina while studying.  Just.  Like.  Kim.

I slowly take a sip of the drink.  It's vodka, and it's a lot harder to drink than in the movies.

I take a look around.  I don't know what I expected but it certainly wasn't this.  All the sluts from school are here and even some I don't know.  They're twerking and grinding on random guys.  The song just changed and everybody has started to dance to a faster beat.  I realize all I've done is taken a sip of vodka and I want to dance.  I don't know how to twerk though and it'll be weird.

I also don't want to be known as a slut for grinding up on guys at a party.

I shake my head.  Judging from the amount of alcohol here nobody will remember how one girl danced tomorrow.

I make my way over to the living room where all the slutty girls are twerking. The house is big. Smaller stereos are set on the fireplace mantle where my mother usually puts her candles. Bigger ones are placed on the hardwood floors the stretch to the foyer at the front of the house. All the furniture is pushed to the side so people can dance.

I've seen this in YouTube videos all the time when the twerking craze started. Someone just shakes their butt until another guy stands behind them.

I drink the rest of my vodka.  If I humiliate myself I don't want to remember it.  After it burns down my throat I start feeling tipsy. I didn't think I would get drunk this fast.

I start squatting and shake my butt in what I'm sure is in a pretty awkward way.  I watched few twerking tutorials once, maybe it's not that bad.

After a few minutes I'm in full swing.  What I'm not ready for is when I feel somebody walk up behind me. I pause for a moment. I'm not drunk enough to think I can actually dance.

In that split second, it's kind of awkward. Then I decide to keep twerking.

The song changes again, and this time to something slower.  I start to get tired so I stop and leave the dance floor after apologizing to my partner.

I take a few sips of some other types of drinks. Some have a really horrible burning sensation when I swallow so I stop.

The girls next to me laughs.

"What?" I say over the party music.

"Your face when you drank that brown licker!" The girl giggles again and I recognize her as one of the slutty girls at my school.

I try to go on and laugh with her.

Soon I really think I can dance. I grind on another guy. I mean, another few guys, on the dance floor.  Before I know it it's really late but I don't care. I just really wanna have a good time.

While I'm dancing with a guy I feel guilty. Since my first day of high school I've been criticizing all the girls I thought were slutty, now look at me.

I ignore the guilt and focus on the guy behind me. I feel a bulge in his pants. I don't know how to respond.  I keep dancing anyway.

He starts moving his hips too and it's more of a humping motion then getting grinded on.  I think I know where this is going.

He wraps his arms around my stomach and pulls me up to whisper something in my ear.

As his lips brush my ear something catches my eye.


I almost have a panic attack.  Mae can't see me here, she'll be furious. I bet she's wondering why I haven't texted her back, why I've been skipping school.

I quickly turn around.  "Sorry," I say, surprised to hear the slur in my voice.  "I have to go."

As I turn around I find my self looking into the green eyes of Harry from the pool.

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