Hang Out

To her and her friends it was just a time to hangout.


1. Prolouge

To her friends it was just a time to

h a n g o u t

• • •

August 17

My phone buzzed. I picked it off my white dresser and saw that Mae was texting me.

Mae: What do u wanna do before we get back 2 school soooo bored

YOU: I don't kno

Mae: we could just hang out. Tell me where u wanna go

I take a long look at the phone screen, wondering if Mae is really serious. She usually drags me and our friends to parties. I'm surprised Mae has given me an opportunity to do what I want.

YOU: let's go to the pool 🏊

Mae: okay cool

Mae: gonna go invite Kim


I put down my phone. I have to be honest, I think Kim, one of my close friends, won't even come.  She's always to busy fucking her boyfriend.

I text some of my other friends and ask them to come to the pool. Only one of them says she can't go, Cindie.  I'm almost glad she won't be with us.

I know I seem like a horrible friend, but my friends are bitches to me and I think everyone around them too. We'll talk about this later.

Everything in my friend circle is constantly shifting. Last year a bitch named Rose was secretly seeing Kim's ex, only he wasn't Kim's ex that year and Rose knew all along.

There used to be nine of us, all in different classes but we kept in touch. Now it's just me, Kim, Laina, Cindie, and Mae. The four girls who we used to hang out with us hate each other now, as far as we know.

My social life seems pretty messed up, but it's not. I'm a shy girl who doesn't talk that much but my friends except me.

"Eva, get some lunch!" My mom yells from downstairs.

"I'm coming," I reply. I hurry downstairs and grab some food.  I think my mom is the only person in the world who takes 'lunch time' so seriously. 

I take a seat at the kitchen table.  There's nothing to talk about and I'm done eating in half an hour.

I tell mom about going to the pool. She immediately says I can go. Having the same friends for so long definitely has it's perks. Mom trusts all the girls.

But she shouldn't trust me.

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