Naughty Little Liars

SPIN OFF TO HE HIT TV SERIES "PRETTY LITTLE LIARS" featuring Mona, Mellissa Hastings, Jenna & Sara Harvey


1. we've all heard of it


so here I am sitting in a dark cabin with all the rest of the pretty little bitches. Aria can't take her eyes of Ezra, while spence, Toby and em are to focused on trying to find hanna. To bad they don't know the truth yet I'm just a silly little dress up and I have been all along.

- kisses M.O.N.A


I just arrived back into rosewood for the celebration of my mums election. i hop out the car and here a ding, to look back and see the church bells ringing. "Thanks" I call out to the taxi driver then walk in a prepared position to the church. "MELISSA, aren't you forgetting about the plan" said a voice behind me, "No, in fact I was just heading to the Radley now".

Lots Of Love xx - Mel

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