The Man Made By Lightning

Barry Allen is your everyday forensic scientist,until now. A bolt of lightning struck Barry's lab and caused strange chemicals to crash down on him! 9 months later Barry wakes up in a strange building called star labs.He has gained new powers


1. Barry Allen... THE FLASH!!!

"Barry!" Iris yelled worriedly, as her best friend Barry Allen lie unconscious on the floor of his CCPD forensic science lab. She immediately called her dad- Barry's adopted father- to tell him what happened. Joe West was his name. He had been taking care of Barry since he was 11. Barry's dad was doing time in jail for the murder of his mother, Nora Allen. Joe called an ambulance as soon as he saw Barry, and the ambulance took him away. " I hope he's okay," Iris told Joe. "me too..." Joe replied.

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